Lord, Who at Cana’s Wedding Feast

Author: Adelaide Thrupp

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1 Lord, who at Cana’s wedding feast

Didst as a guest appear,

Thou dearer far than earthly guest,

Vouchsafe Thy presence here.

For holy Thou indeed dost prove

The marriage vow to be,

Proclaiming it a type of love

Between the Church and Thee.

2 This holy vow that man can make,

The golden thread in life,

The bond that none may dare to break,

That bindeth man and wife,

Which, blest by Thee, whate’er betide,

No evil shall destroy,

Through careworn days each care divides

And doubles every joy.

3 On those who now before Thee kneel,

O Lord, Thy blessing pour,

That each may wake the other’s zeal

To love Thee more and more.

Oh, grant them here in peace to live,

In purity and love,

And, this world leaving, to receive

A crown of life above.

The very first recorded miracle of Jesus was at a grand party, a wedding feast. 20-year-old Adelaide Thrupp captures the wonderful symbolism of this story in this Epiphany hymn. The savior of the world, once again setting aside any glory he may claim, was just one of many guests at this wedding. He, his family, and disciples may have been seated fairly close to the wedding party for Mary overheard the report of the depletion of the supply of wine. But still, just a guest. Could you imagine having the Savior as a guest at your wedding? Oh, wait…

As our introduction to the ministry of Jesus, and yet he says; “my time has not arrived yet” puts this event into a special light. Here we have the two most sacred institutions of God joined. The obvious is the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, the second is the Church as the bride of Christ. Both sealed and blessed with wine and fellowship.

The holy thread which binds a husband and wife together, through all of the difficulties of life, pulling them ever closer together is of a kind with the binding of the holy Church to its Bridegroom.

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