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American Hymns Old and New

Presbyerian 1955 Title Tune YouTube Link Composer Author
1 Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty Lobe Den Herren Stralsund Gesangbuch Joachim Neander
2 For the Beauty of the Earth Dix Conrad Kocher Folliott S Pierpoint
3 Praise the Lord: Ye Heavens, Adore Him Faben John H Wilcox Foundling Chapel Collection
4 Praise the Lord, His Glories Show Llanfair Robert Williams Henry Francis Lyte
5 O Lord, Thou Art My God and King Duke Street John Hatton Psalm 145
6 Heaven and Earth, and Sea and Air Gott sie dank durch alle welt Freylinhausen’s Gesangbuch Joachim Neander
7 Of the Father’s Love Begotten Divinum Mysterium Divinum Mysterium Aurelius C Prudentius
8 Bless oh my Soul, the Living God Park Street Frederick M A Venua Isaac Watts
9 Now Thank We All our God Nun Danket Johann Cruger Martin Rinkart
10 Mighty God, While Angles Bless Thee Autumn Francois H Barthleemon Robert Tobinson
11 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty Nicaea Reginald Heber Reginald Heber
12 Lord of Health, Thou Life Within Us Il buon pastor Cansms Spiritaelas Percy Dearme
13 God Himself is With Us Arnsberg Joachim Neander Gerhard Tersteegen
14 Lord of the Worlds Above Darwall’s 148th John Darwall Isaac Watts
15 Sing Praise to God who Reigns Above Mit Freuden Zart Unknown Johann J Schutz
16 We Come Unto Our Father’s God Nun freut euch Martin Luther Thomas H Gill
17 We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer Kremser Adrianus Valerius Julia C Cory
18 We Gather Together to Ask The Lord’s Blessing Kremser Adrianus Valerius Netherlands folk song
19 Praise God, Ye Servants of the Lord Andre William Bradbury The Psalter 1912
20 It is Good to Sing Thy Praises Ellesdie Wolfgang A Mozart The Psalter 1912
21 Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Hymn to Joy Ludwig van Beethoven Henry van Dyke
22 Let All the World in Every Corner Sing High Road Martin Shaw George Herbert
23 All Nature’s Works His Praise Declare Bethlehem Gottfried Fink Henry Ware
24 All People That on Earth Do Dwell Old 100th Louis Bourgeois William Kethe
25 We Worship Thee, Almighty Lord Wallin Unknown Johann Olaf Wallin
26 O Worship the King all Glorious Above Lyons Michael Haydn Robert Grant
27 Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim Hanover William Croft Charles Wesley
28 Let us With a Gladsome Mind Monkland John Antes John Milton
29 O come and Sing Unto the Lord Irish Unknown The Psalter 1912
29 O Come and Sing Unto the Lord Chopin Isaac B Woodbury The Psalter 1912
30 Angel Voices, Ever Singing Angel Voices Arthur Sullivan Francis Pott
31 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven Lauda anima John Goss Fracis Lyte
32 What Shall I Render to the Lord Lambeth Wilhelm Schultnes Psalm 116
33 From all That Dwell Below the Skies Lasst uns erfreuen Deistliche Kirchengesang Isaac Watts
34 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones Lasst uns erfreuen Cologne Gesangbuch Athelstan Riley
35 All Ye That Fear God’s Holy Name Park Street Frederick Venua Psalm 22
36 Praise ye the Lord, for it is Good Minerva John Stockton 1912 Psalter
37 O Sing a New Song to the Lord Song 67 Orlando Gibbons Scottish Psalter
38 The Earth, with All That Dwell Therein Broadman L Devereux 1912 Psalter
39 Come, Ye People Rise and Sing Boundless Mercy Union Harmony Cyril Argentine Alington
40 Open Now thy Gates of Beauty Unser herrscher Joachim Neander Benjamin Schmolck
41 When Morning Gilds the Sky Laudes Domini Joseph Barnby Edward Caswall
42 As the Sun Doth Daily Rise Innocents Parrish Choir Latin
43 Father, We Praise Thee, Now the Night is Over Christe Sanctorium French Gregory I
44 Come, my Soul, Thou Must be Waking Haydn Franz Joseph Haydn Friedrich R. L. von Canitz
45 New Every Morning is the Love Melcombe Samuel Webbe John Keble
46 O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright Puer Nobis Unknown Ambrose of Milan
47 Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Lus prima Charles Gounod Charles Wesley
48 Hear my Words, O Gracious Lord Innocents The Parrish Choir The Psalter 1912
49 When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies St. Stephen William Jones Psalter 191
50 Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun Morning Hymn Fracois Barthelemon Thomas Ken
51 Now the Day is Over Merrial Joseph Barnby Sabine Baring-Gould
52 On the Good and Faithful Penitence Spencer Lane The Psalter 1912
53 Now God Be with Us, for the Night is Closing Flemming Friedrich Flemmin Petrus Herbert
54 Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing Evening Prayer (Stebbins) George Stebbins James Edmeston
55 At Even, When the Sun Was Set Angelus Georg Joseph Henry Twells
56 Sun of My Soul, Thou Saviour Dear Hursley Allgemeines Gegsangbuch John Keble
57 Before the Day Draws Near it Ending Sunset George Gilbert Stocks John Ellerton
58 God, That Madest Earth and Heaven Ar Hyd Y Nos Welsh melody Reginald Heber et al
59 The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended St Clement Clement Scholefield John Ellerton
60 Softly Now the Light of Day Seymour Carl M von Weber George W Doane
61 O Gladsome Light Nunc dimittis Louis Bourgeois 3rd Century Greek
62 Again, as Evening’s Shadow Falls Abends Herbert S Oakeley Samuel Longfellow
63 All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night Tallis’ Canon Thomas Tallis Thomas Ken
64 Abide with Me: Fast Falls the Eventide Eventide William H. Monk Henry Lyte
65 Day is Dying in the West Chautaqua William Sherwin Mary Lathbur
66 Now Woods and Wolds Are Sleeping Innsbruck Heinrich Isaak Paul Gerhardt
67 Now, on Land and Sea Descending Vesper hymn Dimitri Borniansky Samuel Longfellow
68 When in the Night I Meditate Maitland George Allen Psalter 1912
69 This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made Arlington Thomas A Arne Isaac Watts
70 O Day of Rest and Gladness Mendebras Lowell Mason Christopher Wordsworth
71 The Glorious Gates of Righteousness Zerah Lowell Mason The Psalter 1912
72 This Is the Day of Light Swabia Johann Spiess John Ellerton
73 Light of Light, Enlighten Me Hinchman Uzziah Burnap Benjamin Schmolck
74 Safely Through Another Week Sabbath Lowell Mason John Newton
75 Praise Our Father for This Sunday P’ U’ T’ O’ Chinese melody T. C. Chao
76 May the Grace of Christ our Savior Evening Prayer (Stainer) John Stainer John Newton
77 Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name we Raise Ellers Edward Hopkins John Ellerton
78 God Be With You Till We Meet Again God be with you William Tomer Jeremiah E Rankin
78 God Be With You Till We Meet Again Randolph Ralph Vaughn Williams Jeremiah E Rankin
79 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing Sicilian mariners Sicilian Mariners John Fawcett
80 On Our Way Rejoicing Hermas Frances Ridly Haverga John S B Monsell
81 Before Jehovah’s Awful Throne Park Street Frederick Venua Isaac Watts
82 Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord Caddo William B Bradbury The Psalter 1912
83 The Lord is King! Lift Up Thy Voice Deus tuorum militum Grenoble church melody Josiah Conder
84 I Sing the Mighty Power of God Ellacombe Gesangbuch der Herzogl Isaac Watts
84 I Sing the Mighty Power of God Zerah Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
85 Imortal, Invisible, God only Wise St Denio John Roberts Walter C Smith
86 Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme Manoah Henry Greatorex Isaac Watts
87 Lord of All Being, Throned Afar Arizona Robert Henry Earnshaw Oliver Wendell Holmes
88 Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place St Catherine Henri F Henry Psalter 1912
89 The God of Abraham Praise Yigal unknown Daniel ben Judah
89 The God of Abraham Praise Covenant John Stainer Daniel ben Judah
91 A Mighty Fortress is our God Ein Feste Burg Martin Luther Martin Luther
92 O God, The Rock of Ages Miriam Joseph Holbrook Edward H Bickersteth
93 O God, Thou Art the Father Durrow David Evans Columba
94 The Lord Almighty Reigns Franconia Johann Konig The Psalter 1912
95 O Lord, Our Lord, in All the Earth Dunfermline Scottish Psalter The Psalter 1912
96 All Beautiful the March of Days Forest Green Ralph Vaughn Williams Frances Whitmarsh Wile
97 The Spacious Firmament on High Creation Franz Joseph Haydn Joseph Addison
98 Praise Ye, Priase Ye the Lord Columbia Leonard Cooper Blanton 1912 Psalter
99 Thy Might Set Fast the Mountains Webb George J. Webb The Psalter 1912
100 All Creatures of Our God and King Lasst uns erfreuen Unknown Francis of Assisi
101 This is My Father’s World Terra Beata Fraknlin L Sheppard Maltbie Babcock
102 God, Who Touchest Earth with Beauty Bullinger Ethelbert Bullinger Mary S. Edgar
103 God is Love; His Mercy Brightens Sussex Ralph Vaughn Williams John Bowring
104 The Lord’s My Shepherd Belmont William Gardiner Francis Rous
104 The Lord’s My Shepherd Crimond Jessie Seymour Irvine Francis Rous
104 The Lord’s My Shepherd Evan William H Havergal Francis Rous
105 How Gentle God’s Commands Dennis Hans G Nageli Philip Doddridge
106 The King of Love My Shepherd Is Dominum regit me John Dykes Henry Baker
106 The King of Love My Shepherd Is St Columba Irish melody Henry Baker
107 Father, Long Before Creation Miller Chapel David H. Jones Unknown
108 God of Our Life, Through All the Circling Years Sandon Charles Henry Purday Hugh T Kerr
109 I Bow My Forehead to the Dust Pentatone Henry Walford Davies John Greenleaf Whittier
110 There’s a Wideness In God’s Mercy In Babilone Dutch melody Frederick W Faber
110 There’s a Wideness In God’s Mercy Wellesley Lizzie S Tourjee Frederick W Faber
111 O God, Our Help in Ages Past St. Anne William Croft Isaac Watts
112 God Moves in a Mysterious Way Dundee Scottish Psalter William Cowper
113 My Soul with Expectation St Flavian Day’s Psalter Scottish Psalter 1650
114 I Look to Thee in Every Need O Jesu Hirschberg Gefangbuch Samuel Longfellow
115 Praise the Lord, for He is Good Halle Franz Joseph Haydn The Psalter 1912
116 O Love Divine, That Stooped to Share St Crispin George J Elvey Oliver Wendell Holmes
117 By All Whom Thou Hast Made Aviemore Roger M Hickman R Q Hickman
118 O Love of God Most Full Aylesbury Hesperian Harp Oscar Clute
119 When All Thy Mercies, O My God Tallis’ Ordinal Thomas Tallis Joseph Addison
120 Behold the Amazing Gift of Love St Sephen William Jones Isaac Watts
121 O Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord Howard Neil Dougall Frederick Lucian Hosmer
122 God of Compassion, in Mercy Befriend Us O Quanta Qualia La Feillée John J Moment
123 Call Jehovah Thy Salvation Hyfrydol Hugh Prichard James Montgomery
124 Be Not Dismayed Whate’er Betide Martin W. Stillman Martin Civilla D Martin
125 Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God Kilmarnock Neil Dougail John Morison
126 In Sweet Communion, Lord, With Thee Prayer William Butcher Psalter 1912
127 O Lord, by Thee Delivered Crucifix C C Converse The Psalter 1912
128 Our God, To Whom We Turn O Gott, du frommer gott J S Bach Edward Grubb
129 O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought Walsall Henry Purcell The Psalter 1912
130 How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds St Peter Alexander Reinagle John Newton
131 Come, Christians, Join to Sing Madrid Unknown Christian Henry Bateman
132 All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Coronation Oliver Holden Edward Perronet
133 Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious Coronae William H Monk Thomas Kelly
134 O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth Ariel Lowell Mason Samuel Medley
135 Fairest Lord Jesus Crusader’s Hymn Sicilian folk song German from 17th century
135 Fairest Lord Jesus Schonster herr Jesu Munster Gesangbuch unknown
136 Christ Is the World’s Redeemer Moville Irish melody Columba
137 Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power O Quanta Qualia Methode du Plain Chant Horatius Bonar
138 Light of the World, We Hail Thee Salve Domine Lawrence W Watson John S B Monsell
139 Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! Assurance Phoebe P Knapp Fanny J Crosby
140 Rejoice, the Lord is King Darwall’s 148th John Darwall Charles Wesley
141 O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing Azmon Carl G Glaser Charles Wesley
142 Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned Ortonville Thomas Hastings Samuel Stennet
143 At the Name of Jesus King’s Weston Ralph Vaughn Williams Caroline Maria Noel
144 I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art Toulon Genevan Psalter John Calvin
145 O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All St Petersburg Dimitri S Bornianaky Edward H Plumtre
146 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed Rockport Tertius Noble James Montgomery
147 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Veni emmanuel 13th century Latin 12th Century
148 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Picardy French Melody Gerard Moultrie
149 Watchman, Tell Us of the Night Watchman Lowell Mason John Bowring
150 Hark, What a Sound Welwyn Alfred Scott-Gatty Frederick Will Henry Myers
151 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Hyfrydol Rowland Hugh Pichard Charles Wesley
151 Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus Stuttgart Psalmodia Sacra Charles Wesley
152 Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates Truro T. Williams George Weissel
153 The Race That Long in Darkness Pined Covenanters A L Jacob John Morison
154 Silent Night! Holy Night Stille Nacht Granz Gruber Joseph Mohr
155 There’s a Song in the Air Christmas Song Karl P Harrington Josiah G. Holland
156 The First Noel The First Noel Unknown William Sandy
157 Away in a Manger Mueller James Murray Unknown
158 Angels We Have Heard on High Gloria\ Edward Shippen Barnes Henri Friedrich Hemy
159 What Child is This Greensleeves 16th century melody William Dix
160 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Carol Richard Storrs Willis Edmund H Sears
161 Joy to the World Antioch–0a_o Georg Friedrich Handel Isaac Watts
162 Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming Es ist ein rose Michael Preatorius Theodore Baker
163 Hark, The Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn Felix Mendelssohn Charles Wesley
164 Infant Holy, Infant Lowly w Zlobit Lezy David Hugh Jones Edit Reed
165 Good Christian Men, Rejoice in dulci jubilo Unknown John Mason Neal
166 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlement God rest you merry–7t0ELO0 Unknown English Carol
167 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Tempus adest floridum 14th century Joseph Simpson Cook
168 Angels, from the Realms of Glory Regent Square Henry Smart James Montgomery
169 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night Christmas Georg Friedrich Handel Nahum Tate
170 O Come, All Ye Faithful Adeste fideles John F Wade Latin hymn
171 O little Town of Bethlehem St Louis Lewis H Redner Phillips Brook
172 All My Heart This Night Rejoices Ebeling Johann G. Ebeling Paul Gerhardt
173 Ah, Dearest Jesus, Holy Child Von Himmel Hoch Beistliche Lieder Martin Luther
174 As With Gladness Men of Old Dix Konrad Kocher William Chatterton Dix
175 Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning Morning Star James P Harding Reginald Heber
176 We Three Kings of Orient Are Kings of Orient John H Hopkins Jr John H Hopkins Jr
177 O Sing A Song of Bethlehem Kingsfold Irish melody Louis F Benson
178 O Master Workman of the Race Amesbury Uzziah C Burnap Jay T Stocking
179 Thine Arm, O Lord, in Days of Old St Matthew William Croft Edward H Plumptre
180 What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone This endris nyght Ralph Vaugn Williams Edward Denny
181 Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days St Flavian http+E2913:// Day’s Psalter Claudia F Hernaman
182 O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair deo Gracias The Agincourt Song Latin 15th Century
183 We Would See Jesus; Lo! His Star Is Shining Cushman Herbert B Turner J. Edgar Park
184 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne Margaret Timothy Matthews Emily E. S. Elliott
185 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna Ellacombe William Monk Jeannette Threlfall
186 When, His Salvation Bringing Tours Berthold Tours John King
187 All Glory, Laud, and Honor St Theodulph Melchior Teschner Theodulph of Orleans
188 Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! St Drostane John B Dykes Henry H Milman
189 ‘Tis Midnight; and on Olive’s Brow Olive’s Brow William B Bradbur William B Tappan
190 Beneath the Cross of Jesus St Christopher Frederick C Maker Elizabeth C Clephane
191 Ah, Holy Jesus Herzliebster jesu Johann Cruger Johann Heermann
192 O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile St Cross John B Dykes Frederick W Faber
193 Go to Dark Gethsemane Redhead No 76 Richard Redhead James Montgomery
194 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded Passion Chorale Hans Leo Hassler Bernard of Clairvaux
195 In the Cross of Christ I Glory Rathbun Ithamar Conkey John Bowring
196 Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow Cross of Jesus John Stainer William J S Simpson
197 Throned Upon the Awful Tree Afron Welsh melody John Ellerton
198 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Hamburg Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
199 Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed Martyrdom Hugh Wilson Issac Watts
200 O Jesus, We Adore Thee Meirionydd William Lloyd Arthur T Russell
201 Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? Were you there Arthur S Sullivan Venantius H C Fortunatus
202 There Is a Green Hill Far Away Meditation John H Gower Cecil Frances Alexander
203 The Strife is O’er, the Battle Done Victory G P Palestrina Francis Pott
204 Jesus Christ is Risen Today Easter Hymn Lyra Davidica Charles Wesley
205 Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain St Kevin Arthur S Sullivan John of Damascus
205 Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain Gaudeamus Pariter J Horne John of Damascus
206 O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing! O Filii et Filiae French melody Jean Tisserand
207 Welcome, Happy Morning! Fortunatus Arthurs Sullivan Venantius H C Fortunatus
208 The Day of Resurrection! Lancashire Henry Smart John of Demascus
209 Thine is the Glory Judas Maccabeus Georg F Handel Edmond Budry
210 Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus Pleading Savior Christian Lyre John Bakewell
211 The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns St Magnus Jeremiah Clark Thomas Kelly
212 The Lord Ascendeth Up on High Ascendit Deus Johann Gottfried Schicht Arthur T Russell
213 Crown Him with Many Crowns Diademata George J Elvey Matthew Bridges
214 O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen Flemming Friedrich F Flemming Charlotte Elliott
215 Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts Quebec Henry Baker Bernard of Clairvaux
216 Jesus, Lover of My Soul Aberystwyth Joseph Parry Charles Wesley
217 O Son of Man, Our Hero Strong and Tender Charterhouse David Evans Frank Fletcher
218 Since Jesus is My Friend Greenwood Joseph E Sweetner Paul Gerhardt
219 O Thou, in All Thy Might So Far Kilmarnock Neil Dougail Frederick Lucian Hosmer
220 I’ve Found a Friend, O Such a Friend! Constance Arthur Sullivan James G Small
221 Thou Art the Way to Thee Alone St James Raphael Courteville George W Doane
222 Jesus, Stand Among Us Bemerton Friedrich Filitz William Pennefather
223 Jesus Merciful Hubbard Liss Wiant T C Chao
224 I Know Not How that Bethlehem’s Babe Exeter Henry Lowell Mason Harry Webb Farrington
225 Jesus, Kneel Beside Me Eudoxia Sabine Baring-Gould Allen Eastman Cross
226 Blest Are the Pure in Heart Franconia Johann B Konig John Keble
227 We Bear the Strain of Earthly Care Azmon Lowell Mason Ozora Sterns Davis
228 Strong Son of God, Immortal Love St Crispin George J Elvey Alfred Tennyson
229 Immortal Love, Forever Full Serenity William V Wallace John Greenleaf Whittier
230 The Lord Will Come and Not be Slow Old 107th Scottish Psalter 1635 John Milton
231 Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers Llangloffan Welsh hymn melody Laurentius Laurenti
232 The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns St Stephen https:/E206/ William Jones John Brownlie
233 Come, Lord, and Tary Not St Bride Samuel Howard Horatium Bonar
234 Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending Holywood J F Wad Charles Wesley
235 Breathe on Me, Breath of God Trentham Robert Jackson Edwin Hatch
236 Spirit of God, Descend Upon my Heart Morecambe Frederick C Atkinson Goerge Croly
237 Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire Veni creator Unknown 9th Century Latin
238 Seal Us, O Holy Spirit Meredith Isaac H Meredith Isaac H Meredith
239 Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove St Agnes John B Dykes Isaac Watts
240 Holy Spirit, Truth Divine Mercy Louis M Gottschalk Samuel Longfellow
241 Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me Redhead No 76 Richard Redhead Thomas T Lynch
242 O Spirit of the Living God Winchester New Musickalisches Handbuch James Montgomery
243 Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers Grafenberg Johann Cruger Andrew Reed
244 Come, Thou Almighty King Italian Hymn Felice de Giardini Unkown
245 O Trinity of Blessed Light Adesto sancta trinitas Ralph Vaughan Williams Latin 6th century
246 Ancient of Days, Who Sittest Throned in Glory Ancient of Days J Albert Jeffery William C Doane
247 O God of Light, Thy Word, a Lamp Unfailing Charterhouse David Evans Sarah E Taylor
248 Book of Books, Our People’s Strength Liebster Jesu – Bach J S Bach Percy Dearmer
249 Father of Mercies, in Thy Word Bedford William Wheall Anne Steele
250 Break Thou the Bread of Life Bread of Life William F Sherwin Mary A Lathbury
251 O Word of God Incarnate Chenies Timothy R Matthews William Walsham How
251 O Word of God Incarnate Munich Felix Mendelssohn William Walsham How
252 Lord, Thy Word Abideth St Cyprian Richard R Chope Henry W Baker
253 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord Spanish Hymn David Evans The Psalter 1912
254 Lamp of Our Feet, Whereby We Trace Lambeth Wilhelm A F Schulthes Bernard Barton
255 O Come, My People, to My Law Heber George Kingsley The Psalter 1912
256 O Lord of Life, to Thee We Lift Forest Green Ralph Vaughan Williams Washington Gladden
257 Most Perfect is the Law of God Glasgow Moore’s Psalm Singer The Psalter 1912
258 How Shall the Young Direct Their Way Preston William H Doane The Psalter 1912
260 The Spirit Breathes Upon the Word Belmont William Gardiner William Cowper
261 Come to the Savior Now Invitation Frederick C Maker John M Wigner
262 Thy Life Was Given for Me Sacrifice Philip P Bliss Frances Ridley Havergal
263 Hark! Hark, My Soul! Pilgrims Henry T Smart Frederick W Faber
264 Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid Bullinger Ethelbert W Bullinger John Mason Neale
264 Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid Stephanos Henry W Baker John Mason Neale
265 Sing Them Over Again to Me Wonderful Words Philip P Bliss Philip P Bliss
266 O Jesus, Thou Art Standing St Hilda Justin Knecht William Walsham How
267 Jesus is Tenderly Calling Thee Home Jesus is Calling George C Stebbins Fanny Crosby
268 Come Unto Me, ye Weary Bently John Hullah William C Dix
269 Jesus Call Us; o’er the Tumult Galilee William H Jude Cecil Frances Alexander
270 Lord Jesus, Think on Me Southwell Damon’s Psalter Synesius of Cryene
271 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Toplady Thomas Hastings Augustus M Toplady
272 Just as I Am, Without One Plea Woodworth William Bradbury Charlotte Elliott
273 Depth of Mercy! Can There Be Seymour Carl M von Weber Charles Wesley
274 Because I Knew Not When my Life was Good Peace George Chadwick Sarah Williams
275 Amazing Grace New Brittan Virginia Harmony John Newton
275 Amazing Grace Arlington Thomas A Arne John Newton
276 There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood Cleansing Fountain Lowell Mason William Cowper
277 Lord, from the Depths to Thee I Cried Song 67 Orlando Gibbons Scottish Psalter
278 I Am Coming to the Cross Coming to the Cross William G Fischer William McDonald
279 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken Ellesdie W A Mozart Henry F Lyte
280 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Vox dilecti John B Dykes Horatius Bonar
281 How Blest is He Whose Trespass Rutherford Chretien Urhan Psalter 1912
282 God, Be Mericful to Me Redhead No 76 Richard Redhead The Psalter 1912
283 Go, Labor on Spend, and be Spent Pentecost William Boyd Horatius Bonar
284 Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ St Edmund Arthur Sullivan Lucy Larcom
285 Father, We Greet Thee Donne secours Genevan Psalter James G Adderley
286 I Bind My Heart This Tide Fealty Grace Wilbur Conant Lauchlan MacLean Watt
287 Come, Labor On Ora labora T Tertius Nobel Jane Laurie Borthwick
288 Lord God of Hosts, Whose Purpose, Never Swerving Welsyn Alfred Scott-Gatty Shepherd Knapp
289 So Set Our Lips and Lives Express Hebron Lowell Mason Isaac Watts
290 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone Maitland George N Allen George C Stebbins
291 Hope of the World Donne secours Genevan Psalter Georgia Harkness
292 I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord Belmont William Gardiner Isaac Watts
293 Take Up Thy Cross, the Savior Said Breslau As hymnodus sacer C W Everst
294 We Thank Thee, Lord Field Clavin W Laufer Clavin W Laufer
295 Christ of the Upward Way Sursum Corda George Lomas Walter J Mathams
296 Come, Ye That Fear the Lord Ancyra Benjamin C Unseld The Psalter 1912
297 Work for the Night is Coming Work Song Lowell Mason Anna Coghill
298 Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak Canonbury Robert Schumann Frances R Havergal
299 Master, No Offering Costly and Sweet Love’s Offering Edwin P Parker Edwin P Parker
300 Take Time to Be Holy Longstaff George C Stebbins William Longstaff
301 A Charge to Keep I Have Boylston Lowell Mason Charles Wesley
302 Have Thine Own Way, Lord! Adelaide George C Stebbins Adelaide A Pollard
303 Be Thou My Vision Slane Irish melody Ancient Irish
304 O Master, Let me Walk with Thee Maryton Henry Percy Smith Washington Gladden
305 O Thou Who Makest Sould to Shine Solothurn Swiss melody John Armstrong
306 Take Thou Our MInds, Dear Lord Hall Calvin W Laufer William H Foulkes
307 O Jesus, I Have Promised Angel’s Story Arthur H Mann John E Bode
308 Make Me a Captive, Lord St Bride Samuel Howard George Matheson
309 Father, Whose Will is Life and Good St. Peter Alexander R Reinagle Hardwicke D Rawnsley
310 Take My Life, and Let it Be Consecrated Hendon H A Cesar Malan Frances R Havergal
311 Savior! Thy Dying Love Something for Jesus Robert Lowry Sylvanus D Phelps
312 We Give Thee but Thine Own Schumann Manons and Webb William Walsham How
313 All Things Are Thine; No Gift Have We Germany William Gardiner John Greenleaf Whittier
314 Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground Hendon H A Cesar Malan Ralph Wardlaw
315 From Thee All Skill and Science Flow St. Peter Alexander R Reinagle Charles Kingsley
316 More About Jesus Would I Know More About Jesus John R Sweeney Eliza E Hewitt
317 Lord, I Want to Be a Christian I Want to Be a Christian African American spiritual African American spiritual
318 There Is a Place of Quiet Rest McAfee Cleland B McAfee Cleland B McAfee
319 O for a Closer Walk with God Beatitudo John B Dykes William Cowper
320 I Am Thine, O Lord I am Thine William H Doane Fanny Crosby
321 My Spirit Longs for Thee Fingal Leopold L Dix John Byron
322 As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams Spohr Louis Spohr Nicholas Brady
323 O Let My Supplicating Cry Melcombe Samuel Webbe The Psalter 1912
324 I Need Thee Every Hour Need Robert Lowry Annie S Hawks
325 O for a Heart to Praise My God Beatitudo John B Dykes Charles Wesley
326 Nearer, My God to Thee Bethany Lowell Mason Sarah F Adams
327 O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly Stracathro Charles Hutcheson The Psalter 1912
328 Father of Peace, and God of Love St Paul James Chalmers Philip Doddridge
329 O God, Regard My Humble Plea Meribah Lowell Mason The Psalter 1912
330 Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings Amsterdam The Foundery Collection Robert Seagrave
331 Lead, Kindly Light Lux Benigna John B Dykes John Henry Newman
332 Lead On, O King Eternal Lancashire Henry Smart Ernest W Shurtleff
333 O Brothers, Lift Your Voices Llangloffan Welsch melody Edward H Bickersteth
334 Jesus, Lead the Way Rochelle Adam Drese Nicolaus L von Zinzendorf
335 O Grant Us Light Illsley John Bishop Lawrence Tuttlett
336 Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me Pilot John E Gould Edward Hoppe
337 Far Off I See the Goal Moab John Roberts Robert Rowland Roberts
338 He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought! Aughton William B Bradbury Joseph H Gilmore
339 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah CWM Rhondda John Hughes William Williams
339 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Segur Joseph P Holbrook William Williams
340 Children of the Heavenly King Pleyel’s Hymn Iznaz Pleyel John Cennick
341 Lead Us, O Father, In the Paths of Peace Langran James Langran William Henry Burleigh
342 O God of Bethel Dundee Scottish Psalter Philip Doddridge
343 Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us Dulce Carmen Michael Haydn James Edmeston
344 If Thou but Suffer God to Guide Thee Neumark Georg Neumark Georg Neumark
345 He Who Would Valiant Be St Dunstan’s Charles Winfred Douglas John Bunyan
346 Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve Christmas Georg Friedrich Handel Philip Doddridge
347 God Is My Strong Salvation Mein Leben Melchior Vulpius James Montgomery
348 Faith of Our Fathers! St Catherine Herni F Henry Frederick W Faber
349 Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus Webb George Webb George Duffeld
350 Onward, Christian Soldiers St Gertrude Arthur S Sullivan Sabine Baring-Gould
351 March On, O Soul, with Strength! Arthur’s Seat John Goss George T Coster
352 Rise Up, O Men of God! Festal Song William H Walter William Pierson Merrill
353 Am I a Soldier of the Cross Arlington Thomas A Arne Isaac Watts
354 The Son of God Goes Forth to War All Saints New Henry S Cutler Reginald Heber
355 Who is On the Lord’s Side Armageddon John Goss Frances R Havergal
356 We Are Living, We are Dwelling Blaenhafren Welsh melody Arthur Cleveland Coxe
357 Now Isreal May Say Old 124th Genevan Psalter The Psalter 1912
358 God of Grace and God of Glory CWV Rhondda John Hughes Harry Emerson Fosdick
359 Fight the Good Fight Cannock Walter K Stanton John S B Monsell
360 Christian, Dost Thou See Them St Andrew of Crete John B Dykes Andrew of Crete
361 Once to Every Man and Nation Ebenezer Thomas John Williams James Russell Lowell
362 Soldiers of Christ, Arise Diadata George J Elvey Charles Wesley
363 My Soul, Be on Thy Gaurd Laban Lowell Mason George Heath
364 Give to the Winds Thy Fears St Bride Samuel Howard Paul Gerhardt
365 All the Way My Savior Leads Me All the Way Robert Lowry Fanny Crosby
366 Whate’er My God Ordains I Right Was Gott thut das ist Wohlgethan Severus Gastorius Samuel Rodigast
367 My Jesus, as Thou Wilt! Jewett Carl Maria von Weber Benjamin Schmolck
368 My Hope is Built on Nothing Less Solid Rock William B Bradbury Edward Mote
369 How Firm a Foundation Adeste Fideles John F Wade Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns
369 How Firm a Foundation Foundation American melody Rippon’s A Selection of Hymns
370 I Love the Lord, His Strength Is Mine Mendon Samuel Dyer 1912 Psalter
371 Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know Hendon H A Cesar Malan Johann C Schwedler
372 Grace and Truth Shall Mark the Way Holley George Hews The Psalter 1912
374 Be Still, My Soul Finlandia Jean Sibelius Katharina von Schlegel
375 Who Trusts in God, A Strong Abode Bishopgarth Arthur S Sullivan Joachim Magdeburg
376 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross Near the Cross William H Doane Fanny Crosby
377 I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes Dundee Scottish Psalter The Psalter 1912
378 My Faith Looks Up to Thee Olivet Lowell Mason Ray Palmer
379 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Nettleton John Wyeth Robert Robinson
380 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us Bradbury William B Bradbury Dorothy A Thrupp
381 God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength Winchester Old Christopher Tye The Psalter 1912
382 Not So in Haste, My Heart! Dolomite Chant Joseph T Cooper Bradford Torrey
383 I Love to Tell the Story Hankey William G Fischer Katherine Hankey
385 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Erie Charles C Converse Joseph Scriven
386 Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat Ballerma Fracois H Barthelemon John Newton
387 To God My Earnest Voice I Raise Rockingham Old Edward Miller The Psalter 1912
388 O Lord Most High, with All My Heart Mozart Wolfgang A Mozart The Psalter 1912
389 Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands Soldau Geystliche Gesang Buchleyn Michael Bruce
390 Open My Eyes, that I May See Open My Eyes Clara H Scott Clara H Scott
391 Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire St Agnes John B Dykes James Montgomery
392 O Lord, Make Hast to Hear My Cry Cannons Greorg Friedrich Handel The Psalter 1912
393 Thy Loving-kindess, Lord, Is Good and Free Ellers Edward J Hopkins The Psalter 1912
394 In the Hour of Trail Penitence Spencer Lane James Montgomery
395 God Be in My Head God be in my Head Henry Walford Davies Sarum Priner
396 O Gracious God, Forsake Me Not Martyrdom Hugh Wilson Psalter 1912
397 More Love to Thee, O Christ More Love to Thee William H Doane Elizabeth P Prentiss
398 Sweet Hour of Prayer Sweet Hour William B Bradbury William W Walford
399 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Beecher John Zundel Charles Wesley
400 O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go St Margaret Albert L Peac George Matheson
401 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee St Agnes John B Dykes Bernard of Clairvaux
402 I Sought the Lord, and Afterward I Knew Peace George W Chadwick Unknown
403 Tell Me the Old, Old Story Evangel William H Doane Katherine Hankey
404 Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me St Catherine Henri F Henry Paul Gerhardt
405 My Jesus, I Love Thee Gordon Adoniram J Gordon William R Featherstone
406 My Heart is Resting, O My God Pentatone Henry Walford Davies Anna Laetitia Waring
407 Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart Marion Arthur H Messiter Edward Hayes Plumptre
408 Come, We That Love the Lord St Thomas William’s Psalmody Isaac Watts
408 Come, Ye Disconsolate, Where’er Ye Languish Consolation Samuel Webbe Thomas Moore
409 My God, I Thank Thee Wentworth Frederick C Maker Adelaide Anne Procter
410 The King of Glory Standeth Gosterwood Ralph Vaughan Williams Charitie Lee de Chenez
411 Take the Name of Jesus with You Precious Name William Doane Lydia Baxter
412 The Lord I will at All Times Bless Ames Sigismund Neukomm The Psalter 1912
413 I Waited for the Lord My God Abridge Isaac Smith The Psalter
414 Jesus, Priceless Treasure Jesu, Meine Freude Johann S Bach Johann Franck
415 O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright Frankfort Philipp Nicolai Philipp Nicolai
416 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Rest Frederick C Make John Greenleaf Whittier
417 In Heavenly Love Abiding Nyland David Evans Anna L Waring
418 Sometimes a Light Surprises Bentley John Hullah William Cowper
419 From Every Stormy Wind That Blows Retreat Thomas Hastings Hugh Stowell
420 Peace, Perfect Peace, In This Dark World of Sin Pax Tecum George T Caldbeck Edward H Bickersteth
421 They Cast Their Nets in Galilee Georgetown David McK. Willimas William Alexander Percy
422 The Steps of Those Whom He Approves Downs Lowell Mason The Psalter 1912
423 Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose St Petersburg Dimitri S Bortniansky Charles Wesley
424 O What Their Joy and Their Glory Must Be O Quanta Qualia La Feillee Pierre Abelard
425 For All The Saints Sarum Joseph Barnby William Walsham How
425 For All The Saints Sine Nomine Ralph V Williams William Walsham How
427 Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand Alford John B Dykes Henry Alford
428 Jerusalem the Golden Ewing Alexander Ewing Bernard of Cluny
431 O Where Are Kings And Empires Now St Anne William Croft Arthur Cleveland
432 Built on the Rock Built on the Rock Ludvig M Lindeman Nicolai F S Grundtvig
433 Christ is Made the Sure Foundation Regent Square Henry Smart John Mason Neale
434 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken Austrian Hymn Franz Joseph Haydn John Newton
435 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord St Thomas Williams’ Psalmody Timothy Dwight
436 City of God Richmond Thomas Haweis Samuel Johnson
437 The Church’s One Foundation Aurelia Samuel S Wesley Samuel J Stone
438 Within Thy Temple’s Sacred Courts St John’s Highlands Unknown The Psalter 1912
439 With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim Morning Hymn William Boyce Psalter 1912
440 How Dear to Me, O Lord of Hosts Irish Irish tune The Psalter 1912
441 Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above Maidstone Walter B Gilbert Henry Francis Lyte
442 Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face Morecambe Frederick C Atkinson Horatius Bonar
443 A Parting Hymn Schumann Mason and Webb Aaron R Wolfe
444 According to Thy Grasious Word Dalehurst Arthur Cottman James Montgomery
445 Bread of the World in Mercy Broken Eucharistic Hymn John S B Hodges Reginald Heber
446 Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread St Flavian Day’s Psalter James Montgomery
447 Let Us Break Bread Together Communion Spiritual Calhoun Melody African-American Spiritual
448 Twas on That Night Rockingham Old Edward Miller John Morison
449 For the Bread, Which Thou Hast Broken Cross of Jesus John Stainer Louis F Benson
450 O Bread of Life, for All Men Broken Sheng En Su Yin-lan Timothy T’ingfang Lew
451 Jesus, Friend, So Kind and Gentle Sicilian Mariners Unknown Philip E Gregory
452 O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear Von Himmel Hoch Unknown Heinrich von Laufenberg
453 O Perfect Love, All Human Thought Transcending Perfect Love Joseph Barnby Dorothy Fraces Gurney
454 O Love Divine and Golden Blairgowrie John B Dykes John S B Monsell
455 O Happy Home, Where Thou Art Loved Consolation Felix Mendelssohn Carl J P Spitta
456 All Things Bright and Beautiful Royal Oak Martin Shaw Cecil Frances Alexander
457 Savior, Teach Me, Day by Day Orientis Partibus Ralph Vaughan Williams Jane E Leeson
458 Father, Lead Me Day by Day Posen Georg C Strattner John P Hopps
459 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Stories of Jesus Frederic A Challinor William H Parker
460 I Think When I Read That  Sweet Story of Old Luke William B Bradbury Jemima Luke
461 It Fell Upon A Summer Day Childhood Henry E Davies Stopford Augustus Brooke
462 Once In Royal David’s City Irby Henry J Gauntlett Cecil Frances Alexander
463 With Happy Voices Ringing Tours Berthold Tours William George Tarrant
464 Morning Has Broken Bunessan Gaelic melody Eleanor Farjeon
465 Jesus Loves Me! This I Know Warner William B Bradbury Anna Warner
466 God Who Made the Earth Cura Dei Donald S Barrows Sara Betts Rhodes
467 Father, We Thank Thee for the Night Onslow Daniel Batchellor Rebecca J Weston
468 O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life’s Hill St Magnus Jeremiah Clark Louis F Benson
469 Now in the Days of Youth Diademata George J Elvery Walter J Mathams
470 We Would Be Building Finlandia Jean Sibelius Purd E Deitz
472 Just As I Am, Thine Own to Be Dunstan Joseph Barnby Marianne Hern
473 Blest Be the Tie That Binds Dennis Hans G Nageli John Fawcett
474 O Brother Man Welwyn Alfred Scott-Gatty John Greenleaf Whittier
475 Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow St. Asaph William S Bainbridge Bernhardt S Ingemann
476 Forgive, O Lord, Our Severing Ways O Mensch Sieh Bretren’s Gsnagbuch John Greenleaf Whittier
477 Put Forth, O God, Thy Spirit’s Might Dundee Scottish Psalter Howard Chandler Robbins
478 Hills of the North, Rejoice Little Cornard Martin Shaw Charles Oakley
479 In Christ There is No East or West McKee Harry T Burleigh John Oxenham
479 In Christ There is No East or West St Peter Alexander R Reinagle John Oxenham
480 Let There Be Light, Lord God of Hosts Pentecost William Boyd William Merrill Vorie
481 Lift Up Our Hearts, O King of Kings Truro Psalimodia Evangelica John H B Masterman
482 The Light of God is Falling Greenland Johann Michael Haydn Louis F Benson
483 O God of Love, O King of Peace Quebec Henry W Baker Henry W Baker
484 Thy Kingdom Come, on Bended Knee St Flavian Day’s Psalter Frederick Lucian Hosmer
485 Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds Forest Green Ralph Vaughan Williams Henry H Tweedy
486 Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation Langham Geoffrey Shaw Laurence Housman
487 God The Omnipotent! Russian Hymn Alexis Lwoff Henry F Chorley
487 God, the Lord, a King Remaineth Bryn Calfaria William Owen John Keble
488 Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord St Cecilia Leighton G Hayne Lewis Hensley
489 Christ for the World We Sing Italian Hymn Felice de Giardini Samuel Wolcott
490 Turn Back, O Man, Forswear Thy Foolish Ways Old 124th Gevevan Psalter Clifford Bax
491 O Zion, Haste, Thy Mission High Fulfilling Tidings James Walch Mary Ann Thomson
492 Christ Is the World’s True Light St Joan Percy E B Coller George Wallace Briggs
493 Lord, Bless and Pity Us St Michael Louis Bourgeois The Psalter 1912
494 Ye Christian Heralds, Go Proclaim Missionary Chant Heinrich Christoph Zeuner Bourne Hall Draper
495 Remember All the People Far-Off Lands Charles Winfred Douglas Percy Dearmer
496 Jesus Shall Reign Where’er the Sun Duke Street John Hatton Isaac Watts
497 Arm of the Lord, Awake! Church Triumphant James W Elliott William Shrubsole
498 Heralds of Christ, Who Bear the King’s Commands National Hymn George William Warren Laura S Copenhaver
499 The Morning Light Is Breaking Webb George J Webb Samuel F Smith
500 God Is Working His Purpose Out Purpose Martin Shaw Arthur Campbell Ainger
501 The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear Vision William H Doane The Psalter 1912
502 Christ Shall Have Dominion Armageddon John Goss The Psalter 1912
503 We Have Heard The Joyful Sound Salvation William J Kirkpatrick Priscilla J Owens
504 We’ve A Story To Tell to the Nations Message H Ernest Nichol H Ernest Nichol
505 Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning! Wesley Lowell Mason Thomas Hastings
506 Fling Out the Banner! Let it Float Waltham John Baptiste Calkin George W Doanne
507 Where Cross The Crowded Ways of Life Germany William Gardiner Frank Mason North
508 O Holy City, Seen of John Morning Song Kentucky Harmony Walter Russell Bowie
509 From Ocean Unto Ocean Missionary Hymn Lowell Mason Robert Murray
510 O Beautiful for Spacious Skies Materna Samuel A Ward Katharine Lee Bates
511 O God of Earth and Altar Llangloffan D. Evan’s Hymnau a Thonau Gilbert K Chesterto
512 Not Alone for Mighty Empire Geneva George Henry Day William Pierson Merrill
513 My Country ‘Tis of Thee America Henry Carey Samuel F Smith
514 God Bless Our Native Land America Henry Carey Siegried A Mahlmann
515 God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand National Hymn George William Warren Daniel C Roberts
516 My Song Forever Shall Record St Petersburg Dimitri S Bortniansky The Psalter 1912
517 Judge Eternal, Throned in Splendor Rhuddlan Traditional Welsh melody Henry Scott Holland
518 Arise, O Lord, Our God, Arise Federal Street Henry K Oliver Psalter 1912
519 We Dedicate This Temple Aurelia Samuel S Wesley Ernest K Emurian
520 God of the Prophets! Toulon Louis Bourgeois Denis Wortman
521 Eternal Father, Strong to Save Melita John B Dykes William Whitting
523 O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand Duke Street John Hatton Leonard Bacon
524 We Plow the Fields Dresden Johann A P Schulz Matthias Claudius
525 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come St George’s Windsor George J Elvey Henry Alfor
526 Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Deus Tourum Militum  Grenoble Church melody Alfre Tennyson
527 Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand Wareham William Knapp Philip Doddridge
528 Let All Who Enter Here St Issby English melody Unknown
529 Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare Savannah The Foundery Collection John Newton
530 Father, the Watches of the Night Are O’er Song 24 Orlando Gibbons Disciples’ Hymn Book
531 Come, Dearest Lord Federal Street Henry K Oliver Isaac Watts
532 O Thou Who Hearest Every Heartfelt Prayer Morecambe Frederick C Atkinson Unknown
533 Lord, for the Mercies of the Night Farrant Richard Farrant John Mason
544 Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow Old 100th Louis Bourgeoi Thomas Ken