I just recently shared my hymn recording list on social media and was overwhelmed by the positive and supportive comments. About 2 years ago I got the final pieces to my recording studio put together and started playing around in my spare time. Since my industry had been pretty much destroyed in the 2008/2009 economic collapse, I had plenty of spare time.

As with so many things in my life, hobbies have a tendency to get out of hand. (One grew into a career and business which at one time had 15 people on its payroll.) Once I got the bugs worked out and found my way around a large and complex music editing program I was off.

I work in two areas; Christian hymnody and solo classical piano music. My first hymn recording project was going to be a Christmas present for my parents of 50 hymns from the Presbyterian 1955 Hymnbook. But there are over 600 hymns in it and I just couldn’t figure out which ones not to record… so I did them all! This led to more hymnals being recorded and more waiting impatiently in line. As of this writing I have recorded about 1650 hymns.

Trying to list this many on a blog post created a number of nearly insurmountable problems which took me several months to finally resolve, which I have now solved, and which led to the Facebook announcement. Which led to so many positive comments I was left speechless… which is easy to do to me.

When you are in your mid-50’s and the industry you have spent your entire working life engaged with and even pioneering some innovations in just about completely disappears in matter of a couple of years it can leave you a bit lost.

Will my new hobby get as out of hand as my last one? I don’t know. But the Lord has put work into my hands and for that I am thankful.

Oh, and here are the lists of hymns and solo music I have recorded so far: