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American Hymns Old and New

Protect and Save Me, O My God Eagley James Walch Psalm 59
The World Itself is Blithe and Gay Easter Carol
Christ the Lord is Risen Today Easter Hymn
Jesus Christ is Risen Today Easter Hymn
Among His People God is Known Easton Wolfgang A Mozart Psalm 76
All My Heart This Night Rejoices Ebeling
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise Ebenezer Welsh Hymn
Christopher Wordsworth
O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus Ebenezer
Once to Every Man and Nation Ebenezer
Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow Ebenezer
This World is a Wilderness Wide Ebenezer – Unknown John N Darby
O Sinner, Lift the Eye of Faith Ecce Homo
Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended Ecce Jam Noctis
Forgive Them, O My Father Eden St. Alban’s Tune Book Cecil F Alexander
God From on High Hath Heard Eden – Feilden
Another Year is Dawning Edengrove
Savior, Blessed Savior Edina
Judge Me, O God, And Plead My Cause Edmeston Isaac B Woodbury Psalm 43
Who is This That Comes From Edom Edom Albert Peace Thomas Kelley
Come, Risen Lord, and Deign to be Our Guest Edsall
Servant of God, Well Done Egham W Turner James Montgomery
A Mighty Fortress is our God Ein Feste Burg
God is Our Refuge and Our Strength Ein Feste Burg Martin Luther Psalm 46
Our God Stands Firm Ein Feste Burg
Rejoice Today With One Accord Ein Feste Burg
A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth Ein Lammlein geht Nikolaus Decius Matthias Greitter
O God, in Whom We Live and Move Eisenach
O Thou Who Camest From Above Eisenach
The God Whom Earth, and Sea, And Sky Eisenach
Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn of Praise Eisenach – Schein
My Soul, O Lord, Your Wondrous Work Beholds El Nathan – Olin
Give Praise and Glory Unto God Elbing
Sing Praise to God, Who Spoke Through Man Elbing
Jesus is All the World to Me Elizabeth
Judge My Integrity Elizabeth Ernest R Kroeger Psalm 26
How Sweet Upon This Sacred Day Elizabethtown
I Waited for the Lord my God Elizabethtown George Kingsley Psalm 40
Joy is A Fruit That Will Not Grow Elizabethtown
Save Me, O God, Because the Floods Ella Isaac B Woodbury Psalm 69
As When, In Far Samaria Ellacombe
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Ellacombe
James Montgomery
I Sing the Mighty Power of God Ellacombe Gesangbuch der Herzogl Isaac Watts
Jehovah Reigns in Majesty Ellacombe German Melody Psalm 99
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass Ellacombe Wurttemberg Gesangbuch
James Montgomery
O Father, All Creating Ellacombe Gesangbuch der Herzogl John Ellerton
O God of Earth and Altar Ellacombe
Reach Deep into Your Faith Ellacombe
The Day of Resurrection! Ellacombe
The Year is Gone Beyond Recall Ellacombe
With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud Ellacombe
Hosanna, Loud Hosanna Ellacombe – Lutheran see o day of rest
Jesus is God! The Solid Earth Ellacombe alt
Draw Nigh, And Take the Body of the Lord Ellers
Gather Us In, Thou Love That Fillest All Ellers
Thy Loving-kindess, Lord, Is Good and Free Ellers
How Lovely, Lord of Hosts, To Me Ellerton Joseph Barnby Psalm 84
It is Good to Sing Thy Praises Ellesdie
Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken Ellesdie W A Mozart Henry F Lyte
Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling Ellesedie
From Day to Day, Before Our Eyes Ellicott – Pattison J N Pattison
James Montgomery
Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes, Remember Me Ellingham Samuel Wesley W D Maclagan
O Thou, th’ Eternal Son of God Elliott
The Wise May Bring Their Learning Ellon
And Now The Wants are Told Elm
His Are the Thousand Sparkling Rills Elmhurst Edwin Drewett
Cecil F Alexander
Hasten, Lord, The Glorious Time Eltham Lowell Mason Harriet Auber
O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High Eltham
Till He Come! Oh, Let the Words Eltham Lowell Mason E H Bickersteth
Life is the Time to Serve the Lord Elton Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Jehovah Reigns; Let Earth Be Glad Ely Thomas Turton Psalm 97
O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace Ely T Turton
Ambrose of Milan
For Thee, O Dear, Dear Country Ely Cathedral
The Happy Christmas Comes Once More Emanuel C Balle Charles P Krauth
Our Heavenly Father, Source of Love Emmanuel Ludwig von Beethoven Charles Wesley
God Be with You Till We Meet Again Endeavor
When Trials Begin; Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Me Endless Song
I Could Not Do Without Thee Endsleigh
All Praise To Thee, For Thou, O King Divine Engelberg
For the Beauty of the Earth England’s Lane
Sing, O Sing, This Blessed Morn England’s Lane
People of the Living God Ennius J W Belcher James Montgomery
Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning Epiphany
A Broken Heart, My God, My King Erhalt uns, Herr J Klug Isaac Watts
What a Friend We Have in Jesus Erie
Ermuntre dich, mein schwacher Geist (Bach – 9) Ermuntre dich, mein schwacher Geist (Bach – 9)
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine Ernan
Go, Labor on Spend, and be Spent Ernan Lowell Mason Horatius Bonar
Jesus, Our Best Beloved Friend Ernan Lowell Mason
James Montgomery
O Let my Supplicating Cry Ernan Lowell Mason Psalm 119
Holy Spirit, Hear Us Ernstein
How Dear to Me, O Lord of Hosts Erskine Charles H Gabriel Psalm 84
For Those We Love Within the Veil Es is Kein Tag
My God, My Father, While I Stray Es is kein Tag
Es ist das Heil uns kommen her (Bach – 4) Es ist das Heil uns kommen her (Bach – 4)
A Great and Might Wonder Es Ist Ein Ros Michael Praetorius St. Germanus
I Know a Rosetree Springing Es Ist Ein Ros
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming Es ist ein rose Michael Preatorius Theodore Baker
Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing Es Liegt Ein Schloss
The Law That the Lord Has Ordained Eskridge George C Stebbins Psalm 19
Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise Essex Thomas Clark Charles Wesley
Eternal Light Eternal Light
Eternity! Time Soon Will End Eternity
O Where Shall Rest Be Found Eternity H J Gauntless
James Montgomery
Regard My Grief and Rescue Me Eucharist Isaac B Woodbury Psalm 119
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Eucharist
Bread of the World in Mercy Broken Eucharistic Hymn
Jesus, Gentlest Savior, God of Might and Power Eudoxia
Jesus, Kneel Beside Me Eudoxia
Now the Day is Over Eudoxia
The Lord I will at All Times Bless Euphemia Benjamin C Unseld Psalm 34
A Mind at Perfect Peace with God Evan
Baptized Into Our Savior’s Death Evan
The Lord’s My Shepherd Evan Francis Rous
When Wounded Sore, The Stricken Soul Evan W H Havergal C F Alexander
Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright Evan – alt William H Hevergal
James Montgomery
Tell Me the Old, Old Story Evangel
Sing to the Great Jehovah’s Praise Evangelist
Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord Evanston
Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians Evarts Lowell Mason Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen
The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us Evarts Lowell Mason Johann Walther
Spirit Blest, Who Art Adored Evelyn
At the Name of Jesus Evelyns
Hark! The Savior’s Voice From Heaven Even Me William Bradbury James Montgomery
Lord, I Hear of Showers of Blessing Even Me
From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee Evening Prayer George C Stebbins Psalm 130
Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way Evening Prayer Alberto Randegger Psalm 25
Lord, Open Thou My Heart to Hear Evening Prayer Emanuel Poppen
Johannes Olearius
Jesus, Tender Shepherd Evening Prayer – Stainer
May the Grace of Christ our Savior Evening Prayer (Stainer)
Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing Evening Prayer (Stebbins)
Abide with Me: Fast Falls the Eventide Eventide
Go to the Grave in All Thy Glorious Prime Eventide William H Monk James Montgomery
Soon Sets the Sun Eventide
The Lord be With Us As We Bend Eventide Henry Smart John Ellerton
Thy Loving Kindness, Lord, Is Good and Free Eventide William H Monk Psalm 69
My God I Love Thee Everlasting Love
Everybody Ought to Love Jesus Everybody Ought to Love Jesus
Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds Everyland, No 1
For Thee, O Dear, Dear Country Ewing
In Heavenly Love Abiding Ewing
Jerusalem the Golden Ewing Alexander Ewing
Bernard of Cluny
The Lord my Shepherd Holds Me Ewing Alexander Ewing Psalm 23
I Know Not How that Bethlehem’s Babe Exeter
Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay Exeter – S Wesley
Blest Be the Lord, My Rock, My Might Exmouth A Browns Psalm 144
Be Joyful in God, All Ye Lands of the Earth Exultation–1opZewtE
Praise the Lord Ye Heavens, Adore Him Faben
Praise the Lord: Ye Heavens, Adore Him Faben
Face to Face with Christ Face to Face
Fair Shines the Morning Star Fair Shines the Morning Star
Immortal Love, Forever Full Faith John G Whittier John B Dykes
The King Rejoiceth in Thy Strength Falconer Alexander B Morton Psalm 21
Spirit of the Living God Fall Fresh on Me Baylus B MeKinney Daniel Iverson
Take up Thy Cross and Follow Me Falls Creek Baylus Benjamin McKinney Baylus Benjamin McKinney
Fairest Lord Jesus Fariest Lord Jesus
Her Virgin Eyes Saw God Incarnate Born Farley Castle – Lawes Psalm 72
God the Father, God the Son Farnaby
Remember All the People Far-Off Lands
Lord, for the Mercies of the Night Farrant
O Lord Turn Not Thy Face From Me Farrant
The Spirit Breathes Upon the Word Farrant
O God, Thou Hast Rejected Us Farrant – alt Richard Farrant Psalm 60
All This Suffering is Surrounding Me Father, Humble Me Haden A Ayers Haden A Ayers
O, My Father! Take me Make me Father, Savior, Spirit, Take Me Horatio Palmer Horatio Palmer
I Bind My Heart This Tide Fealty
Arise, O Lord, Our God, Arise Federal Street
Awake My Soul, in Joyful Lays Federal Street Henry K Oliver Samuel Medley
Behold, A Stranger at the Door Federal Street
Behold, the Master Passeth By Federal Street
Come, Dearest Lord Federal Street
Faith, Hope, and Charity, These Three Federal Street
God Calling Yet! Shall I Not Hear Federal Street
Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Federal Street
Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be Federal Street
Jesus, Our Best Beloved Friend Federal Street H K Oliver
James Montgomery
Jesus, the Sinner’s Friend Federal Street
Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts Federal Street Henry K Oliver
Bernard of Clairvaux
Let There Be Light, Lord God of Hosts Federal Street
Lord, Pour Thy Spirit From on High Federal Street H K Oliver James Montgomery
To Thee, Our God We Fly Feodore William Hayes William W How
My Heart is Fixed, O God Ferguson George Kingsley Psalm 108
My Soul, Repeat His Praise Ferguson George Kingsley Isaac Watts
My Times Are in Thy Hand Ferguson
Jesus, While Our Hearts Are Bleeding Fern Dell
Hear This, All Ye People, Hear Ferrier John B Dykes Psalm 49
Rise Up, O Men of God! Festal Song
Friend of the Home Ffigysbren
O Thou Great Friend Ffigysbren
It May Not Be on the Mountain’s Height Fidelity
We Thank Thee, Lord Field Clavin W Laufer Clavin W Laufer
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Fields Wayne Fisher Edward Perronet
And Can it Be That I Should Gain Fillmore
To God Will I Direct my Prayer Fillmore Jeremiah Ingalls Psalm 77
Hark! the Voice of Jesus Calling Fillmore – Belden
My Spirit Longs for Thee Fingal
O Lord, My God, For Thy Name’s Sake Fingal James S Anderson Psalm 109
Be Still, My Soul Finlandia
We Would Be Building Finlandia Jean Sibelius Purd E Deitz
Eternal, sole-begotten Son Fish
O Christ, You are the Bridegroom Fish
I Will Make You Fishers of Men Fishers of Men
Hear This, All Ye People, Hear Fisk Calvin S Harrington Psalm 49
Are You Really Happy Five Letter Truths
Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended Flemming Friedrich F Flemming
Johann Herrmann
Before Thy People I Confess Flemming F F Flemming Psalm 40
Father Almighty, Bless Us with Thy Blessing Flemming
Now God Be with Us, for the Night is Closing Flemming
O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen Flemming
Prince of Peace, Control My Will Flower
Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Ways Foel Fras William T Matson
Down in the Valley With My Savior Follow On
Jesus Calls Me, I Must Follow Follow, I Will Follow Thee
Sweetly, Lord, Have we Heard Thee Calling Footsteps of Jesus
For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ For I am Not Ashamed
For Me to Live is Christ For Me to Live is Christ
O Holy City, Seen of John Ford Cottage
All Beautiful the March of Days Forest Green
Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds Forest Green
O Little Town of Bethlehem Forest Green
O Lord of Life, to Thee We Lift Forest Green
The Wise May Bring Their Learning Forest Green
Forgive the Things I’ve Said in Haste Forgive
Be Strong! We Are Not Here to Play Fortitude
Breast the Wave, Christian Fortitude
Welcome, Happy Morning! Fortunatus Arthurs Sullivan
Venantius Fortunatus
Are You Seeking the Christ Foundation
How Firm a Foundation Foundation American melody
Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns
How Firm a Foundation Foundation American melody Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns
O Dreamer of Dreams Foundation Joseph Funk’s Genuine Church Music Linda Bonney Olin
My God, I Thank Thee Fowler
Let All The Earth Jehovah Fear Frances James McGranahan Psalm 33
Blest Are the Pure in Heart Franconia
Glory to Thee, O Lord Franconia
My Soul With Patience Waits Franconia
The Advent of Our God Franconia
The Lord Almighty Reigns Franconia
How Bright Appears the Morning Star Frankfort Philip Nicola Philip Nicola
O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright Frankfort
Wholehearted Thanksgiving to Thee Will I Sing Frederick George Kingsley Psalm 9
Again the Day Returns of Holy Rest Freeport
Almighty God, In Humble Prayer Freshwater
Lord, We Gather At Your Altar Freu’ dich sehr
Freuet euch, ihr Christen (Bach – 8) Freuet euch, ihr Christen (Bach – 8)
Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding Freunen wir uns all in ein
I’ve Found a Friend, O Such a Friend Friend
From Heaven High I Come to You From Heaven High
The Lord is Strong to Help the Weak Fulton Ernest R Kroeger Psalm 145
The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came Gabriel’s Message
Not Unto us, O Lord of Heaven Gairney Bridge Ernest R Kroeger Psalm 115
Blest the Man That Fears Jehovah Galilee William H Jude Psalm 128
Fierce Raged the Tempest O’er The Deep Galilee Unknown Geofrey Thring
Jesus Call Us; o’er the Tumult Galilee William H Jude Cecil Frances Alexander
I Sing a Song of The Saints of God Gand Isle John Henry Hopkins Lesbia Scott
A Little That the Righteous Hold Ganges S Chandler Psalm 37
Draw Nigh and Take the Body Garden
Our Day of Praise is Done Garden City
Send Down Thy Truth, O God Garden City
Love Came Down at Christmas Garton
Up to the Bountiful Giver Gathering Home Ridgon M McIntosh Mariana B Slade
Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain Gaudeamus Pariter
For Those We Love Within the Veil Gaza
Gazing on the Lord in Glory Gazing on the Lord in Glory
One Prayer I Have Geer Henry W Greatorex
James Montgomery
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus Geibel Adam Geibel George Duffeld
Good Christian Men, Rejoice and Sing Gelobet sei Gott
O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing! Gelobt sei Gott, Der unsre Melchoir Vulpius John M Neale
Not Alone for Might Empire Geneva
Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild Gentle Jesus
Lamb of God, I Look to Thee Gentle Jesus
They Cast Their Nets in Galilee Georgetown
I Want a Principle Within Gerald
Blessed are the Sons of Peace Gerar Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
O Royal Bride, Give Heed Gerar Lowell Mason Psalm 45
I Will Extal Thee, O my God Gerard Arthur S Sullivan Psalm 145
It is a Time of Joy Today Gerhardt Best’s Eighty Chorales Paul Gerhardt
Bright And Joyful is the Morn German Choral
All Things Are Thine; No Gift Have We Germany
Be With Me, Lord, Where’er I Go Germany
Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All Germany
Jesus, Before Thy Face We Fall Germany
O Give the Lord Wholehearted Praise Germany Gardiner’s Sacred Melodies Psalm 111
Sun of my Soul, Thou Savior Dear Germany
Take Up Thy Cross, the Savior Said Germany C W Everst
When Shades of Night Around us Close Germany
Where Cross The Crowded Ways of Life Germany
Spirit of Mercy, Truth, and Love Germany – alt William Gardiner Unknown
Where Were the Twelve Germany – Olin
Have Mercy on Us, God Most High Gerontius John B Dykes
Fredrick W Faber
Praise to the Holiest in the Height Gerontius
By Thy Birth and by Thy Tears Gethsemane
Gracious God, My Heart Renew Gethsemane John B Dykes Psalm 51
Holy Spirit, Lord of Love Gethsemane
Lord, to Me Compassion Show Gethsemane
Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Gethsemane
Here Betwixt Ass and Oxen Mild Gevaert
As Darker, Darker Fall Around Gibbons
Come, Let Us Sing Before the Lord Gilead Mehul Psalm 98
Jehovah, to my Prayer Give Ear Give Joseph Grigg Psalm 55
Take the World, But Give Me Jesus Give Me Jesus John R Sweney Fanny Crosby
Say, Dear Sinner, Talk Salvation Give Me Just a Little Longer
Great God, When I Approach Thy Throne Glasgow George F Root Isaac Watts
Most Perfect is the Law of God Glasgow
Jesus, Master, Whom I Serve Glastonbury
Frances Havergal
Hail, All Hail the Joyful Morn Glebe
If Jesus Christ Had Beckoned Me Glendale Axel E Bloom Linda B Olin
Angels We Have Heard on High Gloria\
Hearken, All! What Holy Singing Gloria
When the Sun Had Sunk to Rest Gloria – Pilgrim
Down at the Cross Where My Savior Died Glory to His Name
Down From the Splendor of His Everlasting Home Glory Unto Jesus
Far, Far Away, in Heathen Darkness Dwelling Go Ye Into All the World
God Be in My Head God be in my Head
God Be With You Till We Meet Again God be with you
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlement God rest you merry–7t0ELO0
God Save America God Save America
God the All Merciful God Save America
Be Joyful in God, All Ye Lands of the Earth Goderich
God of the Strong, God of the Weak Godwin
Come, Join Our Sacred Celebrations Gold und Schatze Friedrich Schulz
Linda Bonney Olin
To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise Golden Sheaves Arthur S Sullivan William C Dix
O Christ Our Joy, To Whom is Given Gonfalon Royal
O Sing a New Song to the Lord Gonfalon Royal
Blessed Bible, How I Love It Good Cheer
Thou, Lord, Hast Forsaken, To Shame Brought Our Boasts Good Shepherd Joseph Barnby Psalm 44
Come, Gracious Spirit Good Shepherd, Rosemont
Good-Bye, Our God is Watching o’er You Good-Bye Chorus
Rejoice, The Lord is King Gopsal
Great Shepherd Who Leadest Thy People in Love Gordon Adoniram J Gordon Psalm 80
My Jesus, I Love Thee Gordon
Come at the Morning Hour Gorton
James Montgomery
O Perfect Life of Love Gorton Ludwig Beethoven Henry W Baker
Remember not, O God Gorton Ludwig v Beethoven Psalm 79
The King of Glory Standeth Gosterwood
Lord, Accept the Gifts We Offer Gott des Himmels – Albert
Heaven and Earth, and Sea and Air Gott sie dank durch alle welt
Hail, Holy Light! the World Rejoices Gottlob
Calm, on the Listening Ear of Night Gould
In Christ There is No East or West Gould John Oxenham
God of Our Fathers, Know of Old Gower’s Recessional
O Come, Creator Spirit Grace Church
O Spirit of the Living God Grace Church I J Pleyel
James Montgomery
O Thou To Whose Allsearching Sight Grace Church
Sweet is the Work, My God, My King Grace Church
Marvelous Grace of Our Loving Lord Grace Greater Than Our Sins
Sweet, Sweet Frangrance of Love Grace Was all Their Song
Grace! ‘Tis a Charming Sound Grace! ‘Tis a Charming Sound
Jesus, Master, Whose I Am Graceham
Frances Havergal
Father of Mercies, in Thy Word Graefenberg
Jesus! the Name High Over All Graefenberg
Lamp of Our Feet, Whereby We Trace Graefenberg Bernard Barton
City of God, How Broad and Far Grafenberg
From Thee All Skill and Science Grafenberg
Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers Grafenberg
And Now The Wants are Told Grafenberg – alt
Blest Are the Souls That Hear and Know Grafenberg – alt J G C Stoel Isaac Watts
Blessed Bible, How I Love It Grannis
Bless, O My Soul, The Living God Gratitude Ami Bost Isaac Watts
Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak Gratitude
Great is Thy Faithfulness Great is Thy Faithfulness
Springs and Streams no Longer Bless Greatorex Chester G Allen Psalm 107
O Monoghenis Greek 5
Christian, Dost Thou See Them Greek Hymn
Kyrie, Eleison Greek P2
Tes Presvies Greek P3
Soson imas Greek P4
Thefte prodkinisomen Greek P7
Evlogitos i Christe, O Theos Greek P8
In Christ There is No East or West Green Hill John Oxenham
O God, no Longer Hold Thy Peace Green Hill Albert L Peace Psalm 83
America Triumphant! Greenland
Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers Greenland
The Day of Resurrection Greenland
The Light of God is Falling Greenland
What Child is This Greensleeves
Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy Greenville
Arise, and Bless the Lord (Stand up and Bless the Lord) Greenwood
Blest are the Pure in Heart Greenwood
Lord, in the Strength of Grace Greenwood
My End, Lord, Make me Know Greenwood Joseph E Sweetser Psalm 39
Since Jesus is My Friend Greenwood
Sweet is the Work, O Lord Greenwood
Sweetly the Holy Hymn Greenwood
This is the Day of Light Greenwood Joseph E Sweeetset John Ellerton
I Heard a Sound of Voices Gresham
Light of Light, Enlighten Me Grosser Gott Emily R Brink
Benjamin Schmolck
Father of All, Whose Love Profound Grostete Henry W Greatorex Edward Cooper
People of God Keep Grumbling Grumbling
Zion, On the Holy Hills Guernsey William O Perkins Psalm 87
To the Hills I Lift My Eyes Guide Marcus M Wells Psalm 121
The Eternal Gifts of Christ Guidetti
Guilty and Chained I Helpless Lay Guilty and Chained
Christian, Dost Thou See Them Gute Baume Bringen
Bright and Joyful is the Morn Gwalchmai
Christ the Lord is Risen Today Gwalchmai
Glory be to God on High Gwalchmai
King of Glory, King of Peace Gwalchmai
Almight God, in Humble Prayer Hab Dank, O Jesu
Hark, the Glad Sound Hab Dank, O Jesu
Had God Not Come, May Israel Say Had God Not Come
Jehovah’s Perfect Law Haddam Lowell Mason Psalm 19
Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers Haf Trones Lampa Fardig
Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious Hail the King
And Have the Bright Immensities Halifax
Take Thou Our MInds, Dear Lord Hall Calvin W Laufer William H Foulkes
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Halle
Praise the Lord, for He is Good Halle
See the Destined Day Arise! Halle
Man of Sorrow What a Name Hallelujah! What a Savior
Tis the Promise of God, Full Salvation to Give Hallelujah, ’tis Done
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Halton Holgate
Firmly I Believe and Truly God is Three Halton Holgate–1bxl5E-u8
Jesus Calls Us; o’er the Tumult Halton Holgate
God Calling Yet! Shall I Not Hear Hamburg Lowell Mason Gerhard Terteegen
Lord, Pour Thy Spirit From on High Hamburg
My Dear Redeemer and My Lord Hamburg
My Lord, How Full of Sweet Content Hamburg
O God, I Thank Thee for Each Sight Hamburg
O Thou Who Hast at Thy Command Hamburg
Pour Out Thy Spirit From on High Hamburg Lowell Mason James Montgomery
Return, My Soul, Unto Thy Rest Hamburg Lowell Mason
James Montgomery
To God My Earnest Voice I Raise Hamburg Lowell Mason Psalm 142
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Hamburg
At Evening Time Let There be Light Handy
Deceit and Falsehood I Abhor Handy Joseph P Hollbrook Psalm 119
From Out the Depths I Cry to Thee Hanford Arthur S Sullivan Psalm 130
Jesus, My Savior, Look on Me Hanford
My God, My Father, While I Stray Hanford
Hanging There for Me Hanging There for Me
Come, Gather at the Table Hankey
I Love to Tell the Story Hankey William G Fischer
Katherine Hankey
O Worship the King all Glorious Above Hanover William Croft Robert Grant
Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim Hanover
O Happy Day Happy Day
Tidings, Happy Tidings Happy Tidings John R Sweney Fanny Crosby
Hark! Hark! Hear the Glad Tidings Hark! Hark! Hear the Glad Tidings
Trust me, O My Little Children Hark! I Hear the Savior Calling
Hark! The Sounds of Acclamation Harp Tones
I Could Not Do Without Thee Hartford
O Sing Ye Hallelujah Hartford John B Dykes Psalm 147
O Praise Ye the Name of Jehovah Harvest-Tide–lw0 A Croil Falconer Psalm 135
Behold the Sure Foundation Stone Harvey’s Chant William B Bradbury Isaac Watts
With Joy and Gladness in My Soul Harvey’s Chant William B Bradbury Psalm 122
With Reverence Let the Saints Appear Harvey’s Chant
Hail! Thou Long Expected Jesus Harwell
Hark, Ten Thousand Harps Harwell
God Whose Name is Love Haslemere
Praise to the Lord, The Almighty Hast du denn Liebster
Have Faith in God Have Faith in God
Have You Any Room For Jesus Have you Any Room
Have You Prayed all Night Have You Prayed it Through
O God, Give Ear Unto my Cry Haven Thomas Hastings Psalm 61
Come, my Soul, Thou Must be Waking Haydn
My Heart was Distressed He Brought Me Out
I Saw One Hanging on a Tree He Died for Me Baylus B McKinney John Newton
I Stand Before the Cross of Christ He Died in My Place
Have You Read the Story of the Cross He Died of a Broken Heart
Jesus Came to Earth by a Lowly Birth He Gives the Power
A Sinner Lost, and Yet I Came He Heard My Prayer
Fanny J Crosby
A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord He Hideth My Soul Fanny J Crosby
Lift Up Your Heads, Pilgrims Aweary He is Coming Again
He is Coming, Coming for Us He is Coming for Us
O, Day of Awful Story He is Not Here, He is Risen James McGranahan
Daniel Webster Whittle
Shall I Tell You What Brought Me to Jesus He Just Put Himself in My Place
There’s Within My Heart a Melody He Keeps Me Singing
I Know Not What Awaits Me He Knows, He Knows
In Loving Kindness Jesus Came He Lifed Me
I Serve A Risen Savior He Lives Alfred Henry Ackley Alfred Henry Ackley
Christ the Savior Came From Heaven’s Glory He Lives on High
He Loves Me He Loves Me
There’s A Sweet and Blessed Story He Ransomed Me
Behold the Lamb of God on Calv’ry’s Tree He Suffered for You
He Was Not Willing That Any Should Perish He Was Not Willing That Any Should Perish
When the Storms of Life are Raging He Will Hide Me
When I Fear my Faith Will Fail He Will Hold Me Fast
Jesus, Master, Whom I Serve Heathlands Frances Havergal
Angel Voices Sweetly Singing Heaven at Last
O Praise the Lord, For He is Good Heavenly Fold William F Sherwin Psalm 118
Walking in Sunlight Heavenly Sunlight
I Cannot Call Affliction Sweet Heber George Kingsley
James Montgomery
O Come, My People, to My Law Heber
When God, of Old, Came Down From Heaven Heber George Kingsley John Keble
I Have Found a Priceless Treasure Hebrews
Another Six Days’ Work is Done Hebron
At Thy Command, Our Dearest Lord Hebron Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Go Forth, Ye Heralds, in My Name Hebron Lowell Mason Unknown
Great God, A Blessing From Thy Throne Hebron Lowell Mason C H L Schuette
Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Hebron Lowell Mason Philip Doddridge
Great God, Whose Universal Sway Hebron
Jesus, And Shall It Ever Be Hebron Lowell Mason Joseph Grigg
Jesus, Where’er Thy People Meet Hebron
Lord, Cause Thy Face to Shine Hebron Lowell Mason Thomas Cotterill
My God, My God, I Cry to Thee Hebron Lowell Mason Psalm 22
My God, Permit me Not to Be Hebron Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Our Table Now with Food is Spread Hebron Lowell Mason Thomas Kingo
Return, My Soul, Unto Thy Rest Hebron Lowell Mason
James Montgomery
Return, My Wand’ring Soul, Return Hebron Lowell Mason
William Bengo Collver
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! Hebron Lowell Mason
Henry H Millman
Show Pity, Lord; O Lord, Forgive Hebron Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
So Set Our Lips and Lives Express Hebron Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way Hebron
William T Matson
The Christian Warrior, See Him Stand Hebron Lowell Mason
James Montgomery
Thou in Whose Name the Two or Three Hebron Lowell Mason John Ellerton
To Thee Be Glory, Honor, Praise Hebron Lowell Mason St. Theodulph
To Thee, God, Holy Ghost, We Pray Hebron Lowell Mason
Count N L von Zinzendorf
Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page Hebron Lowell Mason Bowring
Where High The Heavenly Temply Stands Hebron Lowell Mason Michael Bruce
Abide With Us, The Day is Waning Heidelberg Melchior Vulpius Josua Stegmann
As the Hart, With Eager Looks Heimweh
Forty Days and Forty Nights Heinlein
Who, O Lord, With Thee Abiding Helen Silas J Vail Psalm 15
O Child of God, There is for Thee He’ll Come and Tarry Not
Come Away to Jesus, He is Willing to Forgive He’ll do Better for You
He’ll Never Forget to Keep Me He’ll Never Forget to Keep Me
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending Helmsley Thomas Olivers Charles Wesley
Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know Hendon
Blessed Are Those Who Follow; Your Laws, O Lord Hendon
Blessed Are Those Who Follow; Your Laws, O Lord #2 Hendon
Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground Hendon
Depth of Mercy! Can There Be Hendon H A Cesar Malan Charles Wesley
Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise Hendon Herni A C Malan Charles Wesley
Songs of Praise Awoke the Morn Hendon C H A Malan James Montgomery
Take My Life, and Let it Be Consecrated Hendon H A Cesar Malan
Frances Havergal
To Thy Temple I Repair Hendon H A Cesar Malan
James Montgomery
Come Unto Me, When Shadows Darkly Gather Henley
Father, in Thy Mysterious Prescence Kneeling Henley
All Lands, to God in Joyful Sounds Henry Sylvanus B Pond Psalm 66
To Shepherds as They Watched By Night Her Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend – Weimar Pensum Sacrum Martin Luther
Into The Woods My Master Went Herbert J B Herbert Sidney Lanier
Come, Dearest Lord, And Feed Thy Sheep Herbert – Mason
O Thou Who Camest From Above Hereford
There’s a Voice in the Wilderness Crying Hereford – Heine
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Hermann
Lord, Hear the Right, Attend My Cry Hermann Nicholas Hermann Psalm 17
O for a Fatih That Will Not Shrink Hermann
We Pray No More for Miracle Hermann
On Our Way Rejoicing Hermas
Welcome, Happy Morning Hermes Frances Havergal Venantius Fortunatus
My Faithful Shepherd is the Lord Hermon Lowell Mason Psalm 23
O Still in Accents Sweet and Strong Hermon
All Things Are Thine; No Gift Have We Herr Jesu Christ
Now That the Daylight Fills the Sky Herr Jesu Christ
Christ Jesus, Lord to us Attend Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend Pensum Sacrum
William August II
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Herrnhut
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Herrnhut – Cruger Johann Cruger
James Montgomery
Father of Eternal Grace Herrnhut – Trochai
Jesus, With Thy Church Abide Hervery’s Litany
Thomas Benson Pollock
Ah, Holy Jesus Herzliebster jesu
When Christ Was in the Upper Room He’s Coming Back Again
Oh, He’s Done So Much for Me He’s Done So Much for Me
Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All Hesperus
Now While We Sing Our Closing Psalm Hesperus
O God of Love, O King of Peace (copy Savior, when night envolves the skies) Hesperus
O Lord, Make Hast to Hear My Cry Hesperus Henry Baker Psalm 141
O Love Divine, That Stooped to Share Hesperus
O Son of Man, Who Walked Each Day Hesperus
Savior, When Night Involves the Skies Hesperus
Sweet is the Work, My God, My King Hesperus
O Safe to the Rock That is Higher Hiding in Thee
Let All the World in Every Corner Sing High Road Martin Shaw George Herbert
I’m Pressing on the Upward Way Higher Ground
O Perfect Love, All Human Thought Transcending Highwood
Soul of the Christian, Be Happy in God Hills of the Blest
Listen to the Blessed Invitation Him That Cometh Unto Me William J Kirkpatrick Eliza E Hewitt
Light of Light, Enlighten Me Hinchman
Love Divine, Oh, Sing the Wondrous Story His Love is Wonderful to Me
Would You Live for Jesus His Way with Thee
The Lord is My Shepherd His Yoke is Easy R E Hudson R E Hudson
Thou Art My Portion, Lord Hobart Henry Tucker Psalm 119
Increase Our Faith Beloved Lord Hodges D F Hodges
Frances Havergal
My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right Holborn Hill
Praise Waits in Zion, Lord for Thee Holborn Hill St Alban’s Tune Book Psalm 65
Ho, my Comrades, See the Signal Hold the Fort
Midst the Darkness, Storm, and Sorrow Hold the Fort
Hold Thou My Hand Hold Thou My Hand
Behold a Stranger at the Door Holley
Bread of Heaven On Thee We Feed Holley
Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One Holley
Ever are My Longing Eyes Holley George Hews Psalm 25
Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way Holley
Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak Holley
Softly Fades the Twilight Ray Holley George Hews Samuel F Smith
Jesus, Lover of my Soul Hollingside
Sinners, Turn Why Will Ye Die Hollingside
Take My Life and Let it Be Hollingside John B Dykes
Frances Havergal
His Wide Dominion Shall Extend Holy Cross James C Wade Psalm 72
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds Holy Cross
Jesus, Thou Art the Sinner’s Friend Holy Cross – alt Felix Mendelssohn Richard Burnham
Jesus, Thy Word is my Delight Holy Cross – alt Thomas Hastings
William Hammond
Lord, in This They Mercy’s Day Holy Ghost
What Time I am Afraid Holy Guide Uzziah C Burnap Psalm 56
Who May Abide in Your Tent, O Lord Holy Hill
When Christ was Born In Bethlehem Holy Innocents
Brethren, We Have Met to Worship Holy Manna
Jesus! Name of Wondrous Love! Holy Name
Holy Offerings, Rich and Rare Holy Offerings
By Jesus’ Grave on Either Hand Holy Sepulchre E H Thorne Isaac G Smith
Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide
O Holy Spirit, Lead Us, We Pray Holy Spirit, Lead Us
As Now the Sun’s Declining Rays Holy Trinity
O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice Holy Trinity
Christian, Dost Thou See Them Holy War
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending Holywood J F Wad Charles Wesley
Bless the Four Corners of This House Home
A Little While, And Then for Me Home in Glory Fanny J Crosby
I Will Sing You a Song Home of the Soul
No Future but Glory, Lord Jesus Home, Bright Home
For Thee, O Dear, Dear Country Homeland
O Beautiful, My Country Homeland
The Homeland, O the Homeland Homeland
The Sun Is Sinking Fast Hopkins
O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought Horsley William Horsley Psalm 139
The year is Gone Beyond Recall Horsley
There Is a Green Hill Far Away Horsley
Come, Said Jesus’ Sacred Voice Horton
Morn of Morns, and Day of Days Horton
Hosanna to the Living Lord Hosanna
Hosanna! Be the Chilren’s Song Hosanna! Be the Children’s Song W Fiddian Moulton
James Montgomery
Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord Hosmer
From Age to Age They Gather Hosmer – Bullard
O Praise Ye the Lord Houghton Henry J Gauntlett Psalm 149
Down From His Splendor in Glory He Came How Can I Help But Love Him
How Good Is the God We Adore How Good
There is a Name I Love to Hear How I Love Jesus Unknown
Frederick Whitfield
Long Have We Sought How Long Must We Wait
I Stand Amazed in the Presence of Jesus How marvelous
Blessed Lord, How Much I Need Thee How Much I Need Thee
How Wondrous a Savior How Wondrous a Savior
Blest Morning! Whose First Dawning Rays Howard John Wilson’s Psalm Tunes Isaac Watts
O Praise and Bless the Lord, My Soul Howard Elizabeth H Cuthbert Psalm 103
O Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord Howard
Jesus Merciful Hubbard
Holy Father, Cheer Our Way Huddersfield
Is It For Me, Dear Savior Hugg George C Hugg
Frances Havergal
How Blest the Perfect in the Way Humility Samuel P Tuckerman Psalm 119
Awake, Ye Saints to Praise Your King Hummel Charles Zeuner Isaac Watts
God’s Glory Is a Wondrous Thing Hummel
God’s Trumpet Wakes the Slumb’ring World Hummel
O God, Hear Thou the Nation’s Prayer Hummel
Away From Every Mortal Care Hursley Unknown Isaac Watts
Dear Master, In Whose Life I See Hursley
Is it Thy Will That I should be Buried Hursley Peter Ritter Unknown
Lord, Wilt Thou in This Temple Reign Hursley
Nothing but Christ, as on We Tread Hursley
O Christ, Redeemer of Our Race Hursley
O God, Be Thy Anointed Son Hursley German Melody Psalm 72
O Jesus, Master, When Today Hursley
O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee Hursley
Sun of My Soul, Thou Saviour Dear Hursley
Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Ways Hursley
William T Matson
Tis Winter Now The Fallen Snow Hursley Unknown Samuel Longfellow
Alleluia, Sing to Jesus Hyfrydol
Call Jehovah Thy Salvation Hyfrydol
Come, My Heart, Canst Thou Not Hear It Hyfrydol
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Hyfrydol
Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners! Hyfrydol
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Hyfrydol
No Alone for Mighty Empire Hyfrydol
Oh, How You Have Loved Me, Jesus Hyfrydol
Praise the Lord! ye Heavens, Adore Him Hyfrydol
O God, to Thy Anointed King Hymn John E Gould Psalm 72
All People of the Earth Hymn of Nations
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise Hymn to Joy Ludwig Beethoven
Christopher Wordsworth
If I Speak in Tongues of Angles Without Love Hymn to Joy Ludwig van Beethoven Linda B Olin
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Hymn to Joy
Sing With All the Sons of Glory Hymn to Joy