I Hear Thy Welcome Voice I Am Coming, Lord http://youtu.be/rcRUbF7T7-s Lewis Hartsough Lewis Hartsough
He Dies! He Dies! I Am He That Liveth https://youtu.be/dZyL3wdENVM
I Have a Savior, He’s Pleading in Glory I am Praying for You http://youtu.be/DmEV5EhvZMU Ira Sankey Samuel O’Malley Cluff
I Am the Door I am the Door https://youtu.be/BMuh_OD-SDk Unknown Unknown
Like Wand’ring Sheep O’er Mountains Cold I Am the Way https://youtu.be/r5ow0BOZmSY
I Am Thine, O Lord I am Thine http://youtu.be/m9Eq1rY_Wuo William H Doane Fanny Crosby
I am Waiting for the Dawning I am Waiting for the Dawning https://youtu.be/RqQbmp0hOnU H P Danks S Trevor Francis
My Fears Arise, And Clouds Obsure my Way I Believe https://youtu.be/m7IQAw48E00
Again the Blessed Gospen I Have Heard I Come https://youtu.be/zW3ZvBmdcpA James McGranahan Unknown
Answer the Call, Ye Brave Men I Go https://youtu.be/QV0XDR8v5Pk J Kinkel F E Belden
I Have a Savior, He Died for Me I Have a Savior https://youtu.be/3vKPfIe0zeM Robert Harkness Robert Harkness
I Have a Shepherd, One I Love so Well I Have a Shepherd https://youtu.be/FWi0ekBM6eU M E Upham Leonard Weaver
I Know I Love Thee Better, Lord I Know I Love Thee Better http://youtu.be/Wk7Xw3iXBcI Ralph Erskine Hudson Frances R Havergal
I Know That my Redeemer Lives I Know That My Redeemer Lives https://youtu.be/TxVD8xCqxr4 Jared Bernotski Samuel Medley
I Know That My Reedeemer Liveth I Know That My Redeemer Liveth https://youtu.be/r1Q_Zi6rW2k James H Fillmore Jessie Brown Pounds
I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace I Know Whom I Have Believed https://youtu.be/k4dWQCKXTb4 James McGranahan D W Whittle
I Left it all With Jesus I Left it All https://youtu.be/IP3TAGdYwWE H M Warner Ellen H Willis
Gone From My Heart the World and All Its Charm I Love Him http://youtu.be/mtIzOpakTbc Stephen Foster English Hymn Book
Where He May Lead Me I Will Go I Remember Calvary https://youtu.be/wwCU0RmHUMA
When I Shall Awake in That Fair Morn of Morns I Shall be Satisfied https://youtu.be/6T1r5W7U6e0 T C Neal Horatius Bonar
All to Jesus I Surrender I Surrender All http://youtu.be/JMBeyjrQwfo W S Weeden Judson W Van De Venter
Lord, I Want to Be a Christian I Want to Be a Christian http://youtu.be/c0-_yjPSBq4 African American spiritual African American spiritual
I Was Glad When They Said I Was Glad When They Said https://youtu.be/jxK6EPxvup4 Baylus B McKinney Unknown
Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy I Will Arise and Go to Jesus https://youtu.be/nB2aAw_pEQE William Walker Joseph Hart
O God of Mercy, Hear My Call I Will Believe https://youtu.be/8cE26F2C5BI Robert G McGutchan Isaac Watts
Sweet is the Promise I Will Not Forget Thee https://youtu.be/ROgwLHGspa8
When God the Way of Life Would Teach I Will Pass Over You https://youtu.be/Ocj9yS0IUFs James McGranahan D W Whittle
I Will Sing You a Song I Will Sing You a Song http://youtu.be/t2aRqrP-rk8 Philip Phillips Ellen H Gates
Above the Starry Spheres Iam Christus astra ascenderat https://youtu.be/3XPvuIu2U3I H Noble Pottle St Ambrose
Ich dank’ dir, leiber Herre (Bach – 2) Ich dank’ dir, leiber Herre (Bach – 2) https://youtu.be/B3rYUiVG-aA Johann Horn Johann Kolrose
Out of the Depths of Woe Idumea https://youtu.be/e-_79-Izdts Davisson James Montgomery
If I Comne to Jesus, He Will Make Me Glad If I Come to Jesus https://youtu.be/jAepGnWrFog Unknown Fanny J Crosby
If I Gained the World, But Lost the Savior If I Gained the World https://youtu.be/iJbSSmqmHXg Swedish melody Anna Olander
O Lost One in the Wilds of Sin If Thou Shalt Confess https://youtu.be/oSZ2-otMHyc B D Ackley John R Clements
If You Only Knew My Savior If You Only Knew https://youtu.be/Av634ed_WhM James C Moore Lizzie DeArmond
Lord of Health, Thou Life Within Us Il buon pastor http://youtu.be/TMHx_NtBTFk Cansms Spiritaelas Percy Dearme
Why Perish With Cold and Hunger I’ll Go https://youtu.be/pXtQeO3nlcY H R Palmer Mary Ann Baker
My Life, My Love I Give to Thee I’ll Live for Him http://youtu.be/BA9hvLugnmw
Fierce and Wild the Storm is Raging I’ll Stand By https://youtu.be/ILnYHd6tUuw
With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim Illa https://youtu.be/3LoVP9EdktQ Lowell Mason Psalm 122
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Illsley https://youtu.be/MQkXZ3kp9x4 John Bishop Henry W Longfellow
O Grant Us Light Illsley http://youtu.be/Z5BDcfzFTOQ John Bishop Lawrence Tuttlett
O Brother Man Ilona https://youtu.be/0j6iIygHVp4 J W Lerman John Greenleaf Whittier
Sins of Yearn I Come Confessing I’m Believing and Receiving https://youtu.be/hco9tofl7Oc R E Hudson R E Hudson
My Heavenly Home is Bright and Fair I’m Going Home http://youtu.be/xTi7kga8-c0
I Have a Friend Whose Life is Sweet to Me I’m Happy in Jesus Today https://youtu.be/fO25MNMJtT8 C Wesley Hicks G Houston Green
God’s Sovereign Grace Selected Me I’m Justified https://youtu.be/5XZAfHhIfvs Mildred E Simms Helen H Shaw
I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord I’m Not Ashamed https://youtu.be/1xggIA57uto J M Isaac Watts
I’m on the Rock, Hallelujah I’m on the Rock https://youtu.be/I3upUVThN3o Unknown Unknown
O Mother! I Could Weep for Mirth Immaculate, Immaculate https://youtu.be/0_22yEcPT8I William Pitts Frederick William Faber
The Sands of Time are Sinking Immanuel’s Land https://youtu.be/LwC8NVSmIFw
He Hears Me Pray In All Things, Victory https://youtu.be/laNJTzgLP-w Ruth Coberly Honami Nagata
O Food of Men Wayfaring In Allen Meinen Thaten https://youtu.be/Kr9BZBBtzuw Davidisches Harfen-und-Psalterspiel O esca viatorum
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling In Babilone https://youtu.be/dhS5y_e5yEU Winfred Douglass Charles Wesley
There’s a Wideness In God’s Mercy In Babilone http://youtu.be/zihZdIGQX8k Dutch melody Frederick W Faber
Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus In Babilone – Noble https://youtu.be/UJKJV6wksXE Dutch melody John Bakewell
See The Conqu’ror Mounts in Triumph In Bablione http://youtu.be/f_UqBbDS380 Julius Rontgen Christopher Wordsworth
In Thee, Lord, have I Put My Trust In dich hab’ ich gehoffet https://youtu.be/9oJE1-jtIMs Himmlische Harfen Adam Reusner
Good Christian Men, Rejoice in dulci jubilo http://youtu.be/pRfIkGBd7ew Unknown John Mason Neal
Now Sing We, Now Rejoice In dulci jubilo https://youtu.be/VhuWCJj4_gM Unknown Unknown
In His Steps I Follow as I Go In His Step I Follow https://youtu.be/Nl4SiC2tG8U Grant Colfax Tullar Grant Colfax Tullar
I’ve Tried in Vain A Thousand Ways In Jesus https://youtu.be/DUG1E0gk8nE Robert Harkness James Procter
I Have  a Song That Jesus Gave Me In My Heart There Rings a Melody https://youtu.be/6SirqLiRUek Elton M Roth Elton M Roth
In Terderness He Sought Me In Terderness He Sought Me http://youtu.be/jAE43cWWwk8 Adoniram J Gordon W Spencer Walton
We Must be Prepared to Enter In the Armor of God https://youtu.be/t0s7eQb64uQ Linda Bonney Olin Linda Bonney Olin
I Come to the Garden Alone In the Garden https://youtu.be/fLkoIgKX98Q C Austin Miles C Austin Miles
I’m Facing a Giant Called Fear In the Garden https://youtu.be/ZqGkxJxcrYs C Austin Miles Linda Bonney Olin
God In Heaven Hath a Treasure In the Gloaming https://youtu.be/HFfiFfNd1fM Annie Fortescue Harrison Frances Bevan
As He Heard His Waiting People In the Old-Time Way https://youtu.be/kMkFg-ezBuE
I am Happy in the Service of the King In the Service of the King https://youtu.be/uc3NgXCBErU Bently DeForest Ackley Alfred Henry Ackley
In the Shadow of His Wings In the Shadow of His Wings http://youtu.be/DcsISHhkTxE
In Thy Holy Temple, O Sacred Place In Thy Holy Temple https://youtu.be/lQQKu6skV8U Baylus B McKinney Baylus B McKinney
In Thy Youth Remember Jesus’ Love In Thy Youth Remember https://youtu.be/jz5A7eqiRfE Alfred P Gibbs Alfred P Gibbs
O Son of God Incarnate Incarnation https://youtu.be/Kr8FpMMRZ5k Alfred Wooler Wilbur Fisk Tillett
Advent Tells Us Christ is Near Innocents https://youtu.be/agdlyFO70zw Traditional melody Katherine Hankey
All Ye Nations, Praise the Lord Innocents https://youtu.be/sKcrVlNpm6A G B Pergolesi James Montgomery
As the Sun Doth Daily Rise Innocents http://youtu.be/LPQ865pYLpc
Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed Innocents https://youtu.be/k8Jcl4zthjk Georg Friedrich Hand F A Rollo Russsell
Hear my Words, O Gracious Lord Innocents http://youtu.be/zxFVNDVTylI
Heaven is a Blessed Place Innocents https://youtu.be/VrlmmdRUoBw
Let us With a Gladsome Mind Innocents https://youtu.be/7cgr1UR08og Parish Choir John Milton
Ruler of the Hosts of Light Innocents https://youtu.be/bDxwW0x-0V8 G B Pergolesi John Chandler
Savior, Teach me, Day by Day Innocents https://youtu.be/y1kzxkwuQL4
Songs of Praise the Angels Sang Innocents https://youtu.be/Vz62w5pfR_8 Parish Choir James Montgomery
Time is Earnest, Passing by Innocents https://youtu.be/EXPPZ1k4xOM Thibaut of Navaurre James Montgomery
Who, O Lord, Shall Dwell With Thee Innocents https://youtu.be/HOPunUEZj4o The Parish Choir Psalm 15
Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay Innsbruck https://youtu.be/C6ydHyO7dzY
Now All the Woods are Sleeping Innsbruck https://youtu.be/N71SKHWWeQw Heinrich Isaac Paul Gerhardt
Now Woods and Wolds Are Sleeping Innsbruck http://youtu.be/TrJL1TzoNt0 Heinrich Isaak Paul Gerhardt
O Thou Who Dost Accord Us Innsbruck https://youtu.be/obW3bHVhYP8
The Duteous Day Now Closeth Innsbruck https://youtu.be/eTXrP4Ol3vs
O Jesus, Crucified for Man Intercession https://youtu.be/vqsrG5qXu3I John B Dykes William Walsham How
When the Weary, Seeking Rest Intercession – Callcott https://youtu.be/K72dxyTSLew
O Brother Man, Fold to Thy Heart Intercessor https://youtu.be/vX0q8eBGE7A C Hubert H Parry John Greenleaf Whittier
Into My Heart Into My Heart https://youtu.be/g1LAyqQORvg Harry D Clarke Harry D Clarke
Into The Woods My Master Went Into the Woods https://youtu.be/jP0ZqXbP6zI Baylus B McKinney Sidney Lanier
Come to the Savior Now Invitation http://youtu.be/j0Qrbg9QABY
How Pleasant and How Good It Is Invitation https://youtu.be/LRvBvrHit1E Wallace Psalm 133
Lord, Hear Me in Distress Invitation https://youtu.be/8GYB-KwbATY Frederick C Maker Psalm 143
He, Who Once in Righteous Vengeance Ira justa Conditoris https://youtu.be/LhVQQBOq4KU
He Who Once, In Righteous Vengeance Ira justa Conditoris – Barker https://youtu.be/JbRA8SlnCKA
Once In Royal David’s City Irby http://youtu.be/Fpy0j_HUzQ4 Henry J Gauntlett Cecil Frances Alexander
If I Speak in Tongues of Angles Without Love Irby – Olin https://youtu.be/KRe_OarFOg0 Henry J Gauntlett Linda Bonney Olin
Come to Our Poor Nature’s Night Irene https://youtu.be/h4cRPqxKmgA Clement C Scholefield George Rawson
How Dear to Me, O Lord of Hosts Irish http://youtu.be/vlqCb6ng9gs Irish tune The Psalter 1912
O come and Sing Unto the Lord Irish http://youtu.be/PYyN2Xe4qeQ Unknown The Psalter 1912
O God, We Give Ourselves Today Irish https://youtu.be/HLNLM1PlzdQ Thomas Attwood Walmisley Anthony Ney
O Thou in all Thy Might Irish https://youtu.be/winQwm-AimA
Through All the Changing Scenes of Life Irish https://youtu.be/wcxD2Ysh66k
Thy Kingdom Come on Bended Knee Irish https://youtu.be/y1JmfuKNkzw
The Sun Is Sinking Fast Irons https://youtu.be/2U31ubMoqgY Herbert S Irons Edward Caswall
Lord, the God of my Salvation Irving https://youtu.be/DYpvd9UI9ds W Irving Hartshorn Psalm 88
A Savior Who Died Our Salvation to Win Is He Yours https://youtu.be/I_jK9ZOq29g Robert Harkness Ada R Habershon
Not Those Who Say and Sing Is it Well https://youtu.be/GvrOSXec2-0 George Root George Root
Lord, I Care Not for Riches Is My Name Written There https://youtu.be/SJNBerDRkK4 Frank M Davis Frank M Davis
Is There No Balm in Gilead, Then Is There No Balm in Gilead https://youtu.be/CtoHav8Fthc Philip P Bliss Philip P Bliss
Is This Not the Land of Beullah Is This Not the Land of Beullah http://youtu.be/FPIdrThxSH4 John William Dadmun Harriet Warner Rea Qua
You Have Longed for Sweet Peace Is Your All on the Alter? http://youtu.be/FYmUvwbeAZw E A Hoffman E A Hoffman
Are You Christ’s Light Bearer Is Your Lamp Burning https://youtu.be/qmqXMd1GBbk L Baltzell Pricilla J Owens
For Ever With the Lord Ishmael https://youtu.be/GY9WqJm7dmw Charles Vincent James Montgomery
His Are the Thousand Sparkling Rills Isleworth http://youtu.be/x48iVw3Gtdc Samuel Howard Cecil F Alexander
Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended Iste Confessor https://youtu.be/AXnLoZ-BBrg Healy Willian Johann Heermann
Lord of Our Life Iste Confessor https://youtu.be/fmfjwzJbeYo Poitiers Vesperale Angers Church Melody
Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal Iste Confessor https://youtu.be/Dg2b9MLJMZE Mediaeval Plainsong 9th Century Latin
Lord of Our Life Iste Confessor – Pilgrim https://youtu.be/0MUrES90C-U Angers Church Melody Angers Church Melody
It is Finished Said my Savior It is Finished https://youtu.be/eS5p477vy-o Ellis L Carnett Ellis L Carnett
Nothing, Either Great or Small It is Finished https://youtu.be/hHFpYIYFuJE Ira Sankey James Proctor
When Peace Like a River with spoken text It is Well https://youtu.be/7CkZOCG64Wo Philip Bliss Horatio Spafford
When Peace, Like a River It is Well http://youtu.be/tPR-vSCRNlE Philip Bliss Horatio Spafford
It Passeth Knowledge That Dear Love of Thine It Passeth Knowledge https://youtu.be/ErNEjAZLGT4 Ira D Sankey Mary Shekleton
The Service of Jesus True Pleasure Affords It Pay to Serve Jesus https://youtu.be/2ZNjqKw1iRk Frank C Huston Frank C Huston
Oh, This Uttermost Salvation It Reaches Me https://youtu.be/EJj_szwNkx8 John R Sweney Mary D James
Christ for the World We Sing Italian Hymn http://youtu.be/f4IzdFcPvwQ Felice de Giardini Samuel Wolcott
Come, O Thou God of Grace Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/bFEFXeOTbAs Felice de Giardini William E Evans
Come, Thou Almighty King Italian Hymn http://youtu.be/SJax0cRvOcc Felice de Giardini Unkown
Glory to God on High Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/1EkKRtmOBwU Felice Giadini James Allen
Lord, Thou Hast Known Our Joy Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/Qej3w7vwQi0 Felice de Giardini Charles S Mills
Lord, Though I Travel Afar Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/jO65IbSvXiA Fleice de Giardini Linda Bonney Olin
O God, Within Whose Sight Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/ci2jQ9DaOCY Felice di Giardini John Oxenham
The God of Harvest Praise Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/g6W1X4zxdmw Felice de Giardini James Montgomery
The Woman’s Hymn Italian Hymn http://youtu.be/8vO_FnWEL-g Felice de Giardini Fannie E S Heck
Ye Who His Temple Throng Italian Hymn https://youtu.be/UhyM7Thx4H4 Felice Giardini Psalm 149
Shepherd of Tender Youth Italian Hymn – alt https://youtu.be/1uNk7HzfoQc Felice de Giardini Clement of Alexandria
I’ve Seen the Face of Jesus I’ve Seen the Face of Jesus https://youtu.be/nLhtaeB35u8 D B Towner W Spencer Walton
My Lord Has Garment so Wondrous Fine Ivory Palaces https://youtu.be/U2Emqzqj6X8 Henry Barraclough Henry Barraclough
Before the Ending of the Day Jam lucis https://youtu.be/agKUdRrn6oI Unknown St. Ambrose
To Thee Before the Close of Day Jam Lucis https://youtu.be/T2YYMF7jj08 John M Neale Latin
Now Cheer Our Hearts Jam Lucis – Methodist https://youtu.be/Rn1KYDmSgsA Plainsong melody Nicolaus Selnecker
Now That the Daylight Fills the Sky Jam Lucis Orto Sidere https://youtu.be/NDTHvhoZLiM Benedictine plainsong 6th Century Latin
God is the Name my Soul Adores Janes https://youtu.be/Ce42XfkjYqI Wolfgang A Mozart Isaac Watts
Let Me With Light and Truth Be Blessed Janes https://youtu.be/t-j8EeFrUyY Wolfgang A Mozart Unknown
O Praise Ye the Name of Jehovah Janet https://youtu.be/NnxOXdJafYM George C Stebbins Psalm 135
O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice Jazer https://youtu.be/ie00i1E5yow Augustus E Tozer George MacDonald
The Earth, with All That Dwell Therin Jazer https://youtu.be/-DyG9-aJsu4 William B Bradbury Psalm 24
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Jefferson http://youtu.be/X2vU5mS2WbM W Walker Charles Wesley
O Happy Land, Whose Sons in Youth Jehovah Nissi https://youtu.be/qGuBJRLsv10 Edward P Crawford Psalm 144
Before The Throne of God Above Jellico https://youtu.be/d1RQwmjGNP4 Robby Raney Charitie L Boncroft
And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time Jerusalem https://youtu.be/txg4UQJ8fbg Charles H H Parry William Blake
The Saints of God! Their Conflict Past Jervaulx Abbey https://youtu.be/3525mvc5XPs Alexander Galloway Willima Dalrymple Maclagan
I Could Not Do Without Thee Jesu Dilectissime https://youtu.be/KIg4qRSHTNg Robert H McCartney Frances R Havergal
Kind Maker of the World Jesu Dulcis Memoria http://youtu.be/liZdidGTOOc Andernach St. Gregory
Come With Us, O Blessed Jesus Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring https://youtu.be/zrG5hbCwzQk Johann Schop John Henry Hopkins
Jesus, All My Gladness Jesu, meine Freude https://youtu.be/Q9G4TafN0LI Johann Crueger Johann Franck
Jesus, Priceless Treasure Jesu, Meine Freude https://youtu.be/O1BbBsa9O6U Christian F Witt Johann Franck
Jesus, Priceless Treasure Jesu, Meine Freude http://youtu.be/uesejz03QVY Johann S Bach Johann Franck
Lord, On Earth I Dwell Sad-Hearted Jesu, meines Lebens Leben https://youtu.be/SMNSHv-RdOg Darmstadt Cantional Caspar Neumann
Jesu, The World’s Redeeming Lord Jesu, The World’s Redeeming Lord https://youtu.be/1gtuL9v2XUU Unknown William J Copeland
Forth From God’s Throne, Into this World of Woe Jesus Arose https://youtu.be/eJM8uHUzKi4 Howard Snyder Jr Luetta Snyder
Sound Aloud the Wondrous Story Jesus Died Upon the Tree https://youtu.be/fAJZJnytM44 Elizabeth Hayes Simpson Unknown
Out of the Depths to the Glory Above Jesus Has Lifted Me https://youtu.be/EtqDOWJlofM Haldor Lillenas Avis B Christiansen
The Trusting Heart to Jesus Clings Jesus Has Lifted the Load https://youtu.be/vdLW-k_wJ40 William J Kirkpatrick E E Hewitt
Jesus in the Morning Jesus in the Morning https://youtu.be/1c9LWh6jXsU Afr-Ame Trad Afr-Ame Trad
Jesus is Tenderly Calling Thee Home Jesus is Calling http://youtu.be/OU9RcLfQOtA George C Stebbins Fanny Crosby
Jesus is Coming! Sing the Glad Word Jesus is Coming https://youtu.be/q1m544s1Vrg James McGranahan E Nathan
What Hast Thou In Thine Hand Jesus Is Mine https://youtu.be/_1WBXlDx_4I unknown Mary C Jewell
Jesus is Our Shepherd Jesus is Our Shepherd https://youtu.be/Yt1YscrHLiI C C Scholfield Hugh Stowell
Is There a Heart That is Waiting Jesus is Passing This Way http://youtu.be/No9cdCJA9B0 William Howard Doanne Fanny J Crosby
There Have Been Names That I Have Loved to Hear Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know https://youtu.be/aFRfPfdRN5Q Lela Long Lela Long
Jesus is Waiting Patiently Still Jesus is Waiting https://youtu.be/tW7MsCKRoL4 J W Van De Venter Unknown
I am So Glad That Our Father Jesus Loves Even Me https://youtu.be/GX6PdbTUKpU Philip P Bliss Philip P Bliss
Jesus Loves the Little Children Jesus Loves the Little Children https://youtu.be/mwoZ1Vp70y4 George Root C Herbert Woolston
Jesus Loves the Little Children Jesus Loves the Little Children complete https://youtu.be/7xJttVedIqc George Root Edwin L Bowyer
Jesus Sinners Will Receive Jesus meine Zuversicht https://youtu.be/2jh3eeZp6LQ Christoph Runge Ludwi H Schlasser
Jesus! Great and Wondrous Star Jesus meine Zuversicht https://youtu.be/J_qnW_S0O0s Christoph Runge Erdmann Neumeister
Jesus My Lord is Real to Me Jesus My Lord is Real to Me https://youtu.be/RMmmWrLI8Ys Isham E Reynolds Isham E Reynolds
Earthly Friends May Prove Untrue Jesus Never Fails https://youtu.be/O7kj8tzT-38 Arthur A Luther Arthur A Luther
What Means this Eager, Anxious Throng Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By https://youtu.be/6NkhV27dAW4
I Hear the Savior Say Jesus Paid It All http://youtu.be/mp5favoHdrg John T Grape Elvina Hall
Jesus Christ, My Pride, My Glory Jesus selbst, Mein Licht, mein Leben http://youtu.be/fkzWOiyR0Lo Unknown Johann Olearius
Jesus Walks on City Streets Jesus Walks on City Streets https://youtu.be/qC3oC31EdVU Jared Bernotski Linda Bonney Olin
Will You Come, Wil Come, With Your Poor Broken Heart Jesus Will Give you Rest https://youtu.be/lf6yEO5QVVg John R Sweeney Fanny J Crosby
O Thou Shelter from Tempest Jesus, Hide Me https://youtu.be/v7788Zlek8Y Charles H Gabriel Fred Woodrow
Out of My Bondage, Sorrow  and Night Jesus, I Come https://youtu.be/nTxBHbfGe4E
Jesus, I Will Trust Thee Jesus, I will Trust Thee https://youtu.be/eo6F8bc64Bw Ira D Sankey Mary J Walker
Jesus, Lover of My Soul Jesus, Lover of My Soul https://youtu.be/Py6a3LMPttw Joseph P Holbrook Charles Wesley
Christ, The Transorming Light Jesus, Revealed in Me https://youtu.be/lg1H-9GnW3g E Edwin Young Gipsy Smith
I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord Jewels https://youtu.be/mEEirAuqP64 George F Root Hannah K Burlingham
Lord, Hear Me in Distress Jewett https://youtu.be/VzWJyy4tjuY von Weber Psalm 143
My Jesus, as Thou Wilt! Jewett http://youtu.be/mGyfY6Gii7I
For God So Loved the World John 3 16 https://youtu.be/hUfhs2McwAk
The Lord is Come! Jordan https://youtu.be/BvSq9eEH2dA
Fret Not Thyself, Nor Envious Be Josephine https://youtu.be/Ep3ovmR31pU Ernest R Kroger Psalm 37
Jesus, My Savior, Died Jouard https://youtu.be/aV38XJ8RRx4 T Calvin and Farel Jouard Frank Allaben
When on My Day of Life Journey’s End https://youtu.be/Yj0K32jqZpg William K Anderson John G Whittier
I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in My Heart Joy in my Heart https://youtu.be/8UGvlyHzL3M George W Cooke George W Cooke
I Have Found His Grace is all Complete Joy Unspeakable https://youtu.be/5n5jyMMZ3CY Barney Elliott Warren Barney Elliott Warren
Rejoice, the Lord is King Jubilate https://youtu.be/znoF2Z1LKqo
O Great Lord Christ, My Savior Jubilate – Parry https://youtu.be/52XNZrxqI6w C Hubert H Parry Alfred H Vine
Behold, How Pleasant and How Good Jubilee https://youtu.be/AYFYVF2thxM Arthur S Sullivan Psalm 133
Thine is the Glory Judas Maccabeus http://youtu.be/gTn2xKfzjbE Georg F Handel Edmond Budry
Blest the Man That Fears Jehovah Jude https://youtu.be/57LFIvENzuM William H Jude Psalm 128
While by the Sheep Jungst https://youtu.be/OAVOViw0NSk
God Saved His People From Distress Juniata https://youtu.be/a2ozR5zrIh8 Davide D Wood Psalm 68
I am Weak But Thou Art Strong Just a Closer Walk With Thee https://youtu.be/tvDYeER2x5E Unknown Unknown
Lord, For Tomorrow and Its Need Just for Today http://youtu.be/0oGlaovLIWI Horatio R Palmer Sybil F Partridge
As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams Kathrine https://youtu.be/mbdX20P9xi0 Charles H Gabriel Psalm 42
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Go Keble https://youtu.be/jhi7hfaQ15I John B Dykes Charles Wesley
Lord of All Being, Throned Afar Keble https://youtu.be/FEWuDhAFQ5c John B Dykes Oliver W. Holmes
O Spirit of the Living God Keble https://youtu.be/F0J1289Md1c John B Dykes James Montgomery
Strong Son of God, Immortal Love Keble https://youtu.be/W8FmkpBfQjQ John B Dykes Alfred Tennyson
Sunset to Sunrise Changes Now Kedron http://youtu.be/KgCGVA4i70I Southern Harmony St Clement of Alexandria
No, Not Despairingly Come I to Thee Kedron – Spratt https://youtu.be/Y4tDs62oeAE Ann B Spratt Horatius Bonar
Are You Tenting on the Lowlands Keep Tenting Towards the Highlands https://youtu.be/vItseo7plDI Franklin E Belden Franklin E Belden
Keep Thou My Way, O Lord Keep Thou My Way, O Lord https://youtu.be/hHXJ1-CIj1o Hubert P Main Fanny J Crosby
Beautiful Valley of Eden Kelley http://youtu.be/gf9-roR7xNo William F Sherwin Walter Cushing
God Be with You Till We Meet Again Kemper https://youtu.be/w7ISt8-mAZ4 Anna J Morse Jeremiah E Rankin
When Wilt Thou Save The People Kendal https://youtu.be/u4eg9xlJi5A Arthur Somervell Ebenezer Elliot
I Gave My Life for Thee Kenosis https://youtu.be/zScInRB5crI Philip P Bliss Frances R Havergal
Arise, My Soul, My Joyful Powers Kent https://youtu.be/VOKOxkHcZp8 Mornington Isaac Watts
My God, How Endless is Thy Love Kent https://youtu.be/XvA3pnrmt2o J F Lampe Isaac Watts
Ah! How Shall Fallen Man Kentucky https://youtu.be/NSXLMTUcdBk Aaron Chapin Isaac Watts
O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee Kettering https://youtu.be/-pBpNOkcJjc J Sheeles Washington Gladden
Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God Kilmarnock http://youtu.be/ERvI4EfD8Hs Neil Dougail John Morison
Lord, In the Morning Thou Shalt Hear Kilmarnock https://youtu.be/maGRwnZdR_Q Neil Dougall Isaac Watts
O for a Heart to Praise My God! Kilmarnock https://youtu.be/Pizldzzxq9s Neill Dougall Charles Wesley
O Thou, in All Thy Might So Far Kilmarnock http://youtu.be/CDZnFU_N4hE Neil Dougail Frederick Lucian Hosmer
The Lord’s My Shepherd Kilmarnock https://youtu.be/CzfbsVERSnI Kilmarnock Rous
O God of Earth and Altar King’s Lynn https://youtu.be/_d9iplWIRU8 Ralph Vaughan Williams Gilbert K Chesterto
We Three Kings of Orient Are Kings of Orient http://youtu.be/xJY_GI2JPJU John H Hopkins Jr John H Hopkins Jr
At the Name of Jesus King’s Weston http://youtu.be/s7SaXnUjUhg Ralph Vaughn Williams Caroline Maria Noel
Welcome, Happy Morning! King’s Weston https://youtu.be/2fU-VlqiOSY Ralph Vaugn Williams Venantius Fortunatus
O Jesus, Crowned with All Renown Kingsfold https://youtu.be/RhECDZ_ISUY Ralph Vaughan Williams Edward White Benson
O Sing A Song of Bethlehem Kingsfold http://youtu.be/nRXvyIjWEHQ Irish melody Louis F Benson
The Hand of God Created Me Kingsfold https://youtu.be/1ou8ABejEKA Ralph V William Linda Bonney Olin
When Jesus Left His Father’s Throne Kingsfold https://youtu.be/A4Ea4soawqY R. Vaughan Williams James Montgomery
Rest in the Lord and be Thou Still Kingston https://youtu.be/A0JV6CMSw1s William Hayes Psalm 37
Praise Jehovah, All Ye Nations Kinross https://youtu.be/0XUt1Oxs4xc George C Stebbins Psalm 117
Most Perfect is the Law of God Kinsman https://youtu.be/XTWEusbnZBo James McGranahan Psalm 19
Christ for the World We Sing Kirby Bedon https://youtu.be/QagTA_hISzI Edward Bunnett Samuel Wolcott
Christ in His Word Draws Near Kirby Bedon https://youtu.be/Gd4HmWpHaJA Edward Bunnett Thomas T Lynch
Shepherd of Tender Youth Kirby Bedon https://youtu.be/TmuDsNc1gQM Edward Bunnett Clement of Alexandria
Built on the Rock the Church Doth Stand Kirken den er et https://youtu.be/D118w1Uuoug Ludvig M Lindeman Nicolai F S Grundtvig
Jesus, Lord, Redeemer Kirkland https://youtu.be/mmgLnO4BmsI David Evans Patrick M Kirkland
Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah Kirkpatrick https://youtu.be/KfUAKvHg9Cg William J Kirkpatrick Bible Songs Hymnal
Come, Risen Lord, and Deign to be Our Guest Knickerbocker https://youtu.be/tGmdNg5cwew Frank K Owen George Wallace Briggs
Knocking, Knocking, Who is There Knocking https://youtu.be/FkK__fPyCEk George Root Harriet Beecher Stowe
All Who With Heart Confiding Knowhead https://youtu.be/cTCq8w7dJnw Charles H Gabriel Psalm 125
A Great and Mighty Wonder Kocher https://youtu.be/YVtw_vEqxsE Justin H Knecht St Anatolius
Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God, and Fill Komm, Helliger Geist, Herre Gott https://youtu.be/-xCP_nOAiX4 Johann Walther Martin Luther
Come, Oh, Come, Thou Quickening Spirit Komm, o komm, du Geist https://youtu.be/7xo3fYEyxTY Johann C Bach Heinrich Held
Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain Konigsberg https://youtu.be/Gr8wwmJCEgo Heinrich Alberti James Montgomery
We Gather Together to Ask The Lord’s Blessing Kremser http://youtu.be/k4F57_ePbBs Adrianus Valerius Netherlands folk song
We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer Kremser http://youtu.be/sjT5pR7nYrM Adrianus Valerius Julia C Cory
Kum ba Yah Kum ba Yah https://youtu.be/dAYhetMK_jc Unknown Unknown
O How I Love Thy Holy Law L H Meredith https://youtu.be/xrHkqZegqMM L H Meredith Isaac Watts
A Charge to Keep I Have Laban https://youtu.be/uNYbTGm_DgA Lowell Mason Charles Wesley
Jesus, My Strength , My Hope Laban https://youtu.be/TfLkEkgiTDU Lowell Mason Charles Wesley
Lord, Bless and Pity Us Laban https://youtu.be/R5hxuSRiubA Lowell Mason Psalm 67
My Soul, Be on Thy Gaurd Laban http://youtu.be/McnQ8WmzntE Lowell Mason George Heath
Servant of God, Well Done Laban https://youtu.be/9vKLETuEAYo Lowell Mason James Montgomery
Stand Up, and Bless the Lord Laban https://youtu.be/Dfq0TThz1cc Lowell Mason James Montgomery
The Spirit in Our Hearts Laban https://youtu.be/uQYVmOzWy0I Lowell Mason Henry U Underdonk
All Labor Gained New Dignity Labor https://youtu.be/T0Ta6OTrOX0 Alfred M Smith John Oxenham
In the Harvest Field Labor On https://youtu.be/HS85J31Ir54 William H Doane Christopher R Blackall
O God, Our Help in Ages Past Lafayette https://youtu.be/f7o2MD4OoR0 John B Herbert Isaac Watts
Jesus, I Live to Thee Lake Enon https://youtu.be/oww-06JA_HY Isaac B Woodbury Henry Harbaugh
How Large the Promise, How Divine Lambert Street https://youtu.be/hUE1f4wjqUI Hubert P Main Isaac Watts
Calm Me, My God, and Keep me Calm Lambeth https://youtu.be/ofNWfeDYBRc H J Gauntlett Horatius Bonar
How Sweet and Silent is the Place Lambeth https://youtu.be/6GlhQEgjgtc Wilhelm A F Schulthes Alice Freeman Palmer
Lamp of Our Feet, Whereby We Trace Lambeth http://youtu.be/HuKp1Q3x86Q Wilhelm A F Schulthes Bernard Barton
Lord, I Believe; Thy Pow’r I Own Lambeth https://youtu.be/BiPUPmUokdY William Schuithes John R Wreford
O Thou, in All Thy Might So Far Lambeth https://youtu.be/3r8q7pUJSMw William A F Schulthes Frederick L Hosmer
Thou, Whose Unmeasured Temple Stands Lambeth https://youtu.be/jJOwDBxCGPM Wilhem A F Schultres William C Bryant
What Shall I Render to the Lord Lambeth http://youtu.be/4uo7YDvguG8 Wilhelm Schultnes Psalm 116
Friend After Friend Departs Lament https://youtu.be/UlGfx5u6JOQ Thomas Hastings James Montgomery
Draw Nigh and Take the Body Lammas https://youtu.be/NSWEQSnEjk8 Arthur H Brown Bangor Antiphoner
From Ocean Unto Ocean Lancashire https://youtu.be/ka01IeLuEJ8 Henry Smart Robert Murray
Go Forward, Christian Soldier Lancashire https://youtu.be/lMNkQVApjNY Henry Smart Laurence Tuttiett
Hasten the Time Appointed Lancashire https://youtu.be/6a6P9PEZL4U Henry Smart Jane Borthwick
Lead On, O King Eternal Lancashire http://youtu.be/ATB9aW3eIC8 Henry Smart Ernest W Shurtleff
Rejoice, All Ye Believers Lancashire https://youtu.be/0mrYbwCKSfA Henry Smart Laurentius Laurenti
Take Heart, O Weary Nations Lancashire https://youtu.be/xIHnNyZZV0E Henry Smart Amy Sherman Bridgeman
The Day of Resurrection! Lancashire http://youtu.be/XUICWMePVsE Henry Smart John of Demascus
The Son of God is Coming Lancashire https://youtu.be/wigYcHAtyXM Henry Thomas Smart Linda Bonney Olin
Jerusalem, My Happy Home Land of Rest https://youtu.be/QJ9uls29QtQ Annabel Morris Buchanan James Montgomery
O Day of God, Draw Nigh Landaff https://youtu.be/VDeEcPdhh5o Southern Harmony Robert B Y Scott
Early, My God, Without Delay Lanesboro https://youtu.be/YukR7iDiJ3c William Dixon Isaac Watts
Maker of All things, Mighty Lord Lanesboro https://youtu.be/qIYYYY5_LqI William Dixon Philip Doddridge
Songs of Immortal Praise Belong Lanesboro https://youtu.be/slz3aBfodQs William Dixon Isaac Watts
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Langdale https://youtu.be/MK_IbPiZNTk Richard Redhead Charles Wesley
It is Finished! Blessed Jesus Langdale https://youtu.be/sk6rXzZOpOs Richard Redhead Unknown
Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation Langham http://youtu.be/lNDIX3Ca5Ac Geoffrey Shaw Laurence Housman
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face Langran https://youtu.be/sj0XLg-fq8I James Langran Horatius Bonar
Lead Us, O Father, In the Paths of Peace Langran http://youtu.be/nFHH-1tv2cM James Langran William Henry Burleigh
O Valiant Hearts, Who to Your Glory Came Langran https://youtu.be/OCtmhyVBQ2E James Langran John S Arkwright
Weary of Earth and Laden with My Sin Langran http://youtu.be/iV9-E-DhmSk James Langran Samuel J Stone
O Thou Great Shepherd of Thy Chosen Race Langran – alt https://youtu.be/Zlj-LmGeO2o James Langran Psalm 80
Not Empty Worship the Begnignant Father Lanherne https://youtu.be/k8JW9Y_j0xw Henry Hayman John G Whittier
Into the Woods My Master Went Lanier https://youtu.be/Txg1boHqAa4 Peter C Lutkin Sidney Lanier
Into The Woods My Master Went Lanier – Hansen https://youtu.be/xJ2fWjWIRj4 H M Hansen Sidney Lanier
Ye Gates, Lift Your Heads, The Glad Summons Obey Lansing https://youtu.be/bmKoUR-Fg3U Charles H Gabriel Psalm 24
I Know Not Where the Road Will Lead Laramie https://youtu.be/oyNCSaePilg Arnold G H Bode Evelyn Atwater Cummins
Let us All in God Rejoice Lasst uns alle https://youtu.be/scI_4Ught4Q Dresden Urban Langhans
A Hymn of Glory Let us Sing Lasst uns efreuen https://youtu.be/lmRGqVzd5aQ Geisliche Kirchengesang Venerable Bede
All Creatures of Our God and King Lasst uns erfreuen http://youtu.be/VZjTTAT6Tyw Unknown Francis of Assisi
From all that Dwell Below the Skies Lasst uns erfreuen http://youtu.be/jP0l1Cllmis Deistliche Kirchengesang Isaac Watts
Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones Lasst uns erfreuen https://youtu.be/OAFjd2cyhhY Cologne Gesangbuch Athelstan Riley
In Full and Glad Surrender Lastingham https://youtu.be/Tw87XFUAEA4 A Gray Frances R Havergal
Now the King in Thy Strength Shall be Joyful, O Lord Latakia https://youtu.be/JLRzB8z35I0 E G Taylor Psalm 21
Go to Dark Gethsemane Latrobe https://youtu.be/7zgdNaxqteo Christian I Latrobe James Montgomery
Throned Upon the Awful Tree Latrobe https://youtu.be/YIsOVjk6sqM Christian Latrobe John Ellerton
Come, Let us Join Our Cheerful Songs Laud https://youtu.be/XU6tyE_51MM John B Dykes Isaac Watts
Alleluia, Song of Gladness Lauda Anima https://youtu.be/TX9YrVlzL-0 John Goss 11th century Latin
God is Known Among His People Lauda Anima https://youtu.be/4bVu2FIBT6k John Goss 1912 Psalter
Of The Father’s Love Begotten Lauda Anima https://youtu.be/vYQqzWK9IDU John Goss Aurelius C Prudentius
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven Lauda anima http://youtu.be/L9X400-8h_A John Goss Fracis Lyte
Zion, Praise Thy Savior Lauda Zion https://youtu.be/HEVFfu_4H6M 12th century plainsong Thomas Aquinas
O Praise Ye the Lord Laudate Dominum – Parry https://youtu.be/38PE-DOMhjs Charles H Parry Henry Williams Baker
Go, and Tell the World Laudes Domini https://youtu.be/IISGCixtDu8 Joseph Barnby Linda Bonney Olin
When Morning Gilds the Sky Laudes Domini http://youtu.be/wtI9WMD0Az4 Joseph Barnby Edward Caswall
The God Who Sits Enthroned on High Lauds https://youtu.be/YaytU3eWNdU Richard Redhead Psalm 14
The Light of God is Falling Laufer https://youtu.be/W1EIl9_CVCE
The Mercy of God is an Ocean Divine Launch Out http://youtu.be/ZNZfFWIhE7c
O Sacred Heart Laurence https://youtu.be/IqkW07P4T24 Richard Runicman Terry Francis Stanfield
Again the Day Awakes in Wondrous Beauty Laus Matutina https://youtu.be/6QiCOzp4lmg John Stainer Unknown
O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea Layriz https://youtu.be/aB1tFy70kDg
Let Children Hear the Might Deeds Lea https://youtu.be/Pv0STcOhtLI James Lea Summers Isaac Watts
Rise Up, O Men of God! Leach https://youtu.be/SgIBuUyMONA
Lead Me Gently Home, Father Lead Me Gently Home, Father http://youtu.be/_t6HI7tC-tY
King of My Life, I Crown Thee Now Lead Me to Calvary https://youtu.be/l7rLejoQzGc
Lead Me to Some Soul Today Lead Me to Some Soul Today https://youtu.be/bO0bk-WleTE
Savior, Lead Me, Lest I Stray Lead Me, Savior http://youtu.be/V8GwoJBH32o Frank M Davis Frank M Davis
Lead On, O King of Glory Lead on, Lead on https://youtu.be/qteVHMUTEAM
In Thee, O Lord I Put My Trust Leaf https://youtu.be/DSEDdlLcNbc Unknown Psalm 71
Lean On God in Times of Sorrow Lean on God https://youtu.be/eodR7LoQVnc Jared Bernotski Linda Bonney Olin
What a Fellowship, What A Joy Divine Leaning on the Everlasting Arms https://youtu.be/RkL3MOfJ0S8 Anthony J Snowalter Elisha A Hoffman
If the World From You Withhold of its Silver Leave it There https://youtu.be/wvVKxxnNHu8 Charles Albert Tindley Charles Albert Tindley
When Clouds are Hanging Low Leave Your Burden at the Place of Prayer https://youtu.be/jjAXwoobMOU Bertha Mae Lillenas Bertha Mae Lillenas
Spirit, Leave Thy House of Clay Leavitt https://youtu.be/g6SkkpZzmXk Joseph P Holbrook James Montgomery
Behold, What Wondrous Grace Lebanon https://youtu.be/Wv6oRSkAIoM John Zundel Isaac Watts
Defend Me, Lord, From Shame Lebanon https://youtu.be/G0pKE_Fip0I John Zundel Psalm 31
God the Father, God the Son Lebbaeus https://youtu.be/NpggwHtRmfs Arthur S Sullivan Unknown
Behold! What Wondrous Grace Leighton https://youtu.be/UC7ACeShJYs Henry W Greatorex Isaac Watts
Our Day of Praise is Done Leighton https://youtu.be/-07_veh2q10 Henry W Greatorer John Ellerton
Sow in the Morn Thy Seed Leighton https://youtu.be/e7VnHO9Jndk Henry Greatorex James Montgomery
Arise, My Soul, Arise Lenox https://youtu.be/2belSdclqKs Lewis Edson Charles Wesley
Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow Lenox https://youtu.be/_e9xN7Mxyzg Lewis Edson Charles Wesley
On What Has Now Been Sown Lenox https://youtu.be/TbNpl2dI2OU Lewis Edson John Newton
To Thee, Our God We Fly Lenox https://youtu.be/AlKfBbcVjjA Lewis Edson William W How
A Few More Years Shall Roll Leominster – alt https://youtu.be/nWZ_fKtivQg G W Martin Horatius Bonar
For ever with the Lord Leonminster https://youtu.be/VSxjA2siahQ Arthur S Sullivan James Montgomery
Make Me a Captive, Lord Leonminster https://youtu.be/jgeAKY044rI Arthur S Sullivan George Matheson
My Heart Doth Overflow Leonminster https://youtu.be/hTSnNQAH5EI Arthur S Sullivan 1912 Psalter
To Thee, O Lord, I Fly Leonminster https://youtu.be/BVKBfzQt2_k George W Martin Psalm 16
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds Leslie https://youtu.be/GQxO1Pjcv4Y Alfred P Gibbs John Newton
There’s a Stranger at the Door Let Him In https://youtu.be/XD4CFRrY_es
Let Him In Let Him In http://youtu.be/6uDcN1hlh0c
If You Are Tired of the Load of Your Sin Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart https://youtu.be/659DH5WdDD0 Mrs. C J Morris Mrs. C J Morris
Let Me Come Closer to Thee, Jesus Let Me Come Closer to Thee https://youtu.be/7Z-RHsxgWXo
Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen Let the Beauty of Jesus https://youtu.be/eKN9CDizD58 Tom Jones Albert Orsborn
Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy Let the Lower Lights Be Burning http://youtu.be/jG1KLrUBGbg Phillip Bliss Phillip Bliss
Come to the Morning Prayer Let Us Pray https://youtu.be/AejJQp6MhXw E S Lorenz James Montgomery
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine Lew Trenchard https://youtu.be/Bg4tswDxuk0 English melody Samuel Longfellow
Softly Now the Light of Day Lew Trenchard https://youtu.be/L4k25b6ngz0 W D George W Doane
Through the Day thy Love hath Spared Us Lewars https://youtu.be/d5vznAwjuTk J F Ohl Thomas Kelly
When Shades of Night Around us Close Liberty https://youtu.be/INzEgJlqfeY Unknown Charles Coffin
Lord, Thine Image Thou Hast Lent Me Liebe, die du mich zum Bilde https://youtu.be/XbyfugLJmKs Darmstadt Gesangbuch Johann Scheffler
Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning Liebster Immanuel https://youtu.be/NOK6hTYj_sQ
Blessed Jesus, Here Are We Liebster Jesu https://youtu.be/bmDqupFKkbg Johann Rudolph Ahle Benjamin Schmolck
Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word Liebster Jesu – alt https://youtu.be/pIIDs0OECQs Johann R Ahle Tobias Clausnitzer
Book of Books, Our People’s Strength Liebster Jesu – Bach http://youtu.be/VfwHU8ZYmTU J S Bach Percy Dearmer
Dearest Jesus, We Are Here Liebster Jesu – Bach https://youtu.be/jyVCj88hfeg Johann Rudolf Ahle Tobias Clausnitze
All Ye Nations, Praise the Lord Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier https://youtu.be/eoJR00YhnsU Johann Rudolf Ahle James Montgomery
Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier https://youtu.be/2-C3cHJ4v3g Rudolph Ahle Tobias Clausnitzer
Dearest Jesus! We are Here Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier https://youtu.be/GcBT6C5_m6c Rudolph Ahle Benjamin Schmolke
Now Our Worship Sweet is O’er Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier https://youtu.be/PRHIEFpQtMg Rudolph Ahle Hartmann Schneck
Let Me Go, The Day is Breaking Life https://youtu.be/o7n7QujGxBs Thomas Hastings James Montgomery
Life at Best is Very Brief Life at Best is Very Brief https://youtu.be/8bZSY0vLHoM William J Kirkpatrick Unknown
Life is Like a Mountain Railroad Life’s Railway to Heaven https://youtu.be/s3UT-D0JQYo Charlie D Tillman M E Abby
How to Reach the Masses Lift Him Up http://youtu.be/FLffiH-AC8U Benjamin B Beall Johnson Oatman
Sometimes a Light Surprises Light https://youtu.be/pGH46a61-gM
Light After Darkness, Gain After Loss Light After Darkness https://youtu.be/Txe5JAjTqIQ E O Excell Frances R Havergal
Star of Peace to Wanderers Weary Light of Life https://youtu.be/7Tu60i0gt1Q
Behold! Behold! What Wonders here! Light of the Nations https://youtu.be/grwKgw8gv0k Psalterlust Paul Gerhardt
Where Are You, My Lord Light of the World https://youtu.be/slFMVS0-Wi0 Philip P Bliss Linda Bonney Olin
Like a Little Wand’ring Lamb Like a Little Wand’ring Lamb https://youtu.be/5do5ASiLkZs Miss A Gausby Ter Steegen
My Soul Today is Thirsting Like a Might Sea https://youtu.be/4r6q75YA8AY H J Zelley J L Gilmour
Lord God of Hosts, How Lovely Lincoln https://youtu.be/C2twBANpGTA
Thou Spakest, Lord And Into One Lincoln – Ravenscroft https://youtu.be/0bbMFLnnpIU
Glory to Thee, O Lord Lisbon https://youtu.be/PTSXDUU-ey8
Lord, Who Shall Come to Thee Lisbon https://youtu.be/BJEFsRVaMQc Daniel Read Psalm 15
O Lord, Our God, Arise Lisbon https://youtu.be/dxVVGYOn3bg Daniel Read Ralph Wardlaw
Give Thanks to God Most High Lischer https://youtu.be/6mxcvatS3so German Isaac Watts
Welcome, Delightful Morn Lischer https://youtu.be/XvAfze69llU
Listen as We Sing the Story Listen to the Story https://youtu.be/7nXNLIS7_og Alfred P Gibbs Alfred P Gibbs
Savior, When in Dust to Thee Litany https://youtu.be/O7AX2oStv-c L A Hagar Robert Grant
Zion’s Daughter, Weep No More Litany of Penitence https://youtu.be/aTCpc-lSm8A Frederick Ouselev Roman Breviary
Jesus, With Thy Church Abide Litany of the Passion https://youtu.be/O0_Ojm4aVAw John B Dykes Thomas Benson Pollock
O That The Lord Would Guide my Ways Litchfield https://youtu.be/iv2zpRb3bAY Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
God, Deigning Man to Be Little Cornard https://youtu.be/tZHV-qIPG84
Hills of the North, Rejoice Little Cornard http://youtu.be/JilY_qG249s Martin Shaw Charles Oakley
We are Little Children Little Friends of Jesus https://youtu.be/pDKKLyI4LfI
Let Zion and Her Sons Rejoice Liverpool https://youtu.be/iR6T5WZw-Yg William B Bradbury Isaac Watts
Living for Jesus, Oh, What Peace Living for Jesus https://youtu.be/onlIchKtac4 Charles F Weigle Charles F Weigle
I’ve Cast My Heavy Burdens Down on Canaan’s Happy Shore Living Where the Healing Waters Flow https://youtu.be/8jqsXKs886s Ina Duley Ogdon P P Bilborn
Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise Llanfair http://youtu.be/ka7pU_cmN10 Robert Williams Charles Wesley
Jesus Christ is Risen Today Llanfair http://youtu.be/PtK2d4ykxWs Robert Williams Charles Wesley
Praise the Lord, His Glories Show Llanfair http://youtu.be/fy-JBN4NFVM Robert Williams Henry Francis Lyte
O Jesus, I Have Promised Llanfyllin https://youtu.be/VmyVcHSSiyY Welsh Melody John E Bode
Not in Dumb Resignation Llangloffan https://youtu.be/TlpQ2wdfj_8 D Evan’s Hymnau a Thonau John Hay
O Brothers, Lift Your Voices Llangloffan http://youtu.be/yeu4nE02JUw Welsch melody Edward H Bickersteth
O God of Earth and Altar Llangloffan http://youtu.be/4Hs30XtmRoA D. Evan’s Hymnau a Thonau Gilbert K Chesterto
Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers Llangloffan http://youtu.be/x5FlK-CtGsY
Father of Men, in Whom Are One Llangoedmor https://youtu.be/roVpTxRjmvQ
A Debtor to Mercy Alone Llangristiolus https://youtu.be/SD34vDnMM3o Joseph Parry Augustus M Toplady
Lord, We Gather At Your Alter Llansannan https://youtu.be/M8pGMkehn3k James Ritz J Clifford Evers
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! LLanthony https://youtu.be/SQkaI0IwVC4 Llanthony Abbe unknown
Let Me Come Closer to Thee, Jesus Llanthony Abbey https://youtu.be/BBYyIgeizwc John H Lester J L Lyne
God, In Human Flesh Appearing LLasst die Kindlein zu mir kommen https://youtu.be/m6d9LUnOsSI Unknown Philip F Hiller
Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All Lledrod https://youtu.be/UNr4ubG383g
Bow Down Thy Ear, O Lord, and Hear Llef https://youtu.be/yoKQ3iKxOxM Giffith H Jones 1912 Psalter
Spirit of Mercy, Truth, and Love Lob Sei Dem Allmachtigen Gott https://youtu.be/v9XtFcUhraQ Johann Cruger Unknown
Praise Thou The Lord, The Omnipotent Lobe Den Herren https://youtu.be/1t3jqbdEtzA Joachim Neander Joachim Neander
Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty Lobe Den Herren http://youtu.be/6NcZx3wesOg Stralsund Gesangbuch Joachim Neander
All Praise to God, Who Reigns Above Lobet den Herrn, ihr https://youtu.be/TpVIbf1yjIw Melchior Vulpius Johann J Schutz
O Lord, I Sing With Mouth and Heart Lobt Gott, ihr Christen https://youtu.be/skuEJAifNcI Nicolaus Herman Paul Gerhardt
Oh Judah’s Plains, As Shepherds Kept Lobt Gott, ihr Christen https://youtu.be/1iFR1kZC80w Nicholas Herman Nahum Tate
Praise Ye the Lord, Ye Christians! Yea Lobt Gott, ihr Christen https://youtu.be/3JT7-BHkXoU Nicholas Herman Nicholas Herman
The People That in Darkness Sat Lobt Gott, ihr Christen https://youtu.be/E4DvGo4Hhi4 Nikolaus Herman John Morison
O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire Lobt Gott, ihr Christen – Christiansen https://youtu.be/pEDC7B3db0k N Herman 8th century Latin
Lord, Who Didst Send Lombard Street https://youtu.be/SNw4R87_sUE Frederick George Russel Steuart Wilson
God Moves In a Mysterious Way London New https://youtu.be/34N8o4fkh7I John Playford William Cowper
Above the Hills of Time the Cross is Gleaming Londonderry https://youtu.be/8OLdwzmZFWc Irish melody Thomas Tiplady
If Jesus Christ Had Beckoned Me Londonderry Air https://youtu.be/DkWA-_ZjLWw traditional Irish melody Linda Bonney Olin
In the Lonely Midnight Lonely Midnight https://youtu.be/DjJeYhHKbD0
Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way Long Milford https://youtu.be/VPsD2SP23kM Joseph Barnb William T Matson
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven  and Voices Raise Longden https://youtu.be/v3yVQD9Qpro Van Denman Thompson Christopher Wordsworth
Lord, Hear the Right, Regard my Cry Longfellow https://youtu.be/wxLNOH9xeOk Frederic F Bullard Psalm 17
Take Time to Be Holy Longstaff http://youtu.be/3JSJi6dphrg George C Stebbins William Longstaff
The Good Man’s Steps are Led Aright Lonsdale https://youtu.be/Rh7uNiH2kkY Arthur H D Troyte Psalm 37
Look To Jesus, Weary One Look and Live https://youtu.be/mBizVKH0C-U Philip P Bliss Philip P Bliss
Are You Tired of the Life You’re Now Living Look to Jesus https://youtu.be/S9JWxZn-bZc G Kearnie Keegan G Kearnie Keegan
If You From Sin are Longing to be Free Look to the Lamb of God https://youtu.be/sm_h5NPtI_w James M Black H G Jackson
Looking Unto Jesus Looking Unto Jesus http://youtu.be/mR42_EfdzGI
Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus, Come https://youtu.be/clwT6YOIG50
Lord of Glory, We Adore Thee Lord of Glory We Adore Thee https://youtu.be/JB43rDiyIug Lowell Mason I H Meredith
Unto My Lord Jehovah Said Lord of Might https://youtu.be/0FE1yxqMtyk Arthur Page Irish Psalter
Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart Lord, Lay Some Soul https://youtu.be/-_Ty8LbyeNA Baylus B McKinney Baylus B McKinney
Jesus, Our Lord, With What Joy We Adore Thee Lord, Thou Art Worthy https://youtu.be/zLl2NlHxghc Ira D Sankey H D’Arcy Champney
Lord, We Come Before You Now Lord, We Come https://youtu.be/HkfqOGJrhvk Haden A Ayers William Hammond
Praise Ye the Lord, His Saints Louisville https://youtu.be/fyx0zi5oyDI John Zundel Psalm 150
Immaculate Mary! Lourdes Hymn https://youtu.be/gicJWLhNiMc traditional Pyreneean tune Unknown
Before My Journey is Complete Louvan https://youtu.be/teGp61vpYhI Virgil C Taylor Psalm 102
Lord of All Being, Throned Afar Louvan https://youtu.be/JHtCFC90xZw
Lord of Our Life, God Whom we Fear Louvan https://youtu.be/MMIHIHZ601Q Virgil C Taylor Samuel F Smith
Lord, Thou Hast Searched and Seen Me Through Louvan https://youtu.be/m_8vO_vzGxQ Virgil C Taylor Isaac Watts
Jesus, Thou Divine Companion Love Divine https://youtu.be/Uytbi-UDbqA George F le Jeune Henry van Dyke
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Love Divine https://youtu.be/nvD0ZQY-e34 John Stainer Charles Wesley
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Love Divine https://youtu.be/6TzbgkBdnL8 George F Lejeune Charles Wesley
Wonderful Love That Rescued Me Love Found a Way https://youtu.be/gpUSUK8NE7I Constance B Ried Harry Dixon Loes
I Was Sinking Deep in Sin Love Lifted Me https://youtu.be/-OhyG0EyTkY Howard E Smith James Rowe
My Song is Love Unknown Love Unknown https://youtu.be/6v94kQBkcu0
Love, Wonderful Love Love, Wonderful Love https://youtu.be/4ttm48gE9q8 Unknown Seth Sykes
To Thee, Our God We Fly Lovely https://youtu.be/nL-rs-Vvd6c J D Edwards William W How
Master, No Offering Costly and Sweet Love’s Offering http://youtu.be/rIYaCjUc8lI Edwin P Parker Edwin P Parker
Awake, My Soul, to Joyful Lays Loving Kindness https://youtu.be/oGuto4KsjfA William Caldwell Samuel Medley
Now For a Tune of Lofty Praise Loving Kindness – alt https://youtu.be/9GmPNKeBM74 William Caldwell Isaac Watts
Living for Jesus, A Life That is True Lowden https://youtu.be/PTHmyufYbgU C Harold Lowden Thomas O Chisholm
America, America, Lift High Thy Torch Lowell https://youtu.be/XK6kODHlcyw Harold Schwab Walter Scott
Who is He Born in the Stall Lowliness https://youtu.be/UdPPJ_Ds03w Benjamin Harby Benjamin Harby
From Over Hill and Plain Loyalty to Christ https://youtu.be/k88PSXys6uc
On This Day, The First of Days Lubeck https://youtu.be/bIxWaucRinA J A Frelinghausen H Baker
Palms of Glory, Raiment Bright Lubeck https://youtu.be/dKUZNHmRbdc Freylinghausen’s Gesangbuch James Montgomery
Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue Lucas https://youtu.be/pz_WAerx1EA James Lucas Charles Wesley
Thee We Adore, Eternal Word Lucerne https://youtu.be/U9I4H5foTpk Gregorian Chant John Patrick
O Sing a New Song to the Lord Lucile https://youtu.be/XFCecUfVLF0 Charles H Gabriel Psalm 96
O Blest Creator of the Light Lucis Creator https://youtu.be/a2c2c1O21dc Sarum Plainsong Gregory I
Let All the World in Every Corner Sing Luckington https://youtu.be/By-EJwK-JNw George Herbert
Come, Holy Ghost Ludborough https://youtu.be/wJTjqb5WvT8
O God, of all the Strength and Power Ludborough https://youtu.be/iWHXWzZAm6M Timothy Richard Mathews St. Ambrose
Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word Luebeck https://youtu.be/xtJNMgwzI6w Johann A Freylinghausen Johnathan Friedrich Bahnmaier
Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured Luise https://youtu.be/7mxcT-CYqsg John Crueger Unknown
I Think When I Read That  Sweet Story of Old Luke http://youtu.be/pv0jbilMavg William B Bradbury Jemima Luke
Fade, Face, Each Earthly Joy Lundie http://youtu.be/g_sibDI3Ilc
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Lus prima http://youtu.be/bjgPTZn4nSY Charles Gounod Charles Wesley
Great God, What do I See and Hear Luther https://youtu.be/I4jgDlTfnXc Martin Luther William Collyer
We Come Unto Our Father’s God Luther https://youtu.be/tV1IYkpZD8M
Creator, Spirit, Holy Dove Luton https://youtu.be/-UTBSqn48WQ George Burder Martin Luther
O Mighty Man, Why Wilt Thou Boast Luton https://youtu.be/1jwWFFR7ph8 George Burder Psalm 52
The Lord is King! Lift up Thy Voice Luton https://youtu.be/ZUla7RTDqiQ George Burder Josiah Conder
Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up My Longing Eyes Lux Beata https://youtu.be/m9AsU36wtM0 Albert L Peace Psalm 121
Lead, Kindly Light Lux Benigna http://youtu.be/z6QaKyWrpww John B Dykes John Henry Newman
My Shepherd is the Lord Who Knows my Needs Lux Benigna https://youtu.be/_-MIm-XI0tE John B Dykes Psalm 23
Almighty God, thy Lofty Throne Lux Ceolestis https://youtu.be/3SUjyS0rSK8 Henry Basford Psalm 89
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts and Voices Heav’nward Raise Lux Eoi https://youtu.be/q27iSGFF2j4 Arthur S Sullivan Christopher Wordsworth
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Lux Eoi https://youtu.be/yd5RbdEcGcY Arthur S Sullivan Charles Wesley
See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph Lux Eoi https://youtu.be/Fg9fagO4MgQ Arthur S Sullivan Christopher Wordsworth
Come, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit Lux Prima https://youtu.be/fcqE0ErjjsM Charles F Gounod Heinrich Held
Go Bury Thy Sorrow Luxemburg https://youtu.be/HqITWcgShLw
Praise the Lord, in Heavenly Places Lydia https://youtu.be/DOpAuBE6rtE George C Stebbins Psalm 148
Give Peace, O God, the Nations Cry Lynchburg https://youtu.be/nFGm0DxURNY
Within the Maddening Maze of Things Lyndhurst https://youtu.be/xs9o1PnWk0Q Frederick C Maker John G Whittier
Suffer Little Children Lyndhurst alt https://youtu.be/ZCKuwAmg9sY
O God of Youth, Whose Spirit Lynne https://youtu.be/aMCJY2lfw0A Bates G Burt Bates G Burt
How Large the Promise, How Divine Lynton https://youtu.be/BhSwRaJVWho A J Jamounrau Isaac Watts
When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies Lynton https://youtu.be/lIUMjvJr0Rc Arthur J Jamouneau Psalm 143
How Firm a Foundation Lyons https://youtu.be/gKj7cHM67eM Michael Haydn Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns
How Wondrous and Great Thy Works Lyons https://youtu.be/ZCaBM5MuJ3I J Michael Haydn Henry Ustic Onderdonk
My Soul, Bless the Lord! The Lord is Most Great Lyons https://youtu.be/mWhxEJEvtj8 Michael Haydn Psalm 104
O Worship the King all Glorious Above Lyons http://you+E3117tu.be/j6GgAVlZgak
Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim Lyons https://youtu.be/yj1eykKySbw Michael Haydn Charles Wesley
Delay Not, Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near Lyons – alt https://youtu.be/fCGZlW_JflE Franz J Haydn Thomas Hastings
Father, Whate’er of Earthly Bliss Lystra https://youtu.be/W36Nl1N-dnc
Leave Us not Comfortless Lyte https://youtu.be/JUIaZJBcWdE John B Wilkes Josiah Conder
O God, How Good Thou Art Lyte https://youtu.be/mVB20AC1O78 Joseph P Hollbrook Psalm 73
Lord, When We Have Not Any Light Lytham https://youtu.be/I_Thb_GyR1w James T Lightwood Annie Matheson
O Lord, Thou Judge of all the Earth Lytham https://youtu.be/Xbj8S2XARaQ James Malley Psalm 94
God Be in My Head Lytlington https://youtu.be/x5mwMMxJQw8 Sidney H Nicholson Sarum Priner