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American Hymns Old and New

Go to the Grave in All Thy Glorious Prime Valedictory Joseph Barney James Montgomery
O Who, In Such a World as This Valentia George Kingsley James Montgomery
O Come, Eternal Spirit Valet will ich dir Melchior Teschner Carl Johann Spitta
All Glory, Laud, and Honor Valet Will ich dir geben Unknown St Theodulph of Orleans
All Glory, Laud, and Honor Valet Will ich dir geben – Catholic Melchior Teschner Theodulph of Orleans
O Jesus, King of Glory Valet Will ich dir geben – Teschner Melchoir Teschner Martin Behm
Say, With What Salutations Valet Will ich dir geben – Teschner Melchior Teschner Raul Gerhardt
O Valiant Hearts, Who to Your Glory Came Valiant Hearts Gustav Holst John S Arkwright
From the Eastern Mountains Valour
O Praise the Lord! His Name Extol Varina George Root Johann Olearius
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks Varina George F Root Samuel Stennett
O God, Most Holy are Thy Ways Vater Unser Schumann’s Gesangbuch 1912 Psalter
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire Veni creator
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire Veni Creator
O Come, Creator Spirit Veni Creator Sarum Plainsong Venantius Fortunatus
Lift up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates Veni Emmanuel Thomas Helmore George Weissel
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Veni emmanuel 13th century Latin 12th Century
The Indigo of Twilight Deepens Veni emmanuel – Olin Unknown Linda Bonney Olin
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, Come! Veni Sancte Spiritus
Come at the Morning Hour Venice William Amps James Montgomery
O Holy Spirit, God Venice
See the Destined Day Arise Venit Hora Bach Venatius Honorius Fortunatus
The Snow Lay On the Ground Venite Adoremus Unknown Unknown
O Word, That Goest Forth Verbum Supernum
Oh, What a Savior, That He Died for Me! Verily, Verily GMJ James McGranahan
Give Peace, O God, the Nations Cry Vermont
Holy Father, Cheer Our Way Vesper John Stainer Richard H Robinson
Now, on Land and Sea Descending Vesper hymn Dimitri Borniansky Samuel Longfellow
Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing Vesper Hymn
The Day is Slowly Wending Vesper Hymn – Rendle
Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide Vespera jam venit
Holy Father, Cheer Our Way Vesperi Lux John B Dykes Richard H Robinson
Come, Holy Ghost Vetter
We All Believe in One True God Vi tro allesammen pax on Gud Unknown Martin Luther
Christ, The Lord, is Risen Today Vicimae Paschali Unknown Wippo of Burgundy
Christians, to the Paschal Victim Victimae Pachali
The Strife is O’er, the Battle Done Victory G P Palestrina Francis Pott
O Lead Me to the Man That Died Victory – Smith
I Heard An Old Story Victory in Jesus Eugene Moore Bartlett Eugene Moore Bartlett
Blest Creator of the Light Vienna Justin Heinrich Knecht Lucis Creator Optime
Christ is Risen, Our Lord and King Vienna German melody Charles Wesley
God my Father, Loving Me Vienna Justin Heinrich Knecht George Wallace Briggs
Jesus, With Thy Church Abide Vienna Justin H Knecht Thomas Benson Pollock
Joy Because the Circling Year Vienna J H Knecht Unknown
Holy Virgin, by God’s Decree Vierge Sainte Paul Decha Jean-Paul Lecot
Come, Holy Spirit, Come Vigil Giovanni Paisello Joseph Hart
Launch Out Into the Deep Vigil St Alban’s Tune Book Matthias Loy
Let Every Ear Attend Vigil St Alban’s Tune Book Isaac Watts
Let Ev’re Ear Attend Vigil St Alban’s Tune Book Isaac Watts
Lord, For Tomorrow and Its Need Vincent Horatio R Palmer Sybil F Partridge
Father! Be Thy Blessing Shed Viola William B Bradbury Samuel Gilman
Full of Reverence at Thy Word Viola Wiliiam B Bradbury Balhaser Munter
Songs of Thankfulness and Praise Viola Willian B Bradbury Christophe Wordsworth
The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear Vision
O King of Might and Splendour Von Gott will ich nicht Lassen – alt
Ah, Dearest Jesus, Holy Child Von Himmel Hoch Beistliche Lieder Martin Luther
Hosanna to the Living Lord Von Himmel Hoch Martin Luther Reginald Heber
O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear Von Himmel Hoch Heinrich von Laufenberg
From Heaven Above to Earth I Come Von Himmel Hoch Lutheran
Good News From Heaven the Angels Bring Von Himmiel Hoch komm ich her Martin Luther Martin Luther
Here in Thy Name Eternal God Von Himmiel Hoch komm ich her Geistliche Lieder James Montgomery
From Heaven High I Come to You Von Hummel hoch da komm ich her Martin Luther Martin Luther
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Vox dilecti John B Dykes Horatius Bonar
O God, According to Thy Grace Vox Dilecti John B Dykes Psalm 51
This Joyful Eastertide Vreuchten Davide’s Psalmen George Woodward
Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne Vulpius Melchior Vulpius Joseph Dacre Carlyle
My God I Love Thee Vulpius
Abide in Grace, Lord Jesus Vulpius – alt Melchior Vulpius Josua Stegman
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly w Zlobit Lezy David Hugh Jones Edit Reed
Wake, Awake, for the Night is Flying Wachet auf Phillipp Nicolai Phillipp Nicolai
Wake, Awake, for the Night is Flying Wachet auf – alt Philipp Nicolai Philipp Nicolai
Grant us Lord! Due Preparation Wachet auf! ruft uns die Stimme Philipp Nicolai Friedrich G Lkopstock
Praise the Lord Through Every Nation Wachet auf, Ruft uns Die Stimme Philip Nicolai James Montgomery
Jesus, in Thy Thirst and Pain Wagner Ruth Coberly Thomas B Pollock
Father, We Thank Thee for the Night Wainwright Richard Wainwright Rebecca J Weston
O God, Thou Art My God Alone Wainwright R Wainwright James Montgomery
A Cloud From the Sea is Rising Wait for the Blessing John R Sweeny Fanny J Crosby
O Troubled Heart, There is a Home Wait, and Murmur Not William J Kirkpatrick William H Bellamy
In Bethlehem ‘neath  Starlit Skies Waits’ Carol Grace M Stutsman Grace M Stutsman
We Shall See the Desert as the Rose Walking in the King’s Highway
The Kings of the East are Riding Wallace
What Shall I Render to the Lord Wallace Benjamin F Baker Psalm 116
We Worship Thee, Almighty Lord Wallin Unknown Johann Olaf Wallin
The Broken Ties of Happier Days Walnut Hills Chants Chretiens James Montgomery
O Lord, and Master of us All Walsall English melody John Greenleaf Whittier
O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought Walsall Henry Purcell The Psalter 1912
Fling Out the Banner! Let it Float Waltham
God Will Our Strength and Refuge Prove Waltham J Baptiste Calkin Psalm 46
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Waltham J Baptiste Calkin Henry W Longfellow
Lift Up, Lift up Your Voices Now Waltham J Baptiste Calkin Cento
Father of All, Whose Love Profound Ward Lowell Mason Edward Cooper
God is the Refuge of His Saints Ward Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Jehovah Hear Thee in My Grief Ward Lowell Mason Psalm 20
Jesus is Gone Above the Skies Ward Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Lord, Thou Hast Searched and Seen Me Thro’ Ward Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
O Holy, Blessed Trinity Ward Lowell Mason Martin Behm
There is a Stream Ward Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Blest Be the Lord for us He Cares Ware George Kingsley Psalm 68
High in the Heavens, Eternal God Ware George Kingsley Isaac Watts
Now to The Lord a Nobel Song Ware George Kinglsey Isaac Watts
Awake, Our Souls! Away, Our Fears Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Behold, The Blind Their Sight Receive Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Blest be the Father and His Love Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Come, Let us Sing the Song of Songs Wareham William Knapp James Montgomery
From All That Dwell Below the Skies Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Great God! Attend, While Zion Sings Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Wareham William Knapp Philip Doddridge
How Happy Is He Born and Taught Wareham William Knapp Henry Wotton
How Pleasant, How Divinely Fair Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace Wareham Ambrose of Milan
O Lord of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills Wareham William Knapp John M Neale
O Master of the Callous Hand Wareham William Knapp George E Day
O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright Wareham William Knapp Ambrose of Milan
O Thou Whose Perfect Goodness Wareham
O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair Wareham
Rejoice, O Land, in God Thy Might Wareham
The Heavenly Word Proceeding Wareham
Triumphant Zion, Lift Thy Head Wareham
What Means This Glory Round Our Feet Wareham
Where Shall I Go to Seek and Find Wareham William Knapp Isaac Watts
Self Righteous Souls on Works Rely Wareham – alt William Knapp Dobell’s Collection
I Know That My Redeemer Lives Warner Gioachimo Rossini Samuel Medley
Jesus Loves Me! This I Know Warner William B Bradbury Anna Warner
The Spirit’s Fruits are Peace and Love Warner Gioacimo Rossini Emanuel Cronenwett
Jesus, All Thy Ransom Paid Warren Ruth Coberly Thomas B Pollock
O Thou To Whom, In Ancient Time Warren
Great God, Attend, While Zion Sings Warrington Ralph Harrison Isaac Watts
Jesus Shall Reign Where’er the Sun Warrington Ralph Harrison Isaac Watt
Sweet is the Solemn Voice That Calls Warrington R Harrison Henry F Lyte
Lord, How Secure and Blest are They Warrington – alt Ralph Harrison Isaac Watts
Give to our God Immortal Praise Warrington alt Ralph Harrision Isaac Watts
Far Off, O God, and Yet Most Near Wartburg Castle G Shinn Henry Hervey Barber
All my Heart This Night Rejoices Warum Sollt’ Ich Johann Georg Ebeling Paul Gerhardt
Lightly Bound My Bosom, Ringing Warum solt’ ich mich denn gramen Johann Georg Ebeling Paul Gerhardt
Amazing Grace , How Sweet the Sound Warwick L Stanley John Newton
Come, Let us Join Our Cheerful Songs Warwick Samuel Stanley Isaac Watts
Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice Warwick Samuel Stanley Isaac Watts
Lord, in the Morning Warwick Samuel Stanley Isaac Watts
O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice Warwick Samuel Stanley George MacDonald
Whate’er My God Ordains I Right Was Gott thut das ist Wohlgethan Severus Gastorius Samuel Rodigast
Thy Word, O Lord, is Gentle Dew Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan Nurnberg Carl Bernhard Garve
Was it for Me, For Me Alone Was it for Me J M Whyte J M Whyte
O Worship The Lord in the Beauty of Holiness Was lebet
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night Watchman Lowell Mason John Bowring
Dust to Dust, The Mortal Dies Watchman – alt Lowell Mason Psalm 49
How Helpless Nature Lies Waugh Ralph Harrison Anne Steele
O Light, That Knew no Dawn Waverton Robert Jackson Gregory Nazianzen
Our Father Dear, Who Art in Heaven Wavertree William Shore Martin Luther
We Gather In the Children We Gather in the Children
Will Your Anchor Hold in the Storms of Life We Have an Anchor William J Kirkpatrick Priscilla J Owens
We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee We Praise Thee
We Shall be Like Him We Shall Be Like Him Charles H Gabriel Charles H Gabriel
We Shall Meet Beyond the River We Shall Meet By and By
God is My Strong Salvation Webb Webb James Montgomery
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Webb George J Webb James Montgomery
I Know Whom I Believe In Webb George J Webb Ernst M Arndt
Lord Jesus! My Savior! How Vast Thy Love to Me Webb
O Beautiful, Our Country Webb George Webb Frederick L Hosmer
O Thou, Whose Hand Hath Brought Us Webb
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus Webb George Webb George Duffeld
The Cloudless Day is Nearing Webb
The Morning Light Is Breaking Webb
The Voice of God is Calling Webb
Thy Might Set Fast the Mountains Webb
While Yet the Morn is Breaking Webb George J Webb Johann Muhlmann
There’s a Friend for Little Children Webb – alt G J Webb Albert Midlane
Another Day is Dawning Weber Friedrich Freiherr von Flotow Frances R Havergal
The Voice That Breated O’er Eden Wedding Day Edward G McColtin John Keble
Weeping Will Not Save You Weeping Will Not Save You
Long Years Ago O’er Bethlehem’s Hills Weihnacht Karl P Harrington Leigh R Brewer
Seeing I am Jesus’ Lamb Weil ich Jesu Schuflein bin Christian Gregor Henrietta Louise von Hayn
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Weimar
Jesus, Whelmed in Fears Unknown Welch Ruth Coberly Thomas B Pollock
Welcome, Day of the Lord Welcome
Welcome, Delightful Morn Welcome, Delightful Morn
With Friends on Earth We Meet in Gladness We’ll Never Say Good-by John H Tenney Anzentinia Chapman
O Land of Rest We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In His Temple God be Praised Wellesley Lizzie S Tourjee Psalm 150
There’s a Wideness In God’s Mercy Wellesley Lizzie S Tourjee Frederick W Faber
Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds Wellington Square Guy Warrack Henry H Tweedy
Jesus, Master, Whose I Am Wells Dimitri Bortnianski Frances R Havergal
Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose the Road Wells E Holdroyd Josiah Hopkins
Till He Come! Oh, Let the Words Wells D Bornianski Edward Henry Bickersteth
Lord God of Hosts, Whose Purpose, Never Swerving Welsyn
How Blest the Man Who Fears the Lord Welton H A Cesar Malan Psalm 112
Hark, What a Sound Welwyn
Now Once Again for Help That Never Failethg Welwyn
O Brother Man Welwyn Alfred Scott-Gatty John Greenleaf Whittier
Glory be to Jesus Wem in Leidenstagen Griedrich Filitz Unknown
Zion, Praise Thy Savior Weman Henry Weman Thomas Aquinas
When in Our Hour of Utmost Need Wenn wir in hochsten Claude Goudimel Paul Eber
I Thank Thee, Lord, for Strength of Arm Wentworth Frederick C Maker Robert Davis
My God, I Thank Thee Wentworth Frederick C Maker Adelaide Anne Procter
Give Me, O Lord, A Spirit Lowly Wer weiss wie mahe mir mein Ende Johann David Meir Matthias Loy
Sink Not Yet, My Soul to Slumber Werde munter, mein Gemute Johann Schap Johann Rist
We’re Going Home, No More to Roam We’re Going Home Tomorrow Philip P Bliss Sophia T Griswold
Come, We That Love the Lord We’re Marching to Zion Robert Lowry Isaac Watts
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? Were you there Arthur S Sullivan Venantius Fortunatus
O Saving Victim, Opening Wide Werner Anthony Werner Thomas Aquinas
Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning! Wesley
Sing to the Lord, Sing His Praises, All Ye People Wesley Lowell Mason Psalm 96
I Look to Thee in Every Need Wessex Edward J Hopkins Samuel Longfellow
God the Father, God the Son Westerly John Henry Hopkins Unknown
Lord, In Thy Name Thy Servants Plead Westminster J Turle John Keble
My God! How Wonderful Thou Art Westminster
Thee We Adore, Eternal Name Westminster J Turle Isaac Watts
Christ is Made the Sure Foundation Westminster Abbey
Jehovah From His Throne on High Westminster College Germon Melody Psalm 33
By the Blood That Flowed From Thee Westminster Old John Richardson Cecilia Mary Caddell
Holy Father, In Thy Mercy Westridge Martin Shaw Isabel S Stephenson
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Westwood Robert McCarney James Montgomery
As When the Hebrew Prophet Raised Wetherby Samuel Wesley Isaac Watts
O Thou, Who Through This Holy Week Wetherby
Behold A Sower! From Afar Weymouth Theodore P Ferris Washington Gladden
Christ Has for Sin Atonement Made What a Wonderful Savior Elisha A Hoffman Elisha A Hoffman
O Listen to Our Wondrous Story What Did He Do
Sow the See by the Daylight Fair What Shall the Harvest Be
Jesus is Standing at Your Heart’s Door What Will You Do With Jesus Baylus B McKinney Baylus B McKinney
Oh, What Will You Do With Jesus What Will You Do With Jesus George C Stebbins Nathan Norton
When He Cometh When He Cometh George F Root William O Cushing
When I Get to the End of the Way When I Ge tto the End of the Way Charlie D Tillman Charlie D Tillman
My Heart Was Sad Till I Met Jesus When I Met my Savior Helen Miller Allem Helen Miller Allem
Christ Our Redeemer Died on the Cross When I See the Blood John G Foote John G Foote
When Jesus Wept, The Falling Tear When Jesus Wept William Billings William Billings
Smiling Skies Will Ben Above Us When Shadows Flee E O Sellers James Rowe
When Storms Around are Sweeping When Storms Around are Sweeping George Root Unknown
Am I a Soldier of the Cross When the Battle’s Over William B Blake Isaac Watts
When the Harvest is Past and Summer is Gone When the Harvest is Past H H McGranahan Samuel Francis Smith
When the Mists Have Rolled in Splendor When the Mists Have Rolled Away Ira D Sankey Annie Herbert
Trials Dark on Every Hand When the Morning Comes B B McKinney Charles Albert Tindley
When the Sun All Golden When the Sun All Golden Unknown Unknown
There’s a Land Beyond the River When They Ring the Golden Bells Daniel de Marbelle Daniel de Marbelle
Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus When We all Get to Heaven Emily Wilson Eliza E Hewitt
Wand’ring Afar From the Dwellings of Men Where Are the Nine Philip Bliss Philip Bliss
I Can Hear My Savior Calling Where He Leads Me J S Norris E W Blandy
Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
Since Christ My Sould From Sin Set Free Where Jesus is, ‘Tis Heaven J M Black Charles J Butler
I Have Heard of a Land Where We’ll Nevewr Grow Old James C Moore James C Moore
Where Will You Spend Eternity Where Will You Spend Eternity John H Tenney Elisha A Hoffman
There Are Lonely Hearts to Cherish While the Days Are Going By Ira D Sankey George Cooper
Soft as the Voice of an Angel Whispering Hope Septimus Winner Septimus Winner
What! Lay My Sins on Jesus White as Snow Philip Bliss L N
O Christ, Our True and Only Light Whitehall – Lawes’ Psalm 8 Henry Lawes Johann Heerman
Whiter Than Snow Whiter Than Snow William G Fischer James Nicholson
I Saw the Cross of Jesus Whitfield Frederick Whitfield Frederick Whitfield
A Message of Mercy, A message of Love Who Will Accept Him Today John R Sweney Fanny J Crosby
We Sail Along Toward the Harbor Light Who Will Our Pilot Be Ira B Wilson Lizzie DeArmond
Whosoever Heareth Whosoever Will Phillip P Bliss Phillip P Bliss
Deep In My Heart There’s a Gladness Why Do I Sing About Jesus Albert Allen Ketchum Albert Allen Ketchum
Why Do You Wait, Dear Brother Why Do You Wait George Root George Root
Oh, Why Not Say Yes to the Savior Tonight Why Not Say Yes Tonight Louis D Eichhorn Ella Wells Loucks
O, Do Not Let the Word Depart Why Not Tonight – Sankey Ira D Sankey Elizabeth Holmes Reed
Love Sent my Savior to Die in My Stead Why Should He Love Me So Robert Harkness Robert Harkness
I Could Not Do Without Thee Why Will You Do Without Him Ivy E Craig Frances R Havergal
O Holy Ghost, Descend, We Pray Wie Schon Leuchtet Philipp Nicolai Michael Schirmer
O Jesus Christ, How Bright and Fair Wie Schon leuchtet der Morgenstern Philipp Nicolai Paul Gerhardt
O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright Wie Schon leuchtet der Morgenstern Philipp Nicolai Philipp Nicolai
How Brightly Beams the Morning Star Wie SchonLeuchtet – Mendelssohn Philipp Nicoloai Philipp Nicoloai
Behold the Lamb of God! Wigan Samuel Sebastian Wesley Matthew Bridges
Hear What the Voice From Heaven Proclaims Wigton Scottish Psalter Isaac Watts
Ring Out, Wild Bells, To the Wild, Wild Sky Wild Bells Henry Lahee Alfred Tennyson
Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak Wilderness Reginald S Thatcher Frances R Havergal
When Jesus Come to Reward Will Jesus Find Us Watching William H Doane Fanny J Crosby
We’re Trav’ling Home to Heav’n Above Will You Go H P Main Richard Jukes
God, in the Gospel of His Son Willington F W Williams Benjamin Beddome
Return, O Wanderer, Return Wilmar G Minns William Bengo Collyer
There’s Not A Bird with Lonely Nest Wilmar G Minns Baptist W Noel
God of Our Salvation, Hear Us Wilmont Carl M von Weber Thomas Kelly
Lamb of God! We Fall Before Thee Wilmont Carl Maria Von Weber Joseph Hart
Lord of Hosts, To Thee We Raise Wilmont Carl M Weber James Montgomery
Lord, Thy Word to Me Remember Wilmont Carl Maria von Weber Psalm 119
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Wilson Felix Mendelssohn Charles Wesley
I Know Not What the Future Hath Wiltshire George Smart John G Whittier
The Lord’s My Shepherd Wiltshire George Smart Francis Rous
My God, My Father, While I Stray Wimbledon Samuel Sebastian Wesley Charlotte Elliott
Lord, How Secure and Blest are They Wimborne John Whitaker Isaac Watts
Eternal Spirit, We Confess Winborne J Whitaker Isaac Watts
Before the Lord Jehovah’s Throne Winchester New Musikalisches Handbuch Isaac Watts
Now For a Tune of Lofty Praise Winchester New Musikalisches Handbuch Isaac Watts
O Spirit of the Living God Winchester New Musickalisches Handbuch James Montgomery
O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright Winchester New Musikalischer Handbuch Louis F Benson
On Jordan’s Banks the Baptist’s Cry Winchester New Musikalisches Handbuch Hamburg Charles Coffin
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! Winchester New Henry H Milman
This Stone to Thee We Lay Winchester New Musickalisches Handbuch James Montgomery
Behold the Sure Foundation Stone Winchester Old Este’s Psalter Isaac Watts
Behold Us, Lord, a Little Space Winchester Old Este’s Psalter John Ellerton
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire Winchester Old Este’s Psalter Charles Wesley
God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength Winchester Old Christopher Tye The Psalter 1912
Hosanna With a Cheerful Sound Winchester Old Este’s Psalter Isaac Watts
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night Winchester Old Este’s Psalter Nahum Tate
Within Thy Temple, Lord Windermere Ernest R Kroeger Psalm 48
Bowed Down Beneath a Weight of Woe Windham Daniel Read J H Kuhlman
Broad is the Road That Leads to Death Windham Daniel Read Isaac Watts
He Dies, The Friend of Sinners Dies Windham Daniel Reed Isaac Watts
Our Nature Fell in Adam’s Fall Windham Daniel Read Lazarus Spengler
Deep is the Love of God for Me Windsor William Daman Linda Bonney Olin
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee Windsor M William Damon Bernard of Clairvaux
My God, How Wonderful Thou Art Windsor M William Damon Frederick William Faber
Today, O Lord, A Holier Work Windsor Christopher Tye Unknown
Great God, How Infinite Art Thou Windsor – Alt Christopher Tye Isaac Watts
Still, Still With Thee Windsor – Barnby Joseph Barnby Harriet Beecher Stowe
Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless Windsor – Lutheran Damon’s Psalter James Montgomery
O Lord, to Whom the Spirits Live Winkworth Joseph Barnby Richard Frederick Littledale
Lo! in Zion a Foundation God, the Father, Laid Secure Winthrop Johann G Nauman Emanuel Cronenwett
We All Believe in One True God Wir Glauben All’ en einen Gott Johann Gottlieb Watner Martin Luther
Jehovah Hear Thee in the Day Wirth William B Bradbury Psalm 20
Full in the Panting Heart of Rome Wiseman C A Cox Nicholas Wiseman
Come, Linger Here with the Master Wisper A Prayer Baylus B McKinney Baylus B McKinney
Tho’ High Roll the Billows on Life’s Stormy Sea With Christ as My Pilot Ada Blenkhorn W S Nickle
Weary Now I Go to Rest Witthauer Theodore Fliedner Luise Hensel
O Sometimes Gleams upon our Sight Woking Franklin Glynn John Greenleaf Whittier
Beneath the Cross of Jesus Wolvercote W H Ferguson Elizabeth C Clephane
Long Live the Pope Wolvercote William Harold Fergusson Hugh Henry
Christ, the Life of all the Living Womit soll ich dich wohl laben Justin Heinrch Knecht Ernst Christoph Hamburg
Wonderful Grace of Jesus Wonderful Grace of Jesus Haldro Lillenas Haldro Lillenas
Far Away in the Depths of My Spirit Wonderful Peace W G Cooper W D Cornell
Like Radiant Sunshine Wonderful Peace of My Savior I E Reynolds Alfred Barratt
Wonderful Story of Love Wonderful Story of Love John M Driver John M Driver
Sing Them Over Again to Me Wonderful Words Philip P Bliss Philip P Bliss
There is Never a Day so Dreary Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Ernest O Sellers Annie B Russell
God Loved the World of Sinners Lost Wondrous Love W G Fisher Mrs. M Stockton
What Wondrous Love is This Wondrous Love Southern Harmony American folk hymn
O Lord, to Thee I Cry Wood Darius E Jones Psalm 28
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Woodbird German melody James Montgomery
O Day of Rest and Gladness Woodbird traditional German melody Christopher Wordsworth
Let Worldly Minds the World Pursue Woodland Nathaniel D Gould John Newton
Lift Up Your Hearts! Woodlands Walter Creatorex Henry Montaugu Butler
Rise, Crowned with Light Woodlands Walter Greatorex Alexander Pope
Tell Out, My Soul, The Greatness of the Lord Woodlands Walter Greatorex Timothy Dudly-Sith
Beneath Our Feet and O’er Our  Head Woodstock Deodatus Dutton Reginald Heber
Death Cannot Make Our Souls Afraid Woodstock Deodatus Dutton Isaac Watts
Grant Me Within Thy Courts a Place Woodstock Deodatus Dutton James Montgomery
I Love to Steal Awhile Away Woodstock Deodatus Dutton Jr Phoebe H Brown
O Praise the Lord, His Deeds Make Known Woodstock Deodatus Dutton Psalm 105
Jesus! And Shall it Ever Be Woodworth William Bradbury Joseph Grigg
Just as I Am, Without One Plea Woodworth William Bradbury Charlotte Elliott
Lord, I Am Vile, Conceived in Sin Woodworth William B Bradbury Isaac Watts
Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me, and Dost Know Woodworth William B Bradbury Psalm 139
Return, O Wanderer, Return Woodworth William Bradbury William B Collyer
Wedding Song Woodworth William B Bradbury Linda Bonney Olin
At First I Prayed for Light Woolwich C E Kettle R D Cheney
Glad Was my Heart to Hear Woolwich C E Kettle James Montgomery
Work for the Night is Coming Work for the Night James R Murray James R Murray
Work for the Night is Coming Work Song Lowell Mason Anna Coghill
Lord Jesus, From Thy Throne Above Worship
To Thee, Eternal Soul, be Praise! Worship
God Shall Charge His Angle Legions Worthing Unknown James Montgomery
If You Could See Christ Standing Here Tonight Would You Believe D B Towner Caroline Sawyer
Wounded for Me Wounded for Me W G Owens Gladys Watkin Roberts
In Midnight’s Stillness Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy Unknown Marcel Miro
All For Jesus! Wycliff John Stainer Mary D James
Like a River Glorious Wye Valley
God, That Madest Earth and Heaven Wynstay John Ambrose Lloyd Reginald Heber et al
Come, All Ye Servants of the Lord Wyoming Theodore E Perkins Psalm 134
Take My Life, and Let it Be Yarbrough William B Bradbury Frances R Havergal
O Everlasting Light Yattendon 46 Harry E Woolridge Horatius Bonar
We Give Thee but Thine Own Yattendon 46 Harry Ellis Woodlridge William Walsham How
What Hast Thou In Thine Hand Ye Are My Witnesses Jessie G Herr Mary C Jewell
A Ruler Once Came to Jesus Ye Must Be Born Again George C Stebbins William T Sleeper
O How Sweet the Glorious Message Yesterday, Today, Forever
Yet There is Room Yet There is Room Ira D Sankey Horatius Bonar
Yield Not to Temptation Yield Not to Temptation Horatio R Palmer Horatio R Palmer
Praise to the Living God Yigal
The God of Abraham Praise Yigal unknown Daniel ben Judah
Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me Yoakley Yoakley Paul Gerhardt
O God, Most Holy are Thy Ways Yoakley William Yoakley Psalm 77
Let Children Hear the Might Deeds York Scottish Psalter Isaac Watts
Oh, That the Lord Would Guide My Ways York Scotish Pslater Isaac Watts
The Lord Will Come and Not be Slow York Scottish Psalter 1615 John Milton
Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn Yorkshire John Wainwright John Byrom
Stay, Master, Stay upon this Heavenly Hill Yorkshire
You Didn’t Just Give Us Light You Didn’t Just Linda Bonney Olin Linda Bonney Olin
Brother Man, Awake! Zeal John P Marshall Oscar E Maure
When in His Might the Lord Zebulon Lowell Mason Psalm 126
He Leads Us On Zennor
Lord, Rebuke me Not in Anger Zeno Alexander B Morton Psalm 6
Life is the Time to Serve the Lord Zephyr William B Bradbury Isaac Watts
The Man Who Once Has Found Abode Zephyr William B Bradbury Psalm 91
The Tempter to My Soul Hath Said Zephyr William B Bradbury James Montgomery
While Life Prolongs its Precious Light Zephyr William B Bradbury Timothy Dwight
With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh Zephyr William B Bradbury Cornelius Elven
Awake, Ye Saints, and Lift Your Eyes Zerah
I Sing the Mighty Power of God Zerah Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
Let Every Tongue Thy Goodness Speak Zerah Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
The Glorious Gates of Righteousness Zerah
To Us a Child of Hope is Born Zerah Lowell Mason John Morrison
Draw Us to Thee Zeuch uns Nach Dir
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Zion Thomas Hastings William Williams
On The Mountain Top Appearing Zion Thomas Hastings Thomas Kelly’
Yes, We Trust the Day is Breaking Zion Thomas Hastings Isaac Watts
Zion, Founded on the Mountains Zion Thomas Hastings Psalm 87
Brightly Gleams Our Banner Zion – Smart Henry Smart Thomas Joseph Potter
Zion Stands With Hills Surrounded Zion Stands Thomas Hastings Thomas Kelly
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Zoan William H Havergal James Montgomery
The Peace Which God Alone Reveals Zoar Samuel Howard John Newton
Sweet Feast of Love Divine Zurich