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Few composers of hymns tunes have been so important, popular, and very controversial in the US as Lowell Mason. After studying composition in Europe with Frederick Able, he returned to Savannah, GA where he became the music director at the Independent Presbyterian Church. Under his leadership his congregation also started the first Sunday School at the Bryan Baptist Church also in Savannah… in the 1820’s. One of the more controversial steps he took was the disbanding of the churches orchestra and relying upon only the organ for musical leadership. He also simplified the harmony and emphasized the soprano line. At the time there was a strong part-singing tradition from which the Scared Harp has come down to us.

Regardless of all these controversies there are no other composers whose music has been used so extensively throughout most Christian traditions. You have been singing his music since you were a toddler. He is credited with writing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” (And in case you were wondering, the Mason in the Mason & Hamlin (Organ &) Piano Co was his son.)

Title Tune YouTube Author
My Heart is Full of Christ, and Longs Admah Charles Wesley
O God, What Offering Shall I Give Admah Charles Wesley
In Thy Name, O Lord Assembling Alvan Thomas Kelly
Songs of Praise the Angels Sang Amboy James Montgomery
Angels, Roll the Rock Away Amboy Thomas Scott
O Holy, Blessed Trinity Ames Martin Behm
O Lord Most High, with All My Heart Anvern Psalm 9
The Time is Near When Zion’s Sons Anvern R F Cottrell
Great God! Whose Universal Sway Anvern Isaac Watts
How Sweet to Sing of Jesus’ Love Anvern Minnie A Sanderson
Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise Ariel Isaac Watts
Through all the Years, May Israel Say Ashwell Psalm 129
Father of Glory! To Thy Name Azmon Isaac Watts
We Sing The Almighty Power of God Azmon Isaac Watts
Awake, Ye Saints to Praise Your King Azmon Isaac Watts
Eternal Wisdom! Thee We Praise Azmon Isaac Watts
How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts Azmon Isaac Watts
Salvation! Oh, the Joyful Sound Azmon Isaac Watts
The Lord Goes Forth in Front of Me Azmon Linda Bonney Olin
Come, Let us Join Our Faithful Souls Azmon William G Tarrant
Jesus! That Name is Love Bethany 6/8 James G Deck
Father, in Whom We Live Boylston Isaac Watts
Thy Table I Approach Boylston Gerhard Walther McLanus
The Mighty God, The Lord Boylston Psalm 50
Not All the Blood of Beasts Boylston Isaac Watts
Work While it is Today Boylston James Montgomery
And Let Our Bodies Part Boylston Charles Wesley
Lord God the Holy Ghost Boylston James Montgomery
Oh, Where Shall Rest be Found Boylston James Montgomery
Servant of God, Well Done Boylston James Montgomery
Breathe on Me, Breath of God Boylston Edwin Hatch
My Times are in Thy Hand Boylston William F Floyd
A Charge to Keep I Have Boylston Charles Wesley
Day of Judgement, Day of Wonders Breast John Newton
O Save Me by Thy Name Capello Psalm 54
The Trespass of the Wicked Man Chimes Psalm 36
City of God, How Broad and Far Chimes Samuel Johnson
Father of Mercies, In Thy Word Chimes Anna Steele
Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care Chimes Ann and Jane Taylor
My Soul in Silence Waits for God Cleansing Fountain Psalm 62
There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood Cleansing Fountain William Cowper
On Judah’s Plains, As Shepherds Kept Cowper Nahum Tate
O Wherefore Hast Thou Cast us Off Cowper Psalm 74
The Day is Past and Gone Dennis John Leland
Come, Sound His Praise Abroad Dennis Isaac Watts
Is Thei the Kind Return Dennis Isaac Watts
And Are We Yet Alive Dennis Charles Wesley
Lord of My Life O May Thy Praise Downs Anna Steele
As When the Hebrew Prophet Raised Downs Isaac Watts
Blest Are the Undefiled in Heart Downs Isaac Watts
Happy the Home When God is There Downs Henry Ware Jr
How Sweet, How Heavenly is the Sight Downs Joseph Swain
In All my Vast Concerns With Thee Downs Isaac Watts
Lord, I Believe; Thy Power I Own Downs John Reynell Wreford
O For a Heart to Praise My God Downs Charles Wesley
Through All the Changing Scenes of Life Downs Tate & Brady’s
Father of All, in Whom Alone Downs Charles Wesley
The Steps of Those Whom He Approves Downs The Psalter 1912
Come to the Morning Prayer Durer James Montgomery
Hasten, Lord, The Glorious Time Eltham Harriet Auber
Till He Come! Oh, Let the Words Eltham E H Bickersteth
Life is the Time to Serve the Lord Elton Isaac Watts
O Let my Supplicating Cry Ernan Psalm 119
Go, Labor on Spend, and be Spent Ernan Horatius Bonar
Jesus, Our Best Beloved Friend Ernan James Montgomery
Bright Rays of Autumn Quiver Evarts Unknown
The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us Evarts Johann Walther
Soon as the Morn With Roses Evarts Thomas Haweis
Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians Evarts Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen
O Royal Bride, Give Heed Gerar Psalm 45
Blessed are the Sons of Peace Gerar Isaac Watts
Jehovah’s Perfect Law Haddam Psalm 19
Almighty Lord of Earth and Heaven Hamburg David Denike
Just As I Am, Without One Plea Hamburg Charlotte Eliott
Jesus! And Shall it Ever Be Hamburg Joseph Grigg
Lord Jesus, Who Our Souls to Save Hamburg Geroge Werner
To God My Earnest Voice I Raise Hamburg Psalm 142
Lord, Pour Thy Spirit From on High Hamburg James Montgomery
Buried in Shadows of the Night Hamburg Isaac Watts
Lord, I am Vile, Concieved in Sin Hamburg Isaac Watts
God Calling Yet! Shall I Not Hear Hamburg Gerhard Terteegen
Pour Out Thy Spirit From on High Hamburg James Montgomery
Return, My Soul, Unto Thy Rest Hamburg James Montgomery
O God, I Thank Thee for Each Sight Hamburg Caroline Atherton Mason
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Hamburg Isaac Watts
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken Harwell John Newton
Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices Harwell Thomas Kelly
Thine Honor Rescue, Righteous Lord Hebron Johann Heermann
Now Christ, The Very Son of God Hebron Nicolaus Selnecker
Invited, Lord, by Boundless Grace Hebron Rmanuel Cronenwett
Thus Far the Lord Has Led Me On Hebron Isaac Watts
My God, My God, I Cry to Thee Hebron Psalm 22
At Thy Command, Our Dearest Lord Hebron Isaac Watts
Far From My Thoughts, Vain World, Begone Hebron Isaac Watts
God of the Morning at Whose Voice Hebron Isaac Watts
Great God, Whose Universal Sway Hebron Isaac Watts
Go Forth, Ye Heralds, in My Name Hebron Unknown
Great God, A Blessing From Thy Throne Hebron C H L Schuette
Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Hebron Philip Doddridge
Jesus, And Shall It Ever Be Hebron Joseph Grigg
Lord, Cause Thy Face to Shine Hebron Thomas Cotterill
My God, Permit me Not to Be Hebron Isaac Watts
Our Table Now with Food is Spread Hebron Thomas Kingo
Return, My Wand’ring Soul, Return Hebron William  Bengo Collver
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! Hebron Henry H Millman
Show Pity, Lord; O Lord, Forgive Hebron Isaac Watts
Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way Hebron William T Matson
Thou in Whose Name the Two or Three Hebron John Ellerton
To Thee Be Glory, Honor, Praise Hebron St. Theodulph
To Thee, God, Holy Ghost, We Pray Hebron Count N L von Zinzendorf
Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page Hebron Bowring
Where High The Heavenly Temply Stands Hebron Michael Bruce
Return, My Soul, Unto Thy Rest Hebron James Montgomery
The Christian Warrior, See Him Stand Hebron James Montgomery
Complete in Thee! No Work of Mine Hebron A R Wolfe
Jesus, Where’er Thy People Meet Hebron William Cowper
O God, Thou Bottomless Abyss Hebron Ernest Lange
So Set Our Lips and Lives Express Hebron Isaac Watts
My Faithful Shepherd is the Lord Hermon Psalm 23
Let Every Mortal Ear Attend Hermon Isaac Watts
O Still in Accents Sweet and Strong Hermon Samuel Longfellow
God Moves In a Mysterious Way Hermon William Cowper
With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim Illa Psalm 122
Lord, Bless and Pity Us Laban Psalm 67
A Charge to Keep I Have Laban Charles Wesley
Servant of God, Well Done Laban James Montgomery
Stand Up, and Bless the Lord Laban James Montgomery
Jesus, My Strength , My Hope Laban Charles Wesley
O That The Lord Would Guide my Ways Litchfield Isaac Watts
O God, Thou Righteous, Faithful Lord Malvern Johannes Leon
Jesus, Where’re Thy People Meet Malvern William Cowper
Lord, How Mysterious Are Thy Ways Malvern Anne Steele
Though Angels Bright Escape Our Sight Marlow Matthias Loy
Again the Lord of Life and Light Marlow Anna L Barbauld
Laden With Guilt and Full of Fears Marlow Isaac Watts
O Lord, My God, Thy Holy Law Marlow Isaac Watts
Praise Waits for Thee in Zion Mendebras Psalm 65
O Day of Rest and Gladness Mendebras Christopher Wordsworth
The Precepts of The Word are Pure Mendon Emanuel Cronenwett
Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Mendon Philip Doddridge
The Perfect Righteousness of God Mendon Albert Midlane
Before Jehovah’s Awful Throne Migdol Isaac Watts
We Have a Sure, Prophetic Word Migdol Emanuel Cronenwett
Give to Our God Immortal Praise Migdol Isaac Watts
I Know That My Redeemer Lives Migdol Samuel Medley
We Thank Thee Jesus! Dearest Friend Migdol Nicolaus Selnecker
Praise Ye the Lord, His Praise Proclaim Migdol Psalm 146
Praise, Lord, For Thee in Zion waits Migdol Henry F Lyte
O, Sometimes Gleams Upon Our Sight Migdol John G Whittier
O Lord, Thou Hast Ascended Missionary Hymn Psalm 68
O Bless the Lord, My Soul Mornington alt Isaac Watts
Lord, in Thee am i Confiding Mount Vernon Psalm 38
Sister, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely Mount Vernon S F Smith
Give me the Wings of Faith, to Rise Naomi Isaac Watts
Sweet is the Mem’ry of Thy Grace Naomi Isaac Watts
Vain are the Hopes the Sons of Men Naomi Isaac Watts
Our Blest Redeemer, Ere He Breathed Naomi Harriet Auber
I’ll Praise my Maker While I’ve Breath Nashville Isaac Watts
Long Have I Sat Beneath the Sound Noel Isaac Watts
O God, How Good Thou Art Olivet Psalm 73
How Beauteous Are Their Feet Olmutz Isaac Watts
Not Haught is My Heart Olmutz Psalm 131
Ah, How Shall Fallen Man Olmutz Isaac Watts
How Heavy is the Night Olmutz Isaac Watts
A Parting Hymn We Sing Olmutz Aaron R Wolfe
Not All the Blood of Beasts Olmutz Isaac Watts
Grace! ‘its a Charming Sound Olney Philip Doddridge
And Must This Body Die Olney Isaac Watts
O Praise the Lord, For He is Good Ostend Psalm 107
O God, Thy Judgements Give the King Ostend Book of Psalms 1940
May the Grace of Christ Our Savior Ovio unknown
Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him Perez J Kempthorne
Who Shall Open for us the Portals Ripley P A Peter
Say, My Soul, What Preparation Ripley Carl Johann Spitta
Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah Ripley 1912 Psalter
Lord, With Glowing Heart I’d Praise Thee Ripley Francis S Key
Lord Jesus, Though But Two or Three Rockingham Old Matthias Loy
Lord, Thy Omniscience I Adore Rockingham Old Emanuel Cronenwett
Christ’s Crimson Blood and Righteousness Rockingham Old Nicholaus Ludwig
Invited, Lord, by Boundless Grace Rockingham Old Rmanuel Cronenwett
Enslaved by Sin, And Bound in Chains Rockingham Old Anna Steele
Forever Settled in the Heavens Rockingham Old Psalm 119
Bright King of Glory, Dreadful God Rockingham Old Isaac Watts
Life is the Time to Serve the Lord Rockingham Old Isaac Watts
Lord, How Secure and Blest Are They Rockingham Old Isaac Watts
This Stone to Thee in Faith We Lay Rockingham Old James Montgomery
Safely Through Another Week Sabbath John Newton
God of Mercy, God of Grace Sabbath Rest Henry Francis Lyte
If, on a Quiet Sea, Toward Heaven We Calmly Sail Selvin Augustus M Toplady
And Must This Body Die Shawmut Isaac Watts
Praise Ye the Lord, Ye Saints Below Soto Psalm 150
Twas by an Order From the Lord Uxbridge Isaac Watts
Faith is a Living Power From Heaven Uxbridge Petrus Herbert
Of Zion’s Honor Angels Sing Uxbridge Emaneul Cronenwett
O Wherefore do the Nations Rage Uxbridge Psalm 2
The Royal Banners Forward Go Uxbridge Venantius Honorius Fortunatus
Ere the Blue Heav’ns Were Stretched Abroad Uxbridge Isaac Watts
Far From my Thoughts, Vain World, Begone Uxbridge Isaac Watts
Jesus, Thou Everlasting King Uxbridge Isaac Watts
Lord, We are Vile, Conceived in Sin Uxbridge Isaac Watts
He Dies! the Friend of Sinners Dies! Uxbridge Isaac Watts
The Man Who Once Has Found Abode Uxbridge 1940 Book of Psalms
O Holy, Blessed Trinity Ward Martin Behm
Jehovah Hear Thee in My Grief Ward Psalm 20
Father of All, Whose Love Profound Ward Edward Cooper
God is the Refuge of His Saints Ward Isaac Watts
Jesus is Gone Above the Skies Ward Isaac Watts
Lord, Thou Hast Searched and Seen Me Thro’ Ward Isaac Watts
There is a Stream Ward Isaac Watts
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night Watchman John Bowring
Dust to Dust, The Mortal Dies Watchman – alt Psalm 49
Sing to the Lord, Sing His Praises, All Ye People Wesley Psalm 96
Work for the Night is Coming Work Song Anna Coghill
When in His Might the Lord Zebulon Psalm 126
Let Every Tongue Thy Goodness Speak Zerah Isaac Watts
I Sing the Mighty Power of God Zerah Isaac Watts
To Us a Child of Hope is Born Zerah John Morrison