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I work in two areas: Christian hymnody and solo classical piano music. My first hymn recording project was going to be a Christmas present for my parents of 50 hymns from the Presbyterian 1955 Hymnbook. But there are over 600 hymns in it and I just couldn’t figure out which ones not to record… so I did them all! This led to more hymnals being recorded and more waiting impatiently in line. As of this writing I have recorded over 2600 hymns. I have recorded the Presbyterian 1955 Hymnbook, Episcopal 1940 Hymnal, Broadman 1940 Hymnal, the Lutheran 1941 Hymnal;  the 1939 Methodist and the 1935 Pilgrim hymnals, Now Sings My Soul,  and the 1912 Presbyterian Psalter.

Here are the lists of hymns and solo music I have recorded so far:

Solo Piano Music

Hymns Listed by First Line

Hymns Listed by Tune Title

Here are my completed Hymnals, affiliate links:

Presbyterian 1955 Hymnbook:

Episcopal 1940 Hymnal: 

Broadman 1940 Hymnal:

Lutheran 1941 Hymnal:

Methodist 1939 Hymnal:

Pilgrim 1935 Hymnal:

Now Sings My Soul, New Songs for the Lord by: Linda Bonney Olin:

Choice Hymns of the Faith 1945

Here are my new projects:

J S Bach Riemenschneider 371 Harmonized Chorales


Dictionary of Hymnology:

Solo Classical Piano Music Affiliate Links:

JS Bach French Suites:

JS Bach English Suites:

JS Bach Partitas:

Bach 2 & 3 Part Inventions:

Beethoven Piano Sonatas:

Schubert Piano Sonatas:

Mauel Ponce Piano Music:

Brahms Shorter Works:

Debussy Piano Music:

Franz Joseph Haydn Piano Sonatas:

Mendelssohn Songs Without Words:

Alkan Piano Music: