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American Hymns Old and New

Awake, Ye Saints, and Raise Your Eyes Caddo
Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord Caddo
Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned Caithness
O for a Closer Walk with God Caithness
Soldiers of Christ, Arise Caledonia
Dear Savior, We Gather Once More at Thine Throne Call Us Thine Own
This Loving Savior Stands Patiently Calling Now
Lord, Hear the Right, Regard my Cry Calm
O Lord, My God, My Joyful Heart Calm
There is a Calm for Those Who Weep Calm
Nid wy’n gofyn bywyd moethus Calon Lan
On Calvary’s Brow My Savior Died Calvary
Go to Dark Gethsemane Calvary – Rosenmuller
Far Dearer Than All That the World Can Impart Calvary Covers It All
Glad Was my Heart to Hear Cambridge – alt
Hark, My Soul, It is the Lord! Campian
Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire Campmeeting
Another Six Days’ Work is Done Cana
O God, Be Merciful, Be Merciful to Me Cana
The Voice That Breathed O’er Eden Cana
Jesus, In Thy Dying Woes Canales
A Shepherd Noticed That One Lamb Was Missing Candler
Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown Candler
O God, You Keep Your Loving Eye Candler
The Dawn Breaks on a Cloudless Morn Candler
Fight the Good Fight Cannock
O Lord, Make Hast to Hear My Cry Cannons
Again, as Evening’s Shadow Falls Canonbury
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Go Canonbury
How Beauteous Were the Marks Divine Canonbury
I Love the Lord for My Request Canonbury
Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak Canonbury
Now that the Daylight Fills the Sky Canonbury
O God, Thy World is Sweet with Prayer Canonbury
O Spirit of the Living God Canonbury
The Crest and Crowning of All Good Cantate Domino
This is The Hour of Banquet and Song Canticum Refectionis
God Make My Life a Little Light Capel
There is A Land of Pure Delight Capel
O Save Me by Thy Name Capello
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Taught by Thee Capetown
Holy Father, Cheer Our Way Capetown
Love is Kind and Suffers Long Capetown
Three in One and One In Three Capetown – alt
I Praised the Earth, In Beauty Seen Carey
For Ever With the Lord Carlisle
Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart Carlisle
This is the Day of Light Carlisle
Tis Good, Lord, to be Here Carlisle
Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices Carlton
Come, My Soul, Thou Must be Waking Carman
How Beautiful the Sight of Brothers Carmarthen
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Carol
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night Carol
Carol, Sweetly Carol Carol, Sweetly Carol
In Doubt and Temptation I Rest, Lord in Thee Carter
How Sweet, My Savior, to Repose Casting All Your Care Upon Him
Glory be to Jesus Caswall
Be Thou My Helper in the Strife Catherine
Honor and Glory, Power and Salvation Celites Plaudant
Jesus, My Strength, My Hope Chalvey
Thou Art Gone Up On High Chalvey
How I Praise Thee, Precious Savior Channels Only
Love is Kind and Suffers Long Charity
Three in One, and One in Three Charity
Lord, Who at Canna’s Wedding Feast Charlotte
O God of Light, Thy Word, a Lamp Unfailing Charterhouse
O Heavenly Grace in Holy Rite Charterhouse
O Son of Man, Our Hero Strong and Tender Charterhouse
Saw You Never, in the Twilight Chartres
Day is Dying in the West Chautaqua
Put Forth, O God, Thy Spirit’s Might Chelsea Square
God Is My Strong Salvation Chenies
O Word of God Incarnate Chenies
Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days Cheshire
Jesus Calls Us Chester
Thou Art Our Shepherd, Glorious God Chester
Hark! The Glad Sound Chesterfield
Day by Day, Dear Lord Chichester
It Fell Upon A Summer Day Childhood
Children, Can You Tell Me Why Children Can You Tell Me Why
City of God, How Broad and Far Chimes
Father of Mercies, In Thy Word Chimes
Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care Chimes
The Trespass of the Wicked Man Chimes
My People, Give Ear, Attend to my Word Chios
Some Day, You Say, I Will Seek the Lord Choose Now
A Blessing for You Will You Take It? Choose Ye Today
O Come and Sing Unto the Lord Chopin
Christ lag in Todesbaden Choral No 15
Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag Choral No 17
Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh’ darein Choral No 3
Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavnly Light Chorale – Christmas Oratorio
Erbarm’ dich mein, o Herre Gott Chorale #34
O Herr Gott, dein gottlich Wort Chorale No 14
Es woll’ uns Gott genadig sein Chorale No 16
Gottes Sohn is kommen Chorale No 18
Ich hab’ mein’ Sach’ Gott heimgestellt Chorale No 19
Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott Chorale No 20
Herzlich tut mich verlangen Chorale No 21
Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele Chorale No 22
Zeuch ein zu deinen Toren Chorale No 23
Valet will ich dir geben Chorale No 24
So soll ich fleihen hin Chorale No 25
O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort Chorale No 26
Es sprict der Unweisen Mund Chorale No 27
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland Chorale No 28
Freu’ dich sehr, o meine Seele Chorale No 29
Jesus Christus, unser Heiland Chorale No 30
Ach leiben Christen, seid getrost Chorale No 31
Nun danket alle Gott Chorale No 32
Herr, ich habe missgehandelt Chorale No 33
Gott des Himmels und der Erden Chorale No 35
Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist Chorale No 36
Jesu, der du meine Seele Chorale No 37
Straf’ mich nicht in deinem Zorn Chorale No 38
Ach was soll ich Sunder machen Chorale No 39
Ach Gott und Herr Chorale No 40
Was mein Gott will, das Chorale No 41
Du Friedensfurst, Herr Jesu Christ Chorale No 42
Liebster Gott, wann werd’ ich sterben Chorale No 43
Mach’s mit mir, Gott, nach diener Gut’ Chorale No 44
Kommt her zu mir, sprict Chorale No 45
Vom Himmel hoch, da kommi ich her Chorale No 46
Vater unser im Himmelreich Chorale No 47
Ach wie nichtig, ach wie fluchtig Chorale No 48
Mit Fried’ und Freud’ ich fahr’ dahin Chorale No 49
In allen meinen Taten Chorale No 50
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ Chorale No 51
Wenn mein Stundlein vorhanden ist Chorale No 52
Das neugeborne Kindelein Chorale No 53
Lobt Gott, ihr Christen, allzugleich Chorale No 54
Wir Christenleut Chorale No 55
Christum wir sollen loben schon Chorale No 56
O Traurigkeit Chorale No 57
Herzlich lieb hab’ ich dich, o Herr Chorale No 58
Herliebster Jesu, was hast du Chorale No 59
Ich freue mich in dir Chorale No 60
Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod Chorale No 61
Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten Chorale No 62
Nun ruhen alle Walder Chorale No 63
Freu’ dich sehr, o meine Seele Chorale No 64
Was Gott tut, das is t wohlgetan Chorale No 65
Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam Chorale No 66
Freu’ dich sehr, o meine Seele Chorale No 67
Praise to the Holiest in the Height Chorus Angelorum
Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem Chorus novae Jerusalem
Low In The Grave He Lay Christ Arose
You Will Live Christ Arose
Christ for the Whole Wide World Christ for the Whole World
I Worship Thee, Lord Jesus Christ in My Life
O Heavenly Jerusalem Christ is My Life
Christ Jesus Hath the Power Christ Jesus Hath the Power
Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Hands Christ lag in Todesbanden – Bach
Once Far From God and Dead in Sin Christ Liveth in Me
Sinners Jesus will Recieve Christ Receiveth Sinful Men
It May be at Morn Christ Returneth
Christ the Lord Will Come Again Christ the Lord Will Come Again
O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day Christe Qui Lux Es et Dies
Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts Christe Redemptor
Father, We Praise Thee, Now the Night is Over Christe Sanctorium
Father of Mercy, God of Consolation Christe Sanctorium – Nouvelle
Now God Be with Us Christe Sanctorium – Nouvelle
Christ, the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels Christe Sanctorum
It is Finished! Man of Sorrows! Christi Mutter
How Good it is to Thank the Lord Christine
Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve Christmas
Praise Ye the Lord Among His Saints Christmas
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night Christmas
In the Season of Spring Christmas Song
There’s a Song in the Air Christmas Song
How We Grieved When We Heard Christmas Song – Olin
Christ is the King Christus Rex
Christus, der ist mein Leben (Bach – 6) Christus, der ist mein Leben (Bach – 6)
I Left the God of Truth and Light Chrysolite
O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness Church
Again the Lord’s Own Day is Here Church Triumphant
Arm of the Lord, Awake! Church Triumphant
From Street and Square, from Hill and Glen Church Triumphant
My Soul is Grieved Because My Foes Church Triumphant
King of the City Splendid City of Light
My God, It is Thy Grace Clarksville
A Sinner Lost Amid the Gloom Cleansed From Sin
Look Around Your Family Circle, Family Circle of God Cleansing Fountain
My Soul in Silence Waits for God Cleansing Fountain
O gracious Savior, Thou Hast Given Cleansing Fountain
There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood Cleansing Fountain
Daughter of Zion, From the Dust Clifford
Why Dost Thou Stand Afar Clifton
O Lord, Our Lord, in All the Earth Clinton
Lord of Our Life Cloisters
Since With My God With Perfect Heart Clolata
Thou, My Everlasting Portion Close to Thee
Come, Pure Hearts, In Sweetest Measure Cobb
Jesus, Lover of my Soul Coberly
Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Coberly
Seven Last Words of Christ Coberly
Christ, the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels Coelites Plaudant
While Passing Thro’ This World of Sin Coleman
Thou Didst Teach the Thronging People College
Lord, Keep Us Safe This Night Combe Martin
Once Again the Gospel Message Come Believing
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire Come Holy Ghost
Afar from Home. Beset by Fear Come Home
O Soul in the Faraway Country Come Home
Come Tell Abroad a Savior’s Love Come Tell Abroad
Come to the Savior, Make No Delay Come to the Savior
Come unto me It is the Savior’s Voice Come Unto Me
Come! Hear the Gospel Sound Come! Hear the Gospel Sound
There is a Savior Waiting Come, Come to Him Now
Come, Come, Ye Saints Come, Come, Ye Saints
O Hear My Cry, Be Gracious Now to Me Come, Great Deliverer, Come
Come, Humble Sinner Come, Humble Sinner
Come, Oh Come, With Thy Broken Heart Come, Oh Come
While Jesus Whispers to You Come, Sinner, Come
O Jehovah, Hear my Words Comfort
Lord, Here I am Again Comfort and Peace – Ayers
I Am Coming to the Cross Coming to the Cross
Coming, Coming Yes They Are Coming, Coming Yes They Are
Hear, O Thou Bounteous Maker, Hear Commandments
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended Commandments
Our Father, by Whose Servants Commemoration
And Now, Beloved Lord, Thy Soul Resigning Commendatio
When Wilt Thou Save The People Commonwealth
Let Us Break Bread Together Communion Spiritual
Complete in Thee! No Work of Mine Complete in Thee
Praise Ye, Priase Ye the Lord Comumbia
Creator of the Stars of Night Conditor Alme
Lord, Grant Us, Though Deeply Abased with Shame Confession
O North, With All the Vales of Green Conquest
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go Consecration
Come, Ye Disconsolate, Where’er Ye Languish Consolation
O Happy Home, Where Thou Art Loved Consolation
The King Shall Come Consolation
We Would See Jesus – Warner Consolation
I Hear Thy Voice Within the Silence Consolation Mendelssohn
Still, Still With Thee Consolation Mendelssohn
Give Thanks to God, for Good is He Constance
I’ve Found a Friend, O Such a Friend! Constance
When Trials Begin; Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Me Constance
All for Jesus Constancy
How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours Contrast
As Droughty Clouds Converse
I Know Not What the Future Hath Cooling
I Worship Thee, O Holy Ghost Cooling
O God, The God That Saveth Me Cooling
Christ’s Life Our Code, His Cross Our Creed Copeland
To Jesus’ Heart, All Burning Cor Jesu
For the Might of Thine Arm We Bless Cormac
A Babe Lies in the Cradle Corner
Hail, Jesus, Hail! Who for my Sake Cornwall
Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious Coronae
Thou, Jehovah, Art My Shepherd Coronae
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Coronation
Now Blessed be Jehovah, God Coronation
Jesus, My Lord, My God Corpus Christi
God’s Trumpet Wakes the Slumb’ring World Corwin
When Upon Life’s Billows Count Your Blessings
Courage, Brother! Do Not Stumble Courage, Brother
O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High Coutances
The God of Abraham Praise Covenant
The Race That Long in Darkness Pined Covenanters
The Glorious Universe Around Coventry
Hail Thee! Spirit, Lord Eternal Cowley
O Wherefore Hast Thou Cast us Off Cowper
Hush! My Dear, Lie Still and Slumber Cradle Hymn
Away in a Manger Cradle Song
In The Bleak Midwinter Cranham
Awake, Thou Spirit of the Watchman Crasselius
Exalt the Lord, His Praise Proclaim Creation
The Spacious Firmament on High Creation
Dear Maker of the Starry Skies Creator Alme
O Gracious Father of Mankind Creevelea
Glory to the Father Give Cressbrook
Our Lives are a Gift Bestowed Crimond
The Lord’s My Shepherd Crimond
The Glory of the Lord Croft’s 138th
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Cross of Jesus
Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow Cross of Jesus
For the Bread, Which Thou Hast Broken Cross of Jesus
God is Love; His Mercy Brightens Cross of Jesus
Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing Cross of Jesus
Sunset and Evening Star Crossing the Bar
I Stood Alone at the Bar of God Crowned or Crucified
They Nailed My Lord Upon the Tree Crucified!
In Time of Tribulation Crucifix
O Lord, by Thee Delivered Crucifix
How Vain the Cruel Herod’s Fear Crudelis Herodes Deum
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Cruger
Fairest Lord Jesus Crusader’s Hymn
Life of Ages, Richly Poured Culbach
People of the Living God Culford
See How Great a Flame Aspires Culford
God Who Made the Earth Cura Dei
We Would See Jesus; Lo! His Star Is Shining Cushman
We Would See Jesus; Lo! His Star Is Shining Cushman
Christ for the World We Sing Cutting
My Steadfast Heart, O God Cutting
Cross of Sin and Cross of Restoration Cwm Rhondda
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah CWM Rhondda
Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious Cwm Rhondda
Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious 4 vs Cwm Rhondda
God of Grace and God of Glory CWV Rhondda
Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary Daily, Daily
Ye Who Own the Faith of Jesus Daily, Daily
According to Thy Grasious Word Dalehurst
O for a Closer Walk with God Dalehurst
O Lord, How Are My Foes Increased Dalehurst
Teach Us, O Lord, True Brotherhood Dalehurst
Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes, Remember Me Dalkeith
Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way Dallas
Through the Day thy Love hath Spared Us DANA
I Cannot Tell Why He Whom Angels Worship Danny Boy
Standing By a Purpose True Dare to be a Daniel
Dare to Be Brave, Dare to Be True Dare to Be Brave
Now Yield we Thanks and Praise Darmstadt
Break, Day of God, O Break Darwall’s 148th
Lord of the Worlds Above Darwall’s 148th
Rejoice, the Lord is King Darwall’s 148th
What Are You Fishing For Darwall’s 148th
Ye Holy Angels Bright Darwall’s 148th
Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord! Das Neubegorne Kindelein
Now is the Healing Time Decreed Das neugeborne Kindelein
Lord of all Majesty and Might David’s Harp
High O’er the Lonely Hills Dawn
Our Day of Praise is Done Day of Praise
In Heavenly Love Abiding Day of Rest
O Jesus, I Have Promised Day of Rest
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Day Spring
How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours De Fleury
High in the Heavens, Eternal God De Pauw
Lord, In Thy Name Thy Servants Plead Dedham
Father, Let me Dedicate Dedication
My Sins and Faults of Youth Dedication
Deep River, My Home is Over Jordan Deep River
Dear God, Our Father, At Thy Knee Confessing Deeper Life
Make Haste, O my God, to Deliver, I Pray Delphine
A Parting Hymn We Sing Dennis
And Are We Yet Alive Dennis
Blest Be the Tie That Binds Dennis
Come at the Morning Hour Dennis
How Gentle God’s Commands Dennis
O Lord, Please Walk Me Home Dennis
To Thee I Lift My Soul Dennis
O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair deo Gracias
Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Deus Tourum Militum
O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High Deus Tourum Miltum
The Lord is King! Lift Up Thy Voice Deus tuorum militum
To Christ the Lord of Worlds We Sing Deus Tuorum Militum
Tell the Blessed Tidings, Children of the King Deva
The Sabbath Day was By Dexter Street
Soldiers of Christ, Arise Diadata
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Diadem
Crown Him with Many Crowns Diademata
Give to the Winds Thy Fears Diademata
Now in the Days of Youth Diademata
Soldiers of Christ, Arise Diademata
Sow in the Morn Thy Seed Diademata
Within Thy Temple, Lord Diademata
How Long Is the Longest Night Diademata – Olin
Jerusalem, My Happy Home Diana
Ere You Left Your Room Did You Think to Pray
Hark! the Glad Sound, The Savior Comes Die Helle Sonne
Dost Thou in a Manger Lie Dies Est Laetitiae
Day of Wrath! O Day of Mourning! Dies Irae
Day of Wrath! O Day of Mourning! Dies Irae – Dykes
Jesus, Tender Shepherd Dijon
Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing Dismissal
Father, We Praise Thee, Now the Night is Over Diva Servatrix
Now it is Evening Diva Servatrix
Sweet Sacrament Divine Divine Mysteries
May My Footprints on Your Heart Divine Mysteries – Olin
Of the Father’s Love Begotten Divinum Mysterium
Of the Father’s Love Begotten Divinum mysterium – Catholic
Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies Dix
For the Beauty of the Earth Dix
Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me Dix
Lord, Set Fire to My Soul Dix
Praise to God, Immortal Praise Dix
Rebels, Who Had Dared to Show Dix
A Little Gold Sunbeam Do Good to Others
Sweet the Moments, Rich the Blessing Doarrance
Not So in Haste, My Heart! Dolomite Chant
This is the Day of Light Dominica
The King of Love My Shepherd Is Dominum regit me
Lord God, the Holy Ghost Doncaster
O Bless the Lord, My Soul Doncaster
The Advent of Our God Doncaster
Done is the Work That Saves Done is the Work
Ah, What a Sound Donne Secours
Father, in Thy Mysterious Prescence Kneeling Donne Secours
Father, We Greet Thee Donne secours
Hope of the World Donne secours
Lord God of Hosts, Whose Purpose Donne Secours
By all Whom Thou Hast Made Donora
Patiently, Tenderly Pleading, Jesus is Standing Today Don’t Turn Him Away
One There is Above all Others Dorrnance
Come Down, O Love Divine Down Ampney
Down From the Glory Came God’s Son in Lowly Grace Down From Glory
As When the Hebrew Prophet Raised Downs
Blest Are the Undefiled in Heart Downs
Happy the Home When God is There Downs
How Sweet, How Heavenly is the Sight Downs
In All my Vast Concerns With Thee Downs
Lord, I Believe; Thy Power I Own Downs
O For a Heart to Praise My God Downs
The Steps of Those Whom He Approves Downs
Through All the Changing Scenes of Life Downs
Hear Thy Children, Gentlest Mother Drakes Boughton
Draw Near Draw Near
We Plow the Fields Dresden
How Blest a Home! The Father’s House! Drink to Me Only
Lord Jesus, Who Didst Once Appear Drink to Me Only
The Day is Past and Over Du Friedensfurst, Herr Jesu Christ
Jesus, My All, To Heaven is Gone Duane Street
An Earthly Temple Here We Raise Duke Street
Come, Let us Sing the Song of Songs Duke Street
Come, Let Us Tune Our Loftiest Song Duke Street
Father of All, Whose Love Profound Duke Street
From All That Dwell Bellow the Skies Duke Street
Give to Our God Immortal Priase Duke Street
Jesus Shall Reign Where’er the Sun Duke Street
O God, Above the Drifting Years Duke Street
O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand Duke Street
O Lord, Thou Art My God and King Duke Street
Oh Lord, Thou art My God and King Duke Street
On Christ, Salvation Rests Secure Duke Street
Our Lord is Risen From the Dead Duke Street
Tis by the Faith Of Joys to Come Duke Street
Alleluia, Song of Gladness Dulce Carmen
Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us Dulce Carmen
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven Dulce Carmen
One Sweetly Solemn Thought Dulce Domum
What Wait I For But Thee Dulce Domum
See the Destined Day Arise Dulcot
Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread Dundee
Buried Beneath the Yielding Wave Dundee
Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above Dundee
God Moves in a Mysterious Way Dundee
I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes Dundee
Immortal Love, Forever Full Dundee
Let Saints on Earth in Concert Sing Dundee
O God of Bethel Dundee
O God, Our Help in Ages Past Dundee
O Light, from Age to Age the Same Dundee
O Thou, Whose Own Vast Temple Stands Dundee
One Prayer I Have Dundee
Put Forth, O God, Thy Spirit’s Might Dundee
The King of Heaven His Table Spreads Dundee
The Race That Long in Darkness Pined Dundee
Thou, Whose Unmeasured Temple Stands Dundee
We Love the Venerable House Dundee
Behold Us, Lord, a Little Space Dunfermline
O Lord, Our Lord, in All the Earth Dunfermline
O God, Hear Thou the Nation’s Prayer Dunham
Just As I Am, Thine Own to Be Dunstan
I Waited for The Lord Most High Dunstan – alt
Come to the Morning Prayer Durer
When All Thy Mercies, O My God Durham
O God, Thou Art the Father Durrow
Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit Dwell in Me
Friend After Friend Departs Dwight
Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts Dwight