Here are my completed Hymnals:

Presbyterian 1955 Hymnbook:

Episcopal 1940 Hymnal: 

Broadman 1940 Hymnal:

Lutheran 1941 Hymnal:

Methodist 1939 Hymnal:

Pilgrim 1935 Hymnal:

Now Sings My Soul, New Songs for the Lord by: Linda Bonney Olin:

Here are my new projects:

Choice Hymns of the Faith 1945

J S Bach Riemenschneider 371 Harmonized Chorales


Dictionary of Hymnology:

All the Way My Savior Leads Me All the Way Robert Lowry
Be Silent, Be Silent Tread Softly William Doane
I Am Thine, O Lord I am Thine William H Doane
I Have Found a Priceless Treasure Hebrews Robby Raney
Jesus is Tenderly Calling Thee Home Jesus is Calling George C Stebbins
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross Near the Cross William H Doane
Lord, We Beseech Thee, Come in Thy Love Showers of Blessing William H Doane
Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior Pass Me Not William H Doane
Sinner, How Thy Heart is Troubled Oh, Be Saved Silas Jones Vail
Some Day the Silver Chord Will Break Saved by Grace George C Stebbins
Speed Away, Speed Away on Your Mission Speed Away I B Woodbury
Tho’ Your Sins be As Scarlet Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet William H Doane
Thou, My Everlasting Portion Close to Thee Silas J Vail
We are Little Children Little Friends of Jesus H P Mann
A Blessing for You Will You Take It? Choose Ye Today William Doane
A Cloud From the Sea is Rising Wait for the Blessing John R Sweeny
A Cry, A Wild and Piercing Cry The Right Shall Rule John Uthop
A Feast of Love Today A Feast of Love John R Sweeny
A Few More Marchings Weary A Few More Marchings William Doane
A Glorious Song is Ringing in My Heart The Song that Never Shall Die J Howard Entwisle
A Heavenly Guest is Knocking Unbar the Door John R Sweney
A Little Gold Sunbeam Do Good to Others H P Danks
A Little Talk with Jesus A Little Talk with Jesus William G Fischer
A Little Talk with Jesus A Little Talk with Jesus William H Doane
A Little Talk with Jesus A Little Talk with Jesus M L McPhail
A Little While, And Then for Me Home in Glory Richard Lowry
A Merry Little Robin in a Greenwood Tree Sing Away John Sweney
A Message of Mercy, A message of Love Who Will Accept Him Today John R Sweney
A Message Sweet is Borne to Me A Message Sweet J Howard Entwisle
A Prayer ont he Wings of an Angel My Mother is Praying for Me Friolin Sluessy
A Sinner Lost Amid the Gloom Cleansed From Sin William M Morris
A Sinner Lost, and Yet I Came He Heard My Prayer John R Sweeny
A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord He Hideth My Soul William J Kirkpatrick
Are You Happy In the Lord Tell it Out with Gladness John Robson Sweney
Awake! Awake! Awake Awake John Robson Sweney
Awake, Awake! O Heart of Mine! Awake, Awake! O Heart of Mine John Robson Sweney
Be Kind to Each Other Be Kind to Each Other F Abt
Behold Me Standing at the Door Behold Me Standing at the Door Mrs. Joseph F Knapp
Behold! A Royal Army The Joyful Song Adam Geibel
Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! Assurance Phoebe P Knapp
Breaking Through the Clouds that Gather The Bright Forever Hubert Platt Main
Carol, Sweetly Carol Carol, Sweetly Carol T E Perkins
Come, Oh Come, With Thy Broken Heart Come, Oh Come Ira D Sankey
Dear Savior, We Gather Once More at Thine Throne Call Us Thine Own William J Kirkpatrick
Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit Dwell in Me Georgia G Berky
God of Eternity Savior and King Old Orchard Ira Sankey
Hold Thou My Hand Hold Thou My Hand Hubert F Main
I Must Have the Savior With Me The Savior With Me John R Sweney
If I Comne to Jesus, He Will Make Me Glad If I Come to Jesus Unknown
Is There a Heart That is Waiting Jesus is Passing This Way William Howard Doanne
Keep Thou My Way, O Lord Keep Thou My Way, O Lord Hubert P Main
O Hear My Cry, Be Gracious Now to Me Come, Great Deliverer, Come William H Doane
Only a Step to Jesus Only a Step William H Doane
Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus, Our Blessed Redeemer Praise Him! Praise Him! Chester G Allen
Redeemed How I Love to Proclaime It Redeemed William J Kirkpatrick
Rescue the Perishing Rescue the Perishing https:E3398// William H Doane
Safe in the Arms of Jesus Safe in the Arms of Jesus William H Doane
Savior, More Than Life to Me Savior, More Than Life William H Doane
Take the World, But Give Me Jesus Give Me Jesus John R Sweney
Tell Me the Story of Jesus Tell Me the Story of Jesus John R Sweney
Tidings, Happy Tidings Happy Tidings John R Sweney
‘Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer ‘Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer William H Doane
To God Be the Glory To God be the Glory William H Doanne
To the Work To the Work William H Doane
When Jesus Come to Reward Will Jesus Find Us Watching William H Doane
When My Life Work is Ended My Savior First of All John R Sweney
Will You Come, Wil Come, With Your Poor Broken Heart Jesus Will Give you Rest John R Sweeney